Posted by: ajtony | January 3, 2012

2012 and the Occult

What does 2012 have in store for us all? As far as I am concerned it is one year nearer to our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, returning to this earth for His chosen ones, and I look for Him every day!!

But the dark forces in this world have a plan as well and 2012 is a big year for them. What they are trying to bring about can only happen if the Lord allows it according to His will (they have tried several times in the past to no avail).

Click on the following link to read aabout the occult’s plans for 2012. Whilst i do not necesarrily agree with all that is written here i do believe that there is a huge occult movement to bring in their ‘christ’, the man of lawlessness, the Antichrist, that this world awaits.


This world is under decay, and all the ‘bad’ things that are happening and that will continue to happen are signs of the soon return of Jesus!Hallelujah!!

So I say , ‘BRING IT ON’ and ‘Come Lord Jesus!’

Love in Jesus, Tony



  1. Excellent Tony!

    Few people discern the times in a sense of recognizing the “plan” of the enemy… Like you, I don’t agree with everything, but the 2012 phenomena is based upon very important, unexpected events that have been and are now taking place…The stage is set. The 2012 movies are made for the intent of distraction and are being used as a partial truth in order to discount the whole truth. They give the impression that the events of 2012, such as portrayed in these sensationalized Hollywood movies, is what the truth of 2012 is all about… Thus causing people to throw off the reality of what is really the Truth. What is truly going to happen and has been happening for a very long time, isn’t fiction. Jesus foretold all of it to John in Revelations 2000 years ago. The signs of the times like the leaves on the fig tree that Jesus told in analogy, are all around us.

    You are right Tony, the armor of Christ’s righteousness is our only protection. It is time for God’s people to come into the Ark of God’s Covenant, which is Christ Jesus.


  2. Satan is the ruler of this world with one exception – God. Nothing can be done in the universe (known creation) without God directly doing it, or indirectly by allowing His creation to run God’s foreknown and preplanned course and that includes His creative beings both spiritual (angels which choose to remain faithful and His fallen angels called demons who choose rebellion against Him) and physical – which includes all of mankind. God is in control even if the unfaithful do not believe so which is their error and proof of the futility of all rebellion against God. That is why as believers of Christ we have no need to fear even unto death because we believe God rather than just believe in His capabilities. By so doing we prove we are His chosen and that not of ourselves but because of His everlasting grace by allowing us the gift of faith in Christ as a reward to Jesus for His faithfulness as the only righteous son of man being without any spiritual stain or blemish. Christ’s faithfulness is our atonement/covering which allows us to be heirs with Him. The elect of God learn fearlessness through believing Christ having no need to fear anything created which is everything including all evil beings and the results of their actions. The chosen/elect learn fear of God prior to their end of life on earth or eternal judgment. All others assurredly will at theirs.

    Our armor is Christ’s righteousness and the only protection we need that can defend us from the evil forces of this world and shall clothe us in the eternal one to come.

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