ok Lord, what do you want me to do?

How many times have you said, even cried out to God, ‘What do You want me to do? If you just show me, I’ll do it.

I lost count of the number of times I spoke to God in this way when I was a new Christian but despite my pleading He did not give me a specific task or job to do.  In hindsight it’s quite funny because what makes me think that God needs my help anyway?

When we become Christians and meet with the risen Lord Jesus Christ we often want to do things for Him. OK, everyone is different, but quite often, new Christians will want or feel called, to give up their jobs and work full time for God. There is nothing wrong with having zeal for God’s work but we first of all have to grow in our discipleship of Jesus and get our Christian roots firmly embedded in the rock (Mathew 7:24-25).

Me and Pat became Christians together in 1999 and it quickly became our life purpose to worship God and be disciples of Jesus. We were led to a Christian fellowship approximately 16 miles from our home and after a while we felt the Lord telling us to sell our house in Liverpool and move to Haydock where our church was situated. We did just that and moved into our new home in March 2000.

As we were growing in our Christian walk we had our times of trial and tribulation along with times of blessing. Difficult times should not come as a surprise to Christians as Jesus told us they would come,

‘These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.’ John 16:33

 and there are many other references in the Bible tell us that hardship is the training ground for Christian maturity (e.g. Hebrews 12:1-11, Zechariah 13:9)

We know that God has a plan for our lives (Jeremiah 29:11) and we know that He is in control but we began pushing Him into revealing His plans to us NOW – not according to His good and perfect timing.

Anyway, we so much wanted to do things for God that we lost our peace and became frustrated with our church leaders and fellow Christians, who didn’t seem to have the same burden for our community as us. This judgemental attitude and bitterness towards others can be a blockage in our relationship with the Lord.

I struggled so much with this for quite a while until I was eventually led to John 6:28-29, which tells of the crowds of people questioning Jesus about doing the works of God.

‘Then they said unto him, What shall we do, that we might work the works of God. Jesus answered and said unto them, this is the work of God, that ye believe on him whom he hath sent.’

His answer is so simple – believe in Him! 

These words from Jesus hit me between the eyes and reminded me that we are ‘human beings’ not ‘human doings’. It’s not what we do, it’s who we are and what we believe in our hearts that is important to God. 

‘For I desired mercy, and not sacrifice; and the knowledge of God more than burnt offerings.’  Hosea 6:6

Jesus himself quoted this scripture to the Pharisees when they asked why He ate with tax collectors and sinners (Mathew 9:10-13).

Believing in Jesus, however, involves much more than belief – why, even the demons believe in Him (James 2:19). No, it means actively trusting Jesus in all areas of our lives.

Anyway, we repented of our bitterness and our judgemental attitudes towards others and we received our Father’s forgiveness. We realised that we have to stop striving and simply trust in God and His perfect timing. If we are living as disciples of Jesus there are many ‘things’ to be doing.

In Mathew 25:34-40 Jesus tells the parable about the sheep and the goats and describes the mercy we can all do every day. By doing these things for others Jesus said that we do them for Him. 

‘For I was hungry, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger and ye took me in: Naked, and ye clothed me: I was sick and ye visited me: I was in prison, and ye came unto me……. Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my bretheren, ye have done it unto me.’  . Mathew 25:35-40

This parable tells us that we should love every person and serve anyone we can. You see, as disciples, Jesus demands our personal involvement in caring for others’ needs and this theme also runs throughout the Old Testament. 

In this next passage the Lord is asking what is true fasting?

‘Is it not to deal thy bread to the hungry, and that thou bring the poor that are cast out to thy house? When thou seest the naked, thou shalt cover him; and that thou hide not thyself from thine own flesh.’.Isaiah 58:7

If we can be trusted with the ‘small’ things God promises to trust us with more (Mathew 25:21) but we must not be anxious and we must wait on God’s perfect timing.

The Lord taught me a vital lesson during this period – He doesn’t need me to work for Him. He wants me to be faithful in the ‘small’ things, to be content and have a serving heart.

Above all we are all called to love each other and show the love of Jesus to others. Amen.

As the penny finally dropped in all this the Holy Spirit led me to Psalm 37. This is a Psalm I’ve read many times before but it was only now that verses 3-8 jumped out of the page at me.

‘Trust in the Lord and do good;
so shalt thou dwell in the land, and verily shall thou be fed.
Delight thyself also in the Lord;
and he will give thee the desires of thine heart.
Commit thy way unto the Lord;
trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass.
And he shall bring forth thy righteousness as the light,
and thy judgement as the noonday sun.

Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for him:
fret not thyself because of him who prospereth in his way,
because of the man who bringeth wicked devices to pass.
Cease from anger, and forsake wrath:
fret not thyself in any wise to do evil.’

Isn’t God great!

The Bible is truly a love letter from Him to us and the truths in it will set us free (James 1:25)– if only we can see them and put them into practice. 



  1. Truly wonderful.

  2. This was encouraging, cause most times, I keep asking God questions like- ‘want do you want of me,’ ‘who am I,’ ‘after school what next.’
    When you say your prayers today, please remember to say a few words of prayer for me.

  3. I was awake at 4 this mirning restling with ?and stumbled upon this word press. This was so needed. So much happens in life,I have a son of 32yrs old with a mental disability that demands a lot of care, lost my one son of 25 years old he was shot 2 years ago still dealing with the hurt and the pain of this senseless killing. My husband is out of work and not too well I’m working alone, Im working in the disability sector,trying to do my best to help other parents who has children with disabilities,and in the midst of it all,as life unfolds you find yourself questioning God,feeling derailed,trying to remain focus,I was encourage by this writing THANKYOU GOD BLESS YOU, Ps 37 it was such a blessing.I noted this word press I want to read it,and read it …God really touched me this morning…It’s just awesome how God works,I will continue to trust God, …and not fret.and I know God will give me the strenght to continue to do good….and take courage knowing he has a plan for our lifes….my life…

    • Thank you for posting this comment which has touched me deeply.
      God Bless YOU for taking the time and having the courage to post it… I guarantee you that you have helped others with this simple act of sharing your struggles and faith online. May He bless you mightily now & forever!

  4. GOD BLESS you I was in similar situation but one that applied to my life. And u answered it like a 2 ton rock falling on my head saying calm your and understand what understand should do first. THANK YOU gift from above.

    • thanks i really appreciate the encouragement.

    • Thank you and GOD BLESS YOU. I really appreciate the encouragement.

  5. Thank u so much in. GOD I pray

  6. I’m going through turmoil right now in my marriage; all of my doing. I found someone else, fell in love, and want to take her as my second wife. My wife found out and she is divorcing me. This is all happening when I thought my walk with Christ was strengthening. I feel lost. Especially for my teenage children. What should I do?

    • Xolo
      I’ve been there done that. That might mean I can offer some advice.
      1 You have failed to guard your heart, therefore what ever you do, is going to hurt….a lot.
      2 This will hurt your kids deeply, but way less if you stay with your wife…..and they will be stronger as well in the long run.
      3 You cannot go through this without help…you weren’t designed to, and to avoid crashing and burning…find a mature Christian male friend who you are prepared to be accountable to.
      4 The only way to break a soul tie, is to totally break communication in every form. Yes it will hurt. Tremendously. But it is survivable.
      5 Your wife must tell you what you need to do to re earn her trust – it is not for you to guess it – and what ever she says you must do – you must do. When the trust has been re established, life will return to a more even keel. In the meantime, suck it up – and do whatever you have to do. This will be damaging to your pride….which is a good thing …(at this time)
      6 Talk to ( not at) God ….He wants a conversation with you, and He’s not angry with you ( Religion will tell you otherwise) … He’s the best friend we’ve got – and He’s always good.
      If you can figure out how to contact me – I will send you a bunch of conversations between God and a friend of mine.
      I really do wish you well my friend …it is a minefield you’ve entered, and you are going to need more than your own wisdom to get clear of it intact.
      Paul M

  7. I’m all alone no family and homeless with my two little dogs I keep praying in faith, even though I’m scared. praying that I won’t remain homeless with little dogs in the car been praying that God has a plan for me Prosper me and bless me and my walk with him. a prayer for a Christian husband that God will let find me and love me becaus I’m so lost in this big world and all I want to do is grow in my relationship with God and a family or someone whose mature in his devotion first to the Lord ,,,that God see fit to let the right man love me the way the LORD intended.

    • Hun I think you need to focus on getting your life together and not finding a husband. Ask God to guide you to the right job and to open doors no man can open and to shut doors no man can shut.

    • I know how you feel. Rest in the Lord’s arms of Love. I had a husband for 30 yrs and the marriage went from Christ centeted to infidelity. He walked away from his trust in Christ and divorced me. I am now 55 with nothing but I do have three beautiful children and five grandids. God has taken me places I could have never planned nor ever considered going. When I only had $110 to my name and living in a run-down trailer in my daughter’s backyard He led me to a job overseas. I always wanteed to BE a missionary but I know He just wants me to desire “trusting Him” because that is when He changes us… along with changing our desires. No matter my circumstances I do believe ABBA is with me. I am jobless now. It gets scary. I have no car and I have to bounce around living with different people. I am tired too but one day WE WILL SEE JESUS FACE TO FACE!!! Pray for the lost ones!!!

    • You are truly in my prayers. May God Bless you and those little dogs. In Jesus precious name, hallelujah and amen!

    • God bless you my sister do you have a number you can be reached at? Look at local churches, do you have any family? God has a plan for you!!! Keep seeking him!!! God bless you email me if you like Ebele.okoli@yahoo.com

  8. Need gods guidance for the right career move I’m tired

  9. I need gods guidance too in seeking the right path for paying my bills and getting life in order

  10. me sharmila plz help me good..

  11. Very well said! It’s just the message I was looking for while asking for direction from the Lord as I lay here in bed restless at 2:04 AM. God Bless

  12. God gave me hope when i was in a bad situation.

  13. Raised Cleveland Tn Church of God, lived it all my life..I approach 60 yrs,old now, never heard this dilemma explained so easily…
    Glad God let you go through that testing to offer the answer to the rest of us…
    Thank you friend!
    Daniel A. Jones

  14. This really gave me some insight o. My thinking……I have been praying for a certain man to come into my life but I think God has a certain plan for me so I need to wait for his timing.

  15. This was exactly what i needed thank you for sharing your experience strength and hope. It helped me get what i needed

  16. May God’s grace and peace be multiplied unto you !
    This message is for everyone
    After reading the comments I feel so love and uplifted
    God Bless

  17. Hey…Jesus …why dont you just help me and not judge me….i want to be loved not accepted

  18. Really needed this!

  19. Thank you

  20. hi loved reading this i hav been saved for six mths now before i said that that prayer help me lord so many times and felt no answer until i prayed from my heart and the answer blew me of my feet.peace….

  21. Thank you. This is confirmation for me. I have been seeking Gods guidance and asking Him to show me why to do and feeling the loneliness and depression there. I want the faith and to know Jesus can turn all these situations for my children and myself around

  22. please prayer for me guys i don’t know what can i do now

    • Trust to god my friend, i was lost until a few weeks ago, ive always been a believer but never worshiped or followed god as i should, something happened that left me devastated and its been hard work up to now making changes ive got a couple of tweeks that need to be done but theyll be done soon, i asked god for help and interfered and was met with disastrous consequences so i surrendered to god completely and the things that have changed since are incredible, ive got some stories that i wouldnt have imagined, i think he broke me down to make me humble and it worked, now i pray in pure faith and when i pray i get a feeling in my heart i cant explain it it just feels. Have faith friend trust everything to god it wont be instant but it will soon start to become evident, dont do anything but trust, tell me what you would like a prayer for and it will be done, dont get downhearted and dont fret, god is helping me and showing is love so i believe if he can do that for me after all ive done then why not you, have faith, believe and trust, our father loves us!!

      • Thank you for your experience and your kind words..you are absolutely correct in saying that God breaks us down to humble us. God bless one and all

  23. Thank you very much for this..

    • Thanks for the wise message

  24. You spoke directly try o my heart

  25. Ive been looking for answers and your writing help me ..Ive been going thru some trials but the Lord always comes thru for I was just ask the Lord to let ne have some money so Iam ahead ..
    Thank you
    Rick Beckham

    • Yea

  26. Thank you for reminding me godbless.

  27. All I can say to you, is THANK YOU FROM MY WHOLE HEART ❤ 😃
    This was something I really needed to read. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

    May GOD, keep Blessing you and yours.

    You have open my heart, to a greater way of thinking and believing. The scriptures you shared will be a continued part of my life. I have know them for a very long time. Reading them at this time, really touch my ❤, like never before. I read them with my mind before. But now I read them with my heart ❤ And wow!! What a differents. I know now to wait on the LORD, while continuing to serve mankind.😃 THANK YOU!! You have my heart 😃 right now, thanks for the joy I feel now.
    Harriet Schneider 😃

  28. Thank you for reading of God Word I need that

  29. God has spoken to me. My wife is deeply religious. Me…eh …let’s just say I have always believed. But today I have really felt god, he touched me in such a way I know how I can finish this mortal life in happiness and not just getting through it. I am a very argumentative person and very rarely lose an argument. And I’m ready to argue for god. Thats why he made me this way to show people like me who question everything that he is real…..I mean come on how can you debate science. There is more stars in the universe than ever grain of sand on every beach on this planet …we are so small yet some of us think we know everything. How could we possibly know what what??? And for people to say there is no god is more arrogant than scientist saying there was no way the earth was made in seven days. I mean come on people. I’m ready to argue for god!!

    • Uh you are suppose to approach people with love. You might want to start reading your bible and getting involved in church to get a better grasp on who God is….

      • Dear brother Ben,
        Am happy I read this today.

        Myself I used to argue for GOD, but Am happy that I could read some scriptures: if I remember it right, Jesus said that we shouldn’t talk too much. That we should only answer yes or no. Tha t the rest is evil. In proverbs thereare plenty of scriptures that advise us tobe slow to speak but quick to listen. I hope GOD will reveal it to you as I found out today that I am proud, what I never thought because I was walking in the human humility coz I was talking and laughing with every body without exception, no matter the age, colour, background etc… but GOD’s ways are not our ways. And please pay attention that you are not being judgemental: coz we shouldn’t judge, lest we’ll be also judged. Normaly we shouldn’t even have an opinion coz only GOD’s Word is The Truth. We should pay attention, we the believers who love to argue or discuss. Those who love it, will live of it. Something like that.

        GOD bless you.

  30. A beautiful story and I’m glad that you both found God in your hearts.
    I have Jesus in my heart as well and I put my total in his hands.
    I am looking for a home to buy and have been for a while but as yet to no avail.
    I know when the time is right God will find me something as I have no doubt.
    I just need to learn to be more patient I guess.
    I love you God in Jesus name amen.

    • Michael, If you read more of my blog you will see that I say that I didn’t find God in my heart.
      The truth is that He found me!! I didn’t choose Him! At just the perfect time for Him, He revealed Himself to me and I couldn’t refuse Him. Jesus has done it all! His work is finished and I am just waiting for Him to return for us! We don’t choose Jesus! He chooses us and that is a mystery that I can’t fathom out. We (I) don’t deserve anything but He gives it for free. I am so grateful! Hallelujah and Ptaise Jesus!! Tony

  31. May God bless u guys always. This is some really amazing insight.

  32. Thanks heaps mate!!

  33. Thx so much!!! Similar struggling with Ok Jesus How Where and with Whom do you care for me to serve and sense of disconnect with focus ( or seeming lack of outward focus)0f nearby worship communities and frustration with self as to not finding clear path to feeding hungry. visiting prisoners. clothing naked. sheltering houseless in my new urban home of denver CO usa. I believe i was being more of a verb Christian up in the Rocky Mountain community from whence i came a year ago.

    So Scotland Anywhere near Aberdeen?


  34. Thx!Struggling aling similar lines in denver CO USA…. Blessings

  35. Wonderful! Very simple yet the truth. People should be guided reg knowing their calling. Once they come to know that, they have to learn not to look into others but concentrate on their calling alone and do that faithfully. Thank you ,& God bless.

  36. Thank you for this post. I was fretting about my talents going to waste and not fulfilling my purpose and this has helped calm me enormously. Our God is so truly wonderful. Peace that surpasses ALL understanding! You are a good servant and sibling in Christ. Thank you for helping me my lovely family member. Jesus be with you, always. Thanks again and lots of love, E.

    • Hi, what do you mean by fretting your talents. What has God our Father told you? I think you and I are suppose to help each other with something. Can we talk please. Kindly and in Love and Peace in Jesus Christ, sanctified. God bless you and keep you. In Jesus name, Amen! E:uppermostworld@yahoo.com

  37. Amen.

  38. Everyday I work hard, tell myself, I’m special, have joy in my heart, a song in my head,trust in god, etc but I waste my money on crack, knowing I have bills to pay,so far behind. need I say more? WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME? HATE MYSELF MORE AND MORE…SOMETHING JUST KEEPS ME GOING BACK

    • Hi Barbara. I am sorry to hear of your battle with a very powerful drug. Sometimes we need more than prayer to overcome situations. The Lord hears our prayers and is all powerful but he often answers those prayers by using people around us and circumstances. You will need professional help to break this addiction. Please seek out someone who is qualified in drug addiction to point you in the right direction.

      • you’re attacked in the area because God has big plans for you


    • Barbra, it could be a lot worse and you could be caught up so deep
      In addiction,you are in denial, or don’t even acknowledge all that you do, and you recognize that the temporary relief that drugs and alcohol give,for whatever reason we choose to allow them to get us thru, or if it’s just the enjoyment of the euphoric rush,for whatever reason,We eventually become dependant, prisoners to the substance and I’m speaking on, sex addiction, food addiction, gambling addiction,ciggerettes,gangbanging,hustling,cheating,lieing,and eventually the brings us more problems, misery, pain, and in bad situations than the comfort or pleasure it first once gave us,and this I know, as a fact..from being a prisoner of many things from gangs, drugs, alcohol,sex,and much more from about the age of 12 and I am still today at the age of 45,at a point in my life where I have realized that the biggest battle we fight in life is within ourselves,wanting to think we can practice, sin,and keep playing in SATANS playground, getting deeper, and the more we allow and to dwell in our lives, the less room for CHRIST TO DWELL,and before we know it, We find ourselves,shackled and bound in addiction and affliction caused by sin,used and abused by whatever we choose to depend on,get relief from, basically became our GOD….and left us for dead in the lost and found,but there is hope if we have any life in us and dont die in the midst of our sin , as so many do, WE MUST CALL ON HIGH, AND THE ALMIGHTY FATHER WILL REACH DOWN LOW,RIGHT WHERE WE ARE IN THE MIDST OF WHATEVER, WE MUST CONFESS OF OUR SIN, ASK FOR FORGIVENESS, REPENT,TURN AWAY FROM,AND HAVE FAITH KNOWING THAT HE HAS DONE IT,BUT WE MUST KEEP IT,AND THATS WHERE YOU NEED TO SPEND TIME WITH GOD,AND COME UP WTH HE AFTER CARE, WETHER IT BE COUNSELING, 12STEP,CA MEETINGS,SPENDING MORE TIME IN HIS WORD PRAYER, ETC.. ETC..

    • Have you tried any 12 step meetings? Call Narcotics Anonymous, Google the number for your area. I know where your at, I’ve been there myself. I’ve been to two meetings already today because I’m going through some stressful things right now. I’ve been clean and sober for 14 years by the Grace of GOD and the 12 steps and a sponsor. Give it a try, it can’t hurt. Good luck to you, hang in there.

    • Your lucky it’s just crack mines her I on and sometimes black

  39. Amen

  40. Wow today…I was asking God for answers so I decided to google “what does God want me to do today?” And God truly knows my heart and knows the ways I learn about his word!!! Thank you sooooo much for writing this because it is exactly the answer to my conversations with God! Happy holidays!

  41. HI.. I just saw this page. I am from India and I am really in a terrible phase of my life.. There is no clue where should i go.. what should i do to make my life little better. I am 27 and I am jobless. I was preparing for exams but did not qualify in any exam. my father is having so many expectations with me even I want him happy.. But all my hard work isn’t working. May be god has his own plans. But its almost 7 years but its only failure in my hand. What should I do, even god is not listening to my prayers and if he has other plans for me then when will I know. I am completely gone. My mind is not working. Please help me. What should I do.

    • Your talents were given to you before you were born. Everyone has 1 – 10 and not one person has the same as the other. If you look deep enough, you will understand what I am telling you. Find them. Use them. No one else has your exact mixture of talents, as no one has your DNA. That is what you are to do, sayeth the Lord.

      • I’m on my 3rd day withdrawls kicking herion with the Lord’s help I can beat this the only bad thing is I’m using other drugs to get off. Is that wrong ?

  42. Many thanks for this article and thank you Stephen for your testimony and faith in Jesus.
    I needed these words right now. I am at a place where I need to have total faith in how much God truly cares for me. Being molested as a young boy I lived a life in sexual bondage never knowing what real love was. After God allowed me to reach a low point in jail, I have gone through a wonderful transformation in my soul. Yet today I face a great fear of losing everything in my life for the “fourth” time. I haven’t done anything wrong, but because of an administrative problem, I have the enemy wanting to send me back to jail. A while back God said to me:
    “Richard if you want to do a good work you must sacrifice. If you want to do a great work you must sacrifice much. But Richard, the thing you ask for (helping many people understand your Word and your Love) it will take absolute sacrifice.”
    Like Stephen, at age 57, next month, God has brought me to the place where I must lay on the alter and surrender “all” to Him. Pray for me and all the saints whose desire is to serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. ‘Father God, bless Stephen with your peace and grace and mercy. Allow him, through your Spirit to walk ever closer to you… In the Name and to the Glory of Jesus Christ your Son, Amen’

    • Thank you for sharing Richard. Know that our God is watching over us and uses all things for our good. Recently I have been drawn to the Eastern Orthodox Church. I have been an individual, and now I am joining the true church. I recommend it for all. I am learning the prayers. In the name of the Father Son and Holy Spirit. Amen, Glory to your our God, Glory be to Thee! Heavenly King, Comforter, the Spirit of Truth, present in all places and filling all things, treasury of goodness and giver of life, come and abide in us. Cleanse us from every stain of sin and save our souls O Gracious Lord. Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal have mercy on us. Glory to the Father and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, both now and forever and to the ages of ages. Amen. All Holy trinity have mercy on us. Lord forgive our sins. Master, pardon our transgressions. Holy One, visit and heal our infirmities, for the Glory of Your Name. Lord have mercy. Glory to the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit, both now and forever and to the ages of ages. Amen.
      Lord have mercy.

  43. Like others I was brought here by google in response to “lord what do you want me to do today”. I was looking for insights and articles on connecting with the will of God. After reading the blog and responses I feel compelled to share my testimony: I am 57 now, and have always known there was a God, but there have been times when I would not have even admitted that to myself. I even remember a discussion with a coworker at a Tandem Computers beer bust in Austin Texas. I was denying the existence of a creator, and he asked me how I could deny it as we were looking at a beautiful sunset, which could in no way happen by random chance. I knew when I was a child of about 9 and with others we stood on the railway bridge until the train was right upon us and we started to run across to avoid it. My footing missed and I ended up straddling a bridge plank with the train incredibly close. Instead of panic, I calmly got myself up and jumped off the side of the bridge with the train barely missing me as I jumped. That not me that was calm, it was God saving me. He saved me many other times as well. I believe He preserved me because He knew I would eventually wise up and accept Him as my King and Savior as He is. I always put the world and ambitions ahead of trying to have a relationship with Him. By worldly standards I did pretty well. I became a engineer designing CPU and memory boards in silicon valley. I got well over 1 million dollars from stock options from a startup company I worked for and was making close to 100k per year. But I did not fall short of the glory of God, I did not even move in the direction of it. I was all about me. It was about money, success, vanity, pleasure, personal glory. My life was interesting, but it was wasted. I ended up getting charged by my 3rd wife of having assaulted her when she had pulled a gun on me. We were already separated. I ended up going back to Canada as a fugitive. I fell to the point of being homeless under a box in minus 30 in Calgary Alberta. God delivered me again, and I made it all the way back to owning a home in Fort McMurray. I ended up back on a downward spiral because of alcohol, lust and self dependence. Finally, the Lord convicted me that my life was a failure and I need to repent. I had to change my ways. I went to the border and turned myself in. When in prison in Texas I spent my time reading the bible and getting to know God. I went in very broken and afraid. I met some good Christians and started reading the Bible and other books about Christ and began praying all the time. An immediate response was a peace that I felt instead of the fear and panic. However, I wanted instant gratification and an immediate sign from God. It would not come. I had already read the whole Bible and was almost done reading it again when I got frustrated and started to cry. “What do I have to do God?”. It occurred to me that I held unforgivness in my heart. I lay in my bunk and went through a list in my mind. I thought of each person who I had something against. I put myself in their shoes and brought myself to tears feeling their suffering one after the other. I had thought I had forgiven them, but I had only really forgot about them. I truly forgave them that night, and asked God to forgive them also, and not hold those transgressions against me against them. When I had finished, I felt an incredible joy. The room was full of light and colors. I have had many answered prayers since that night. I still have trials and tribulations, but I KNOW that the Lord is with me and is doing what is best. I am no longer interested in money, or booze, or ME in general. What I want now is for Him to remain in me, and for me to remain in Him. I want the Holy Spirit to guide my life and keep me in the will of God. So, I will attempt to ask every morning when I awake. “Lord, what do You want me to do today?” He will answer. He will guide me. I love Him.

    • Praise God thank you for sharing

    • Hi Stephen

      you said:
      What I want now is for Him to remain in me, and for me to remain in Him

      He is in you and all of us. You can see and feel His present because you were seeking for the light. You found Him through your humbleness, compassion to ask forgiveness for yourself and other.
      Close your eyes, you will see the light what inspired you to become who you are now.

      You did say “ I KNOW that the Lord is with me and is doing what is best”
      Don’t doubt about this, you are bless to experience this in your life time, most of us won’t find the meaning of life.

      Your question was “Lord what do you want me to do today”

      Stephen, just breathe
      Enjoy your day, smile at people you meet, share your happiness. That What God want.
      Listen with your heart, you will know from now if he is talking to you.
      Stillness – Meditation, Prayer, Worship is the key to open up your third eyes or sixth sense.
      I said this because I experienced myself. I want to share How Amazing life is.

      You and I share the same God. God of all creation.
      🙂 Immanuel

    • What a wonderful testimony! I’m so happy for you! God bless!

      • Thank you Dreidre,
        The Lord our King Jesus has continued to bless me. I love Him.

  44. Wow I just got done reading some of these post’s. .. as I was in prayer, I was seeking direction for God’s will regarding my talents and gifts…in hopes of a specific answer as to what I need to be doing right now. Because I hunger to please THE LORD, yet seemingly… I always end up frustrated…be it through disappointment. ..distraction, lack…carrying others burdens in addition to my own…end result…feeling defeated. ALL Due TO THE LACK OF RESTING IN THE LORD! Jesus commands us to enter HIS REST. REVELATIONS TELLS US THAT IN THE LAST DAYS…SATAN’S #1 MISSION….IS WAREOUT THE ST.S Of God. This happens Two ways…Either being too busy, or not being busy…because we are expecting God to micro manage every step. When I say too busy…I’m speaking of being too busy…of the cares of this WORLD! THOUGH THE BIBLE SAYS TO WAIT UPON THE LORD….Jesus said…Let me find you being about my business when I return. There are many gifts, talents and directives that we are gonna give an account for. There are CROWNS, that God is gonna give out at the RIGHTEOUS JUDGEMENT..THE BEMA SEAT…Where christians are given their ETERNAL REWARDS! Ponddring all these thing’s. I heard a word….FEAR. WE spend too much time…wasting time, and we’re falling short. When you don’t know what to do…or should I say….when you don’t want to do, what you know to do, which is….Go ye into the world, and urge the lost to the Lord…The Hi ways and the byways…see your neighbors in need?? And do nothing!! Yet we want God to meet all OUR desire s. We don’t need $to start a prayer meeting, or witness to a stranger. Sometimes it’s un forgiveness. God told me while in prayer today..to TRUST IN HIS TIMING…AND TO BE ABOUT HIS BUSINESS. WHEN I’M OUT ON THE STREETS WITNESSING… HE ALWAYS LIFTS ME OUT OF HEAVYNESS. HE SAID MY BURDENS ARE LIGHT…WE need to know when to carry other people’s burdens…and when GOD IS USING THEM TO TRAIN, OR CORRECT. We can get in God’s way…and delay the promise…and potentially destroy THE butterfly, if it doesn’t learn how to strengthen it’s wings, through perseverance. So God’s say….YOU BRING ME AN OFFERING… be it WORSHIP, BE IT FAITH, JUST be FAITHFUL…I AM ALL YOU HAVE NEED OF…If I am not ENOUGH…YOU ARE NOT WORTHY OF BEING MINE.


  45. I am a separated wife who is standing for my marriage and I am confused as to what God wants me to do. I’ve been having bad dreams and always asking my sister what they mean. She will look them up and they usually indicate something concerning stress and unhappiness. I am a Christian so I don’t always take these interpretations to heart but lately I’ve been so weary. I was looking up my dream and found this. I guess he just wants me to trust him more than I do!

    • Hi Tammy
      I believe as “human being” we all do trying to find an answer to solve our life. Me too.
      Recently Tough I realize one way to ease my day.
      forget being human but just be “being”.

      What I mean is, I begin start learning to be “still”, quiet, meditate emptying all my thought then picturing the image of my savior.
      At first it was not easy but the more I am doing it, it get clearer the image and give me the feeling of “empty” but yet i feel no burden,at the same time i fill so content.

      For some reason, each day now my positive energy start to emerge, seeing life differently.

      I just want to share my experience with, the more I try to find “God or an Answer”, the more my mind going crazy.

      I believe God is with in myself. I “listen” and be thankful for life.

      to Judy, Hi I agree ” look within”

      thank you. enjoy your day where ever you are.
      where I am been raining, i need the sun please

    • I spent seven years struggling with unemployment, a sick wife, troubled kids, and depression. Just hold on a little longer. Jesus loves you and will bless you. His timing is perfect.

  46. Thanks for your post.
    It helpful for me.
    It’s says wait and be still in your heart. I am in you and I will lead your day.
    It’s give me peace. I can’t ask for more.

  47. I typed in “what am I supposed to do God? Tell me!” Google brought me here to your blog.
    I have these feelings, strong feelings that God wants me to do something and I don’t know what. These feelings have been getting stronger lately and I don’t know what to do. I’ve been praying about it and I’m waiting for a sign from Him. It’s frustrating.
    I read your post and it made me feel better. I’ll look within. Thank you!

  48. What do u think I shld do. There is a couple who is having a baby. 30-32 yes of age who are homeless. She rec 600.00 a month + food stamps. He does nothing. Doesn’t seem really to be looking because I see him on the corner daily. My friend offered them her downstairs but within days he was disrespecting her in her own home. Also helping himself to her food. He began to affect her family. They continue to ask for money n than come in to my business expecting thin
    ._4,,vgs for nothing. Is it wrong that it bothers me this man is doing nothing. He will literally have 5.00 n go get weed n she hasn’t eaten yet. She than will say she is hungry etc..Her 600.00 seems o be gone in days n her fs she will sell them for half the value to get cash. I must admit that it bothers me that they r doing nothin4g to help themselves. What am I suppose to do continue giving. I love Jesus Christ. He is truly NY best friend. I want him to be happy with me. Can anyone give me any suggestions. Thank u. God Bless

    • I think you should ask yourself, “WWJD” what would Jesus do, then do it. People get into all sorts of circumstances in their lives that make them feel not in control. Perhaps this man feels not in control. Have compassion and help.

    • Point them to the Lord. Do your part and leave the rest to God. Despite all, pray for them as often as possible in intercession, may the Holy Spirit convicts their hearts and open their eyes to the Truth that will set them free. Loving is not carrying All of another person’s burden. One of the greatest thing we can gift a person is like teaching our own child. Train them how to survive independently, because we can’t promise to be there all their lives.

  49. I googled :”Lord, what do You want me to do with my life?” and this answer came. Thank you for tipping it down for Jesus. God Bless!

    • Do Good and Love.

  50. I googled “what is it lord?” in desperation because I feel his presence but can’t decipher his will. I’ve fallen into the trap of self assurance in thinking that God needs me to do great things. I couldn’t sleep, so I asked him, and here it is. thank you for your faith and service to the lord. you have been a blessing to me tonight.

  51. Good to hear from you and your friends and I am going to have a great day

  52. God has been so good to my wife and I. I typed in ‘Lord, what can I do for you’ and your blog came up. I read it with interest and gratitude and prayed that God will bless and guide you as He has us. With very best wishes.

  53. Great post! We have to keep believing, trust and pray, no matter what!

  54. Thank you so much for this, it was like God talking to me. God bless you

  55. The truth is that God is a merciful father and He is also faithful and more than able. Although am passing through tough time now but i believe Jesus Christ will see me through

  56. God is great all tje time. He is the king of all kings Amen. ..

  57. Hey! I just came across your page on google and your post was a great read. Thank you for sharing!

  58. I have asked over and over but I feel as God is against me I mean every thing in my life had gone wrong I’ve been told one lie after another and it really hurts I mean I just don’tknow what to beleive anymore I have been waiting on a settlement for over two years haven’t heard nothing on that been waiting on my disability for 5 , years and keep getting turned down and doctors say I can’t work I guess I’m just discouraged with one lie after another and all the disappointments in life

    • All things work together for your good. Do not lose faith in this test. God is with you and you will receive double for your trouble.

    • Please do not give up the Lord has a plan for you just keep the faith, remember it is Gods timing not ours, I to am looking for answers and feel they r not getting answered as soon as i would like, we just have to believe the Lord know what is best for us. I will be praying for you to receive what Gods will is for you,

    • Brenda, I just came across your post from April. I just wanted to tell you I am adding you to my prayer list

    • God doesn’t keep other people from lying to you as you call it. The main thing to depend on is his word and his love. Nothing in his word is a lie. Like the author mentioned in this, there is many verses in the bible that reminds us of the trials and tribulations that we will go thru here on earth.
      Just because we are Christians doesn’t mean are life is going to be easy. I find that when I am going thru hardships in my life that if I stay positive regardless of my circumstance that it seems to get much easier. Every answer to your questions you will find in his holy word. I have no idea of what you have gone thru so I will not pretend that I do. But I do know in my own circumstances when I kept waiting on others to help me that it seemed to be a lot tougher for me. So I helped myself and ask God to give me the strength to help myself when I didn’t have any strength at all. He has always been faithful. But only when I stopped waiting on others to dig me out of my troubles. I’m not saying you are in the situation that I have been in because we all have different paths in life and your hardships in this life will not be the same as mine. But I do know that God has perfect timing and if we dig deep into his word unselfishly we will always find the answers. Part of being a strong Christian goes along with tough challenges but the reward will be beyond our imagination, not in this life but in Heaven that’s why we should never store our treasures and look to this world for our happiness because we will always be let down. I will pray for your situation and I hope that I did not offend you or anyone else in my reply to you. I am just telling you what I have learned during tough times and as I said, they may not be the same for you. The only true thing is our Heavenly Father and if we dig deep enough we will find our comfort and maybe even our answer.

  59. Thank you so much! I have been struggling trying to figure out what God wants me to do. See I moved to Texas I met my fiancee Terrance, I had prayed for him for 18 years, he is a keyboard player around San Angelo Texas Churches, he is a Christian also, I feel God put us together. Before I came to Texas I was cooking at Frontline mission in Farmington Nm for 80 to 100 homeless people through my church as where God led me. Before that I was in Florida where I ministered to people. I know I don’t have a lot more room, just wanted to say thank you!

  60. I blv I need the to increase my faith course for 13 yr loving this man n have 2kids with him but we struggling he can’t even pay lobola for me.he’s struggling to find a job.I’m struggling to find space at nursing to studying further.everything is up side down I really need the Lord to increase our faith and blv that 2015 it our year of victory me n my family

  61. god bless all of you

  62. Iwill like to extend my greeting to yu all brothers n sister in the might name of Jesus Christ
    i am lady of 32,, frm South Africa
    ilove Krist even thou my life is on fire ,,ijust learn to trust Him(Jesus) even when idid not know/understand what is going on wt me
    my life is meaningless according to me becouse i have no house ,no job , not in relationship(love),
    i v got 4kids , it is a 6th year traying to obtain a 4yrs degree but failing and i’ m a single parent every thing is a disaster ifail to keep man on my side
    but i’m health and my children r well too ithankx God with that and support my chindren wt gorvenment grant live in wt parent in their house even thou i am old enogh to have my own life but im stuck here n it painfull but not like pains krist had on the cross oh! What pain He die for my sin not His !
    So guy let us love God not becouse he does miracle to each n every one of us but becous He is God ,,,iwill like to thankx yu all your comment had open my eyes
    all the best continue to spread gud news

  63. Thank you
    God bless you.
    this message is from God. It benefits me a lot.
    The basic desire of me is to see the manifested presence of the lord in the life of his church. But churches are entertained by religious doings. And sometimes we want to do that same action. But God want to manifest his life in us; for that He must find us under his feet seeking His face. Not doing but sitting makes Him happy in our life. After sitting He will send us in His own time. Amen

    • How does sitting make Jesus happy and doing nothing? I understand we must humble our selves. How long must you sit? And I understand we must do thinks in HIS time.

      • You must come to know Him first. To know, really know Him you must “sit” and read His word. Read about Him. “Sit” and pray. To develop a relationship with someone you must spend time with them, talking to them and listening.”Sit” and be filled with the Holy Spirit. Wait upon the Lord. He will exalt you in due time.You must be prepare when you “do”.

  64. Be in Love with Almighty JESUS our GOD.

    • I feel like God is difficult to reach. Since last year what have i not done? I gave up fraud believing Go wil reward me, may be my reward is in heaven, what kind of God is he anyway? He favours evil and perishes good while on earth and promises reward in heaven. I am tired of my present situation. I am not asking for big again please make me comfortable. I beg God pleas brethrens join me to pray because i dont want to curse God. People who do evil are making money and living happily we praising God our lives is full of one mishap or another.I am not happy each day i weep inside is it a wrong thing to want God to use me to show that we can achieve without being fraudulent? I want money not being around happy people. I pray my child(ren) never have to pass through such a face in life. Let me b the sacrifise for my children. Dear God for all the time wasted thankyou. I never thought u could do me like this. Thank you i am now a drunk, looser and have no money. Thank you God for all. I never knew you create a creature to come into the world all to miserable. Our destiny in life is death. I pray it comes to me in my sleep tonight . I would prefer death to the life i am living now.

      On Thursday, October 16, 2014, Allforjesus wrote: > Paul Borner commented: “Be in Love with Almighty JESUS our GOD.” >

      • How happy do you thing the evil and corrupt will be when faced with eternity WITHOUT God. Greed, Corruption, Wealth, Power, those are things of THIS world. God will never give you more than you can handle, and he will always provide what you need. If you feel you are a Drunk Loser with no money, ask yourself “is this God’s doing? Or have I abused my free will” or worse “have I taken advantage of my free will” Consequences are a natural reaction to our action.

        You have been blessed to hear God speak to your heart. Do you really think that you would willingly shame yourself and call yourself a Drunk Loser? Or has God shown you a path, and given you the ability to assess your situation as such?

        I pray that you take the assessment God has shown you, and realize that it is not too late to pick yourself up, brush yourself off, and move forward. Maybe your reward really IS in Heaven.

        Look at the world around you, do you really want to be a part of the materiality of it all anyway?

        Much love.

      • All of the bad thoughts I your head is from the enemy. God didn’t do any of the bad things to you its the enemy. God loves you more than you know. Be aware that He lives inside of you. AWARENESS is very important . You are made in His image and likeness, “Gen. 1:27” you are a creator
        We create everything around us good or bad. And then we live in it. You have the power inside to change the situation. It might take a few weeks but it will come. You are an AWESOME DAD. The kids don’t care if your a screw up or not. They love you unconditionally. How is that possible because they are made in HIS image just like you. That’s why God says come toe as a little child. Because to a child everything is possible.

      • Bro…the first thing you sould do is change the way you think.God loves you and you cant see it because you feel so.why, because you are thinking it.Who places thoughts in our minds…Satan.so rebuke Satan and ask God to forgive you and trust in Jesus.Amen

  65. Hi, I’m really confused between my majors, as the time run so fast I didn’t find a way but to follow the stream and was and still praying for God to lead me through the good way and help me find my own wanted career or at least to remove the fear of what I really like to do and my parents refusal and what I really like to do and what the stream is leading me through. I could barely notice God answers me for this question even though he answers me for other things and everytime I feel his presence and his intervention to help me I thank him so much… but I’m just wondering about why he isn’t responding to my prayers to tell me or give me a clear sign to help me know what I’d like to be in my futur as I am so confused and in conflict between whether when i guess what is my ambition, is right or is it childish!
    If there any specific prayer for jesus to help me get through this issue please

    • I also everytime keep in mind and pray that if what I’m going to do isn’t the good way or isn’t my mission and isn’t what God wants me to do then probably I won’t success or pass the tests so I just rely on God that he is leading me in his own way and I just think sometimes that maybe Jesus wants me to discover my own major so it would more special….I somehow think that If I get to pass the tests and reach a career where I’ll find myself that this is really unpleasant for me what would I do then?!… I just trust the almighty Jesus for he is leading me and I may be so confused while he’s always standing beside me … so I never get so afraid of the futur…
      sorry for the bad english and thank you for reading 🙂

    • He has given you the answer. By way of the gifts and talents he gave you. What are you good at? What did He bless you with? USE those gifts! Any use of the Gifts God gave you will be to His glory. That’s why He gave them to you 🙂

  66. Hello I needed to talk you someone i been thru alot in my life seems like I been thru hell and I am thankful that god was behind me pulling me but recently I fell back into the pit I have been thru watching me parents being physically abusive, watching my parents divorce, almost committing suacide,been thru rebelious stage anger depression, then the worst hit me I almost lost my mom I then fell on my knees and prayed to god and Jesus that please don’t take my mom I have doubted god and forsaken him and then he showed me his true powers my mom was sappose to die he brought a miracle not even the dr understood why she has survived but I do know god did it i went from wispering in my mother ears on her death bed i love you and always told her I will wait for her to come home to sing happy birthday to me she went in the hospital on my birthday. To her comeing home she is still here and I thank god for that everyday I now feel as I am loosing again I had to put my best friend down which was my dog she was like a child to me and the same time my girlfriend walked out on me was not around for me and left me for another man I still love her and belive she will come back healed and I already forgive her and want to still move forward with her please pray for me that my sorrow will end in happiness please lord heal me and my love I have been thru so much that I belive that this is just a test for me to walk with you once again and I am ready lord I belive in you more then ever and will wait patiently to bring my broken heart and sorrows to a end and I know patients is very hard in this life it always has been hard for me but I want to do this for you and will do it because I faith still is strong lord I will wait because I love you.

    • God Bless you, continue IN Him. Lay at His feet. I am going to prayer for you.. Praise and Glory to God for men like you that search Him.. Praise God,,, Praise God!!

    • I read you story. WOW!!!
      I love you because He does. I wept but am okay, because you said I will wait Lord because I love you. Remember He will never leave you or forsake you. There was a man in Afghanistan getting beat daily because he had been caught preaching the gospel over there. He told the Lord one day , “Lord I can’t take the beatings anymore, then Jesus showed up in the physical,” and the man said a peace came over Him he had never felt before. The next day he was about to get beat and he asked the guard, ” if we are going to do this everyday can we be friends. The guard couldn’t understand how he would want to be friends with the guy who beats you literally everyday. From that day on they held secret meetings preaching in the cells with the guards. Keep your eyes up Jesus finished it and now He lives inside of you. Use him for His glory

    • Praying for you.

    • You need to call me asap 2148306865

  67. Hi Netta. Thanks for sharing your story. I’m a follower of Jesus Christ and pretty direct in my responses. So I’ll be direct with you. The first thing to do is go to Proverbs 3:5-6. You’ve probably read this several times already however there is a difference between reading scripture and actually believing and acting out your belief in the Word of God. I recommend focusing on this part of God’s word and live it. ‘Trust in Him’. Satan/the devil loves for us to worry and will strike us especially when we are weak. If you are a true believer in Jesus Christ, then live that way. When worries of any sort arise, make it a habit to turn to the Word of God and read it. You’ll find peace quickly. God has great things in store for you but you must believe in Him and be patient. God chooses the right time and place for you. Let go and let Him do what He has planned for you. Don’t fall into the pit of self-pity, rise up knowing He has great plans for you and He will provide this to you in His time and in His way.

    Netta, I say this after countless trials and tribulations (some of which I label as one’s with great magnitude) throughout the years, yet I turned to Him and He restored my soul and gave me peace and joy and more than I even asked for. He WILL do the same for any believer, but we have to believe in Him and stop trying to do things on our own will. It takes practice, but it’s such a joy when you learn to experience even the smallest things He does for us when we let Him. We have freedom of choice. My choice is to let Him control my life. Initially is is difficult for some to surrender our life to Him, but it time it gets easier and the rewards are amazing.

    God is with you, now start believing in Him!

  68. Im in a bad place this really helped me thank you


  70. I have been in prayer for a new job, reading my word, and prayerfully asking God to show me the job I am suppose to have, I am a highly qualified nurse who had an unfortunate work-related injury and now have various work restrictions. I feel I have done my part my putting in resumes, going on a couple of interviews, but the work has been beyond my restrictions. I have faith and believe God’s Word, but the wait is killing me, I know God has the perfect job for me, one in which I will be happy. Any suggestions or words of encouragement are greatly appreciated, Thanks

    • Trust in the Lord with your heart,might and soul ! He Loves for us to Love Him and trust Him,because He knows us better than we know our self ! I’am a nurse with a B.S.N degree! The degree doesn’t make the nurse it’s the love you have for the patients and wanting healing to do what God needed for that person ! I was diagnose with Multiple Sclerosis(M.S) I was so upset to obtain that disease!Upset with God and I told Him so . God asked me who do I suggest He give it to ? I said nobody in their right mind would want something like this ! HE said to me okay you have it so what are you going to do ? I prayed and I took the I.M of Rebiff injection 3x’s a week then was put on chemo therapy once a month my body rejected all the expensive drugs for this illness .But God knows how much we can take ! Being a child of God , He healed my body completely of M.S ! Not taking any medication nothing ! My doctor can’t understand this, but Doctor God can do anything our hearts desires ,when we trust and believe in Love Him ! He want let nobody down ! GOD is Love ,He will do what He says He will do just trust and believe ! I carried this for 3 years I never gave up !
      Trust : Angelina Durham

  71. In the words of jc (johnny cash) “you are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are grey, oh don’t you know dear how much I love you, please don’t take my sunshine away”.
    EJD . x .

  72. Perhaps I have not always spoke the truth but i was misguided now I see the light lord x x

  73. Thank you for your kind words lord, I will indeed show the way and speak the truth as I have done my entire life. X x x

  74. I cannot thank you enough sweet lord for making my pain melt away and heart sing with love x x x x x

  75. Great Article to follow this and answer many of the questions posted above:



    In a nutshell: Read the Word of God, follow it, spend time with God, surrender your life to Him, make a choice, start walking, follow His peace.

    Some things can be solved just by understanding what God´s Word says about a situation, based on biblical principle, others are tougher, but most times we don´t need an angel to come down and tell us God´s wil but simply to know and obey His holy word, He will always bless obedience.

  76. I’d like to thank you for your post. It is currently 12:32am and I’m trying to read a case for my law exams that are coming up, but somehow I keep procrastinating and so much rather to reflect and talk and pray to God than do any of my work, I know if I don’t do it I’ll most likely fail, but until now I’m in my first year, God has helped me through EVERY single step. I had my doubts and questions but everything fell into place. Lately I feel a little bit lonely and I keep asking God ‘what is it you want from me Lord?’ How can I be any help? Your post was like a slam in my face from God to show me that he is with me so I’d really like to thank you and may God always bless you and make all your dreams and wishes come true 🙂

  77. Just wanted to comment to the precious letter written in response to someone who asked The Lord and wasn’t receiving a response. I really appreciate the fact that you addressed specifically how to ask The Lord and and what one has done thus far. I think we forget that we need to be the ones to take the first step no matter how scared we might be. Kudos.

  78. The Love of JESUS Almighty is Eternal, Anna. Stay in His Love.

  79. Hello my friend in Christ. I have found through many years of trials and tribulations; victories and defeat and praying for answers and praising God, reading most everything I could get my hands on that Satan was getting what he wanted. Instead of calming down and listening to God; I was asking too often, worrying, wondering, running and just too busy to listen. Now, I am at peace with my personal relationship with Jesus growing daily and LISTENING to Him and TRUSTING Him. Relaxing a bit but striving forward. It took me many years to understand that I need to slow down, but now I have and I am not missing a thing. In fact, I am gaining more through Jesus Christ. Hope this helps.

    • We spend many hours in prayer and be-moaning our station in life. We ask for the Lords help and pray over the same issues repeatedly. Whilst there is nothing wrong with this it came to me, one day, that if the Lord Himself stood before me and said “Graham, I have heard your prayers and cries for help. What is it that you really want me to do?”….what would my answer be?
      So often we pray for HELP when in truth we are actually praying for God to DO! Help is given to someone who is busy doing something. Faith without any action or response is very difficult for the Lord to add value to. It may be even just asking Him to bring someone across our path who can speak into a specific situation. We however need to identify what/which situation that is and make sure that we put ourselves in a situation where people are actually around about us! . I have found that our prayers need to be specific. Our precious Lord has given us a free will (I sometimes wish He hadn’t ha ha)! He honors that free will but we need to sometimes be a little more specific when we pray.
      If your child came to you and said “Mom / Dad….I need your help” I would imagine that any parents answer would be “With what?” Our next question would be “show me what you have done so far and let me help you”. At that point we would be able to give direction to what our child had already attempted.
      Please forgive me if this sounds like I have superior wisdom etc. I wish I had. All I am doing is sharing what I believe the Lord has led me in. Consider it prayerfully and if it strikes a chord within your soul ….as it did in mine…it just may be a word for you at this time.
      Love in Christ.

      • thanks,4 this blog.going through confusion cz of financial hardship.asking God to open another door coz where my salary cant even be enough 4 for food but he is quite.lm suffering mentally.what is wrong.

  80. Good reply/response, Graham! Many have, are, will be, in that place where u are now; some lessor, some greater yet still…..waiting upon the Lord as exercising our faith &/or in turn moving in faith. God provides the spark/inclination/unction as well as the peace which passes all understanding (which is especially evident when all seems to be collapsing around you & you have calmness/confidence while u remain “in Him.” As we consider our “plight” we can say/see “only God…..only God.)

    HimiH can “relate.”

    Shalom Aleichem.

  81. I am so lost and confused. The man I have been with for 4 years left and and started seeing another woman a week later. I pray everyday for God to help me release my bitterness and anger toward the situation. His family even stopped talking to me when they once loved me. The other day I was praying so hard to God for him to let me know what to do and for Him to bring my ex back (which I know isn’t good to pray about). Later that day, his mom texted me out of the blue telling me she loved me and missed me. I felt like that was God saying something but I don’t know how to read into it or if i should read into it at all. I am so confused. I have let go and given it to God but I just feel stuck because it’s like I can’t move on. I can be happy and have fun without him but I can’t fully let go. I don’t know what to do. I feel stuck and I pray 24/7 but I don’t know what God is telling me.

    • Hi Anna,
      If you read back at my previous blog you will see that in spite of being a very committed Christian I too have suffered the pain of two failed marriages of which I am deeply ashamed.
      We all have to accept responsibility for the things we MAY have done which cause our relationships to fail. After all no one sells a car because it is going too well. Sadly you may not have really done any wrong but your partner may have just become bored and drawn to the next ‘challenge to conquest’.
      The Lord gives us a free will. I prayed for many years, while I was still married, for the Lord to change my wife’s heart towards me. It took time for me to understand that He would only intervene when SHE WANTED HER HEART TO BE CHANGED! Sadly this did not happen and we divorced.
      The word tells us that God’s desire for us is for good and not bad things. Separation is a tearing apart of two people. This will always include extreme pain…bleeding….and scaring. There will however be a healing and restoration. Getting there is the tough part.
      I have been blessed to find a new lady who sees the value in who I am and likewise me towards her. It is a journey none of us want when relationships fail. When they do….and we have done what we reasonably can to restore them…we really have no option but to let them go.
      The only thing it requires for any relationship to exist is TWO people who actually WANT the relationship. This is true even for our relationship with Christ.
      Good luck and may the peace of Jesus be upon you every step of your journey.

      • This all sounds so familiar to me as I too have had several marriages fail.

        I have been in a relationship for the past year with a beautiful Christian woman. I asked her to marry me and she said yes.
        We both found out that we can not get married for another 4 years because she will lose her military widow benefits.

        It hurts both of us deeply.

        We live apart now due to both of our family’s circumstances. (our children)
        I have realized that my free will may NOT be in line with God’s plan for me.

        I also did not want to acknowledge that fornication outside of marriage was a sin against God and their is NO justification for doing it even if we love one another.

        I also have come to believe that for all these years that I have been alive (61)………..I have LOVED women more than loving Jesus Christ. (Please forgive me Lord)

        I can now look back and see that my last marriage failure was my fault. (unevenly yoked to a Jewish woman)

        I can not justify my sin. (Heavenly father please forgive me)

        May the Lord show you the way and hopefully you will listen.

        I hope I am in “God’s Light” as I write this and God extends my life another day through His grace and mercy,


      • Hi Carmen,

        I am sorry to hear that you too have been challenged in your relationship journey. We are created beings and even as children of God we have our personalities and character flaws which were give to us in our creation. The Lord knows this and because of His love for us he will discipline us until we put aside ourselves in favour of our relationship with Him.

        I hear you when you say that you have loved woman more than you have Christ. The needs of our flesh are so much more tangible and manageable than our spiritual needs and we put our hands into things which we should leave up to the Lord to control. I would love to be able to tell you that I have mastered these issues but I have not. Obedience is always better than sacrifice but WOW it can be hard and what we know in our heads and hearts is very difficult to ‘download’ into our actions. Jesus died for this reason but we are still challenged to turn from what we know grieves the Lord’s heart and follow Him. We tend to attract the same type of people throughout our journey and in my case I have a rescuing spirit. I find the ‘broken and bruised reeds’ and make it my mission to bring restoration and joy into their situations. This can be fine for many years but can become very tiring when we fail to complete this task in spite of the great love we have for these partners we choose. The good news is that the Lord knows our good intentions, our weaknesses and our limitations. In spite of this we continue to perpetuate these very same mistakes because of our natures we inherited at birth.

        Please check out everything that I am saying with scriptures and with the Lord. I wish I was all knowing and fully qualified but I am still being changed from glory to glory by His grace. If you feel led of the Lord that this new relationship is given to you by Him, He will make a way for you to survive without the military pension she currently enjoys. Be very cautious however that you are being led by the Spirit and not your own free will. God will place rivers in the desert and make a pathway for you to follow in the wilderness of your life. I wish it was as easy at it sounds but it is not.

        I pray that the Lord gives both of us the light we need to walk in and the strength to obey.

        Good luck and may the love of the Lord and the blood of Jesus be manifested in your desire to follow your heavenly Fathers plans for you.

        Love in Christ


  82. sorry I didn’t realise the order of the dates of posts, got them reversed, of course it was the recent posts that were from personal experience, I said the opposite of what I meant!

  83. in the spirit of the earlier posts in this thread that were from people’s life experiences, I am 36, used to be from a Christian family, I developed doubts on various points (nothing I want to debate, tired of that). I sit at home alone every evening after work wondering why on earth I am on this planet and trying not to contemplate suicide, not sure anymore whether I believe in God or why I should or what the point is anyway. But thankyou for your blog post at least it was real thanks.

    • Hello d. I hear you…I really do.
      We live in tough times and people can be heartless and cruel. There have been times in my life where I too have wondered why the Lord even bothers to allow me to waste another lungful of oxygen.
      Whether you believe or not is a question you need to carefully consider. You have clearly been discouraged and dealt with treacherously on many levels.
      I want to speak to you about belief….if I may. The devil himself doesn’t struggle with this question because he KNOWS that God exists and is very real. I grew up in a ‘Christian’ home as well. I too wondered why God didn’t seem real and battled with my belief from a very young age. It was only later that I realised that I had in fact grown up in a ‘church going’ family. Church and religion will not result in belief. It will only make you feel smaller than you really are and failure to meet righteousness will plague you every day. What I didn’t understand was that real belief started with a relationship with Christ and His forgiveness. I needed to do something with this story I was reading in my Bible. I had all the story and had been preached at enough to be a saint (which I was not and still aren’t).
      One day a Godly man sat with me and explained that unless I had ASKED Christ into my life and acknowledged that He had paid the price for my soul and made a conscious decision to place myself under His lordship …… I was neither a Christian or a believer. There are many things and opportunities in life on offer. Unless you make a conscious decision to take hold of any of them and accept them and make them a part of your life they will not change your life in any way.

      d I may have missed where you are at completely in your walk with God and belief. If I have I apologise. I would be remiss if I did not encourage you to ask yourself:

      1) Did you ever fall on your knees and invite Christ into your life?
      2) Do you KNOW that you KNOW that you KNOW that your sins past, present and future were paid for in full when Christ hung on the cross for both you and me?
      3) have you surrendered yourself fully to the will of God.
      4) Have you let go and turned from things in your life you know are not right?
      5) Have you acknowledged to Christ that you are not able to live a righteous life without Him cleaning up behind you?

      If you have…..cancel all I have said above and forgive me for missing your truth. If you have a shadow of doubt…..seek real godly council and ask God to meet you where you are at right now. We will not die because we did not understand. We will perish simply because we CHOSE to reject what Christ did for us on the cross with understanding.

      Don’t give up buddy. It’s a tough road to walk and the devil will try and rob you at every curve. Keep your eyes on JESUS and ignore the stuff which surrounds you. He will be faithful to lead you home and you will hear Him say…..”well done my good and faithful servant”

      Take care.

  84. I am 24 lost, confused, angry. I was unjustly let go from work never being late or wrote up. I have helped so many only to have them say rumours and lies about me. I helped feed and cloth someone else kids only to be thrown to wolves. I have no help in any direction I see except the lord. I cried myself to sleep praying. I’m homeless by end month. my father abonded me, mother isn’t allowed to talk to me as she as file let’s say of lying. took yrs of her psych abuse and emotional. don’t even know why I’m writing this right now. I just wanna die.

    • How u feel is understandable, Keith ……if I sympathize with u in the flesh. But…..in the spirit, HIS Spirit (where we need to be/stay), I cannot agree with you. God will provide for u, a place, a person, a time, necessary for u to overcome what u are feeling, going thru, etc.

      Not because of u and your self righteousness (acts u listed). Not because u are suffering. But because of HIS Son, who is in you (is He not?).

      Our heavenly Father always comes thru for HIS Son. Period.

      This is how HE has shown Himself to me, always as I look back over my life, despite the painful agonizing times I’ve experienced. Victory always follows Jesus, and He is in me!

      …….1st Question u must answer is…..Is He in you (?). IF so then BELIEVE and strength will rise as we wait upon the LORD, wait upon the LORD we must wait upon the LORD!

      IF not, then time for u to call upon YESHUA and make Him the Lord of your life.

      Then look back over your life so far, and SEE where He’s rescued you, blessed you, etc. Your faith will begin to rise even more.

      Shalom Aleichem.

    • So sorry for your pain, I have been thru some gut twisting things and that is partly how I got to this page. That said I feel for you. But Look UP friend there is hope. When at our lowest we can draw nearest to the Lord. I don’t know how to say or express it. But please lay down at the Lord feet and trust in Him. You might feel nothing happen but just keep trusting in the Lord even for that next breath of air. Faith pleases the Lord. Ecclesiasties 1;14 “I have seen all the works that are done under the sun; and, behold, all is vanity and vexation of spirit.” KJV Ecclesiasties is a great book in the bible. The verse I prayed that the Lord gave me is this. 1 Peter 7 ” That the trial of your faith, being much more precious that of gold that peristheth, though it be tried with fire, might be found unto praise and honour and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ:” My greatest hope for you is that you are a born again son of Jesus Christ and you trust in his death burial and resurrection as payment for your sins. John 3;3. Be blessed

    • I suspect that a lot of us who read this blog do so as a result of us too looking for answers and direction and support. I have known the Lord since 1971 and have was Spirit filled 2 years later. At the time of my conversion experience I was 13 years old and loved the Lord with all my heart and wanted nothing more than to be in His presence and a ‘pleasing’ son to Him. I still have those strong desires 39 years later. In spite of serving as a worship leader and a lay-preacher for many years, I have led anything but an exemplary Godly life. Even looking toward the heavens and crying out to the Lord I am ashamed to say that I have been through 2 failed marriages (One 14 years and the other 19 years). Apart from these I have failed in many other areas of my life in spite of my deep desire to follow my Lord’s precepts and examples. I have learned a few lessons along the way however and I will share them with you.
      1) The scriptures tell us that ‘with his mind a man devises his plans BUT the Lord directs his steps’. I have spent half my life ‘waiting’ on the Lord for direction. I suspect at this juncture the He has also waited for me to DO something. Direction can only be given to something which is moving (even if it is very slowly). Our childlike trust must then be to watch and listen for His guidance to direct our plan. If we are on the totally wrong track he will guide us back to the correct one provided we are sensitive and obedient to His direction.
      2) The scriptures also advise us to ‘Be still….and know that He is God’. As nice a place as that might sound to be, my experience was somewhat different. In a very deep valley of my life I sought council from every reliable Godly council I could…no answers! I read every spiritual book I could lay my hands on….No answers!. I prayed and appealed to the Lord for his grace, Mercy, Forgiveness, compassion and even towards His sense of humour! ….No answer. I finally collapsed in despair and wept like an unloved, lost child. I was at my end and commented to my’ then’ wife that I had clearly angered the Lord to such a degree that He had turned His face from me. I commented that God was God and He could do anything and I could not manipulate Him by my prayers and broken spirit. If He wanted He could destroy me. There was NOTHING left that I could do to find his grace even though the Blood of Jesus had washed all my sin from me so many years ago. I gave up and let go. I was at the end of myself and my knowledge of what to do. AT THAT MOMENT my precious Lord stood up and started to rebuild all that with was broken within me. I learned that He wanted me to know that He required nothing more of me than to know and acknowledge His Lordship and power. When I arrived at the end of ME I had arrived at the beginning of HIM.
      For the record, as I sit to write this, I am in a low place as well. I too am asking for help and direction. You are not alone but I hope that what I have shared may be a source of encouragement and strength to you. If we REALLY knew and understood who our heavenly father really is, how mighty and able He is……we would not struggle in fear and despair. We would sit at his feet and repent and turn from our ways and wait for His unmerited favour to be given to us as He has promised throughout scripture. Good luck. Lets pray for each other that we might be dealt the ‘gentle’ hand from our father but also thank Him for the ‘hard’ one ….. should that be what we need

  85. hi, i am a 26 year old lady and i lost my job infact left my job 2 and a half years ago, eversince i didnot get one and i have been into depressions for quite a while now , my parents are old , i am not in contacts with any of my acquaintances , i have started having health problems, i cry sometimes , even when i am writing this , relatives sometimes hurt me by saying words which they should not, specially now isn’t the time, i am not stable enough to take them. i have turned silent and came across this site as i was googling “how do i see lord?” i think i need help. someone help. please.

    • Hi

      The best thing I can say is is to have faith in The Lord. Believe in Him. And take Psalm 37 verse 4 to heart. And remember it is not what you do, but who you are

  86. i ws Gods best friend bt i soon forgot him n nw i feel bad abt it

  87. awesome reminder! thank you

  88. I walter taylor have been with the jord Jesus Christ from 2003 to now 2014 and ask Him time after time what he wants me to do and still do not know now what do i still wait for Him Jesus or do i just stap out and do what i want to do with out his will for my life till me?

    • Come, My cherished people, buy wine and milk, without money and without price! I will not accept your works in exchange for My love. I will not receive your love as a recompense for Mine. I will love you all, unworthy and sinful though you be. Nothing can induce Me to love you. I, the Lord, your God, love you all freely. My grace to you is utterly unsought. And My favor is conferred even on those who have not the shadow of a claim upon Me. I gladly set them among the children of My heart. For My sovereign grace waits not for any man, neither tarries for the sons of man. My love goes forth to every man even when he has no thought after Me or when he is hastening after all manner of sin and wantonness. I love everyone freely, and as the effect of that love, every one then begins to seek My face. So all you, who have been gladdened by the sight of My face, I desire that you love as I love, and give in My name, that all may see My face and be likewise blessed, hence become a blessing. Invite all to come and enjoy My favor. Without any entreaties or beseeching, call all to come to Me, My beloved, and enthuse them to be Mine by your joy of being Mine.

  89. please tell your people who are waiting on quick answers to a prayer about how the angel from God had to fight to get his answer thru because he had to fight his way through Babellon and it took another angels help to finally break through (with the answer to the prayer)( please excuse my spelling) but God is great and even He and his angels have to follow the rules. He put them in place for reasons only he can reveal. I wish we always had or have a quick miracle when our loved ones a hurting. but God does everything with perfect timing.I have a severly handicapped daughter she has siezures when shes hurting and she can’t even tell us why or how she’s hurting but we pray and trust that the Lord is in charge and the answer or the miracle is on its way. Please put her in all your prayers her name is Nicole and we love her so much

    • Thanks for letting us know your grief. I myself am a father and i cannot even have the though of my small daughter facing this same situation.
      Take heart that this burden is also mine from now on and they we will put this matter to the lord together.
      let me know the progress to verughisbonny@gmail.com
      God bless you dear.

    • God bless your daughter Nicole!

    • Lord God, We pray for Nicole that you may please remove her hurting and her siezures. We pray in Jesus’s name.

    • Be ever patient, O suffering child, for your God and Father has not passed you over in His providence. If I feed the sparrows, will I not surely furnish you with what you need? Sit down, but not in despair. Hope on, My child, hope ever. Do not be afraid to take up arms against a sea of troubles, and your opposition shall yet end your distresses. Remember there is the Omniscient Omnipresent One Who cares for you forever. And His eye is fixed on you, even in the home of your destitution. His heart beats with compassion for your woes, and His omnipotent hand is ever ready to stretch out your needed help. As long as you are one of My family, My bands of grace will bind up your wounds and heal your broken heart. So you will have no more profound and poignant sorrow on account of sin. My mercy will create in you a new heart, clean and pure, and raise up a right spirit within. And after your soul has learned the preciousness of your Savior’s blood, all suffering ends. Yet while it lasts, it produces the FRUIT of My Spirit, an effect that will never be forgotten in the eternal life.

  90. Hi, So I went to Youth Convention this past weekend, West Florida Discrict AG 🙂 It was awesome I rededicated my life to God and also got filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues. Now I feel this very strong need to go into my Youth and speak his love and hope into others. I don’t know who to start with but now I am just going to keep praying even if I don’t get a clear answer I will just go to Youth Group on Wednesday nights and show that I can be a good Christian and still have fun and be fun to be around. I want so bad to see these kids get saved and I want to make it my goal to see them do that. I just don’t want to do something I am not supposed to do. Anyways thanks for posting this it gave me a clearer outlook. God bless 🙂

  91. Hey there! I’ve been following your blog for a while now and finally got the courage to go ahead
    and give youu a suout out from New Caney Texas!
    Just wanted to say keep up the good work!

  92. Does this mean you should run out and date the first guy who asks you out.

    If your ex boyfriend has always been the type of man
    who preferred male friends to female friends, you should see his reluctance to be your friend as a positive.
    If your ex boyfriend perceives in your voice that you’re thriving
    as well as even better after the relationship
    ended, it will feel like a fast kick to their personality.

    • I understand 100% what you are going through. You probably have a bunch of friends with guys and you want one to. I was the same way, I still have this guy I like and he likes me but I am not going to start a realationship with him because I realize I am 16 I am not ready to get married and neither is he. Sometimes God puts people in our paths to show us that we can be close to people but we don’t have to become emotionally involved with them. Let me put it this way… God wants us to be 150% wrapped up in him. He wants our full attention he says in the Bible that he is a jealous God. He loves us and wants to make sure we love him completely. It is important to know that God has someone for you, your husband and actually my Youth Pastor put it best in our lesson a couple of weeks ago, We should live like we are married to our future husbands, because techinaclly they are already our husbands we are just not married to them yet. 🙂 I hope this helps answer you question. No you should not run out and date the first guy you meet. God bless “I want a boyfriend”.

  93. I just set down for one purpose only not to talk to god but to listen what he had to say to me I wanted to talk but I set there telling him how bad I needed to hear from well guess what not a single word from God that tells me hes not concerned case closed everybody else he speaks to but not me what im I doing wrong ? Please born again christians only that you know the Lord Jesus Chrst

    • I think I understand, seems The Lord is slow responding to us. Sometimes he doesn’t respond, sometimes it’s when we almost forgot about it. Could have unconfessed sin ( confess to The Lord ) do you keep repeating those sins, are you faithfully studying his Word! Do you lay it at his feet n take it back. Are you being patient n still?Gods not a microwave. Sing praise to The Lord read some psalms n proverbs. I know God has been patient with me guessing he has with you too. He talks to us thru scripture not audibly. Sent with love I pray The Lord will give you the peace He desires for you.

    • God can speak to us in many ways. This is what I’ve learned how He speaks to me: Directly in a still soft voice, in a vision, as your reading the bible.

      I get what your saying that your praying to The Lord and asking Him to speak to you, but your not hearing anything. To hear the voice of God, I believe we need to make ourself more sensitive to our spirit. How? By reading the word of God (Bible) listen to Christian music (worship), by fasting (to abstain from food for a certain time. Example of a short fast: I’m not going to eat anything from when I wake up, until 3:00 PM. Example of a long fast: The Daniel fast: Eating only vegetables for 10 days.

      Doing these things disconnect us from our flesh and make us more connected to our sprit and the voice of The Lord.

      If you’re seeking The Lord to speak to you, I would recommend that you do all of the above. Read your bible, fast, pray and worship The Lord with music.

      God is there, we just need to tune into Him. He lives in you. Truly seek The Lord and you’ll find Him as it is written: Seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you..

      God bless you and may the peace of The Lord Jesus be with you all. Amen.

      • Thanks. I will.

    • I pray everyday. How do I know when GOD is speaking to me?

    • My dear child, as long as I, your God, and your true self meet at the core of your existence in faith, as long as your true self remains open to be shaped by My love and acceptance, you will ever be deeply and spiritually hospitable. Your faithfulness leads to an expanding hospitality that reverberates through all other relationships. By hospitality to self, your being will always glow with My glorious image, which I placed in you at the time of your creation. Your faith, really and truly, becomes the humble expression of your hospitality to your God. In your total acceptance of My image, then with unveiled face, seeing the glory of your Lord as though reflected in a mirror, you are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another; for this comes from your Lord, the Spirit. In holy communion, when your God and your true self “see” each other, there is a mutual unveiling, a reflection and a radical transformation. Knowing Christ, My Only Begotten Son, then you, My love, are really in Christ, and Christ is really in you. When I look at you I see none other than My own Son, Jesus! I love you as I love My Son. In you I am well pleased.

  94. Some times its hard to pray, please pray for me I have a career but I can’t seem to find husband am beliving God for one this year though.

    • It’s hard to pray only when we don’t believe that what we are praying for will happen on our time clock. I know because I know how you feel. I used to feel the same way, but I know that if I don’t get the answer from God, all other answers are not worth having. If you have a hard time praying, Believe in your heart, for god knows the heart of man. I stand with you in believing that you will meet the man of you dream this year. God bless you.

  95. This is good food to the heart.post more

  96. Follow God’s will and worship Him and feed the homeless. Your husband is being selfish and walking in evil footsteps.

    • it seems God is beginning to answer my prayer.I know he has something big planned out for me. All i need to do is to be ready. More battles are to be won. This is just the beginning.

  97. Jonah ran from God. God never lost Jonah but He did humble him and then He used him and many people repented of their sin and turned to worship the one true God. I’m praying this for you.

  98. My father& mother is dead so what l want God to come and bless me to a real son of him and a better job it means l can built my life and our family

  99. Hi! I just joined my church again. It is 36 miles away round. My church feeds the homeless and I sometimes like helping. My husband told me last night that he has a problem with me driving down to my church, because it cause to much money for gas and is taking away food from him. I told him that I like servicing the homeless and that I enjoy going to my church. He said that I could go to another church close to where we live. I have gone to that church in my area, but it doesn’t seem a good fit. I don’t know what to do. I can do what my heart tells me to do and keep going to my church, or do what my husband tells me to do, and be miserable.

    • Karen Thomas,

      My advice would be to go to the Lord in prayer and sit in the word. Ask the Lord to lead you. It may be that He will change your husband’s heart or, it may be that although your heart wants to go to the church so far away, He has other plans. Either way let the Lord lead you in where He wants YOU to join Him in HIS WORK. We are one flesh with our spouse and, as such, we should walk in agreement. This is difficult at times. I will be praying for you and your husband.


      I pray over Karen and her husband. I ask you to lead them together as one, Lord. I pray that you will open the eyes of their hearts Lord to your will for their marriage, for the work you would like them to join you in. I ask that where possible conflict was be sewn, understanding will be reaped; where confusion has been clarity will be. Lord, please give Karen and her husband peace.


    • I fill if God touches your Hart at this church I would continue going and if you don’t know what to do just ask God he will answer your preyer I will also keep you up in preyer may the Lord always Bless you John a Brother in Christ

  100. I just want God to bless me because he knows my heart desires.

  101. Let me let my heart out because i fear no other person but God. You see God takes time in answering prayer,could it be he does it to test our faith, no man is God he has his ways.

  102. Hello from the Philippines. My mother passed away last April and since then my father has never been the same. He is a diabetic and is now in ICU. We are not rich. We are doing all that we can to support our father. We have lifted him up to the Lord. I have been hearing and reading about “waiting for God’s perfect will” This is so hard for a young Christian like me. I believe that he will not abandon us in our time of need. We are literally living one day at a time. We have been constantly praying for our father. Until things got really bad for him that I no longer know what to pray for. he’s got so much bad things going on right now with his health that I dont know what to pray for. If he’s gonna take my father away and take bring him home to heaven, I ask that He won’t make my father suffer long. I am at a loss as to what he wants from us or why he’s allowing these things to happen to us. We are so helpless and way up over our heads in debt. We can’t very well let Papa die while he’s still living by not doing our best to buy medications that he need. I hope I am right in thinking that when you say “right time for his perfect will” that doesnt mean we just wait for my father to die and do nothing right? I am so confused right now and very frustrated. Like you said, I am pushing Him to reveal his plans now and now I realize that this is wrong but the waiting is agonizingly hard especially since everyday, I go to the ICU to visit him and everyday he grows more discourage and weak. I just want my father’s suffering to be over. If it means his death, then please pray for all of us that we find the strength to accept things that are beyond our control.

    When it comes to life, there is only ONE who we can turn to and I am down on my knees begging him to not forsake us.

    • To my friend in Christ. I know you are experiencing very difficult times right now and questioning what God’s plan is for your life and your Father’s. Friend, these times are when God tests our faith in Him. Open your Bible to Matthew 9:29 “According to your faith it will be done unto you.” There are many passages that confirm our need in faith which is truly believing God is in control. Even though you and your Dad are suffering right now, you must believe God has something ‘good’ in store for you all. No, we don’t know what the ‘good’ is He has in store, but when we don’t know, we are not supposed to know… if you are a faithful believer. I am experiencing that right now too, but the test of my faith is not as difficult as yours. However, I do know He is testing me and all will be well. In turn, this gives me peace of mind. The past 5 years have been the most difficult time in my life due to Satan’s attack on my wife and the harm that was inflicted on our 3 children, and the financial hardships we have experienced and are still experiencing today (but not quite as difficult), but I turned to God for help; trusted in Him and He brought me through the mire. Trust me, the circumstances during those times were very very dire and very very difficult, but I continued turning to Jesus Christ for help and every time He came through and led me down the best path. Even though you are experiencing very difficult times right now, do your best to turn too the Bible for answers. Satan will continue attacking your faith; especially right now during these vulnerable times, but stay strong. Trust in God, don’t question Him. All will be well. Here is a prayer I still pray today when I feel dismal, concerned or worried. It was written my a Trappist monk Rev. Thomse Merton) back in the 1950’s who also worked in the Philippines. Keep this prayer close to you. God is always listening and is working in your life (our life) for the good even thought we don’t know how He’s doing it.

      My Lord God, I have no idea where I am going.

      I do not see the road ahead of me. I cannot know for certain where it will end.

      Nor do I really know myself, and the fact that I think I am
      following your will does not mean that I am actually doing so.

      But I believe that the desire to please you does indeed please you and I hope that I have that desire in all that I am doing. I hope I will never do anything apart from that desire.

      For I know that if I do this, you will lead me by the right road although I may know nothing about it.

      Therefore I will trust you always even though I may seem to be lost and in the valley of the shadow of death, I will not fear, for you are ever with me and you will never leave me to face my perils alone.

  103. I have been going through hard times. Its been 3 years since my divorce and not being able to see my children. My x-husband was abusive, he has the children and I have to pay child support. Still cant get over the pain in my heart from the younger of 6 got taken from me in court and placed in my x-husbands home. He didn’t want me anywhere around him or the kids, so he sent me to live with my mom in another state. Everyday is painful because of the heartache of missing my children. They were my life. Yeah, I talk to the younger ones in Skype, but its not the same. I cant kiss them goodnight, hug them, make them breakfast, send them to school. Ive missed birthdays, holidays, Christmas concerts, parent teacher conferences. Holidays have no meaning to me anymore, just another day. My x-husband keeps threatening me that he will report me for not paying child support, which I cant pay as I have no job. Been looking with no luck, my car is being repossessed, Im homeless. I’ve lost hope. I wonder why does this continue to happen to me? Ive been a good mother, better than my own mother was to me. I try helping people as much as I can.
    When I read the passages on this page, I felt hope for the first time in 3 years. Small glimmer of hope, like the sun peaking through clouds in a wild relentless storm. As small as hope is, I still wonder what the point of all this happening in my life is about. sometimes I wonder what I did to cause this to happen to me. I thought God had abandoned me. I was wrong.
    Thank you for these passages of scripture. To someone who has nothing it means a lot. I know God is there and I just have to hang in there. Even though its hard, im trying.

    • I will pry for you to first find peace with your situation. Never stop trying to lift yourself up, your kids need you. Never loose faith and just depend on God to make things right.

    • Ana….oh how I pray that God will send an over abundance of favor favor favor on you….I pray that you can begin to take faith steps with strength God will put in you and that all this will be redeemed…I pray that your children will come back and you can be the Mother that God has blessed you to be. I pray that God will soften your ex heart and that he too will be amazed at what God is about to do in your life and will gladly release those children to you. Look to the hills….your redeemer is coming…The Lord Jesus your Redeemer!!!!

    • Ana,
      I feel your pain. I want to take these few minutes to tell you that i can relate. Please dont give up hope in the lord as he is working in us. Alot of things that happen in life dont seem to be fair and make no sense as why it has to happen to us. I can not sit here and quote passages/verses but i do often open my bible and the lord brings me right to the plase where i need to read. The words just pop out at me and hit home. I have been divorced and i am remarried to a beautiful wife, from my first marriage i have a wonderful daughter that i dont see much of but i do know she is walking in the life of jesus christ as she talkes to my wife or i about christ and wants to so much learn the life we know. Keep your chin up and keep praying that the lord will lead you and your children down the right path. In jesus name i pray for ana to be lead into a job and she can regain he strength to you and have her children in her life again as all children need there mothers. Lord bring goodness back into her life and her family. Lord i dont know where ana is in your faithfulness but lead her to the right place. In jesus name i pray. Amen


    • I want you to know that I will be praying for you. That the Lord is long suffering and ever patient. He constantly waits on us, forgives us, loves us even when we do not deserve it. His love endures forever. I know patience is hard. I have no idea what you may be going through; what pain may be in your life but know that He is there. He may not speak when we want Him to, do what we want Him to do but it is always what we need for our salvation, for his work for other’s salvation. My own life is a living testament to this. So when you are feeling despair know that I am out there speaking to our Lord for you, with you and knowing He will answer, He may have already answered…and I will be praying that you hear Him, feel Him and know the peace that surpasses all understanding.


      May you sit with Hundred100. May they feel you presence. May you comfort their heart and heal their pain, May you increase their patience Lord and their understanding. May your joy come bubbling from their lips in praises to your infinite wisdom, grace and love that, although hard to understand, is perfect in all action. May, in time of grief and sorrow they look to the pain you chose to endure so you could understand us, redeem us. Lord, I just pray that you will speak and they will hear. That my humble, imperfect words echo the truth that you wish them to hear. I pray my humanness does not get in the way of your message and you perfection.


      Sending you much love. Will be praying for you often.


      • I just wish i could leave where i am. Get a house of my own,own car live a life. I am tired of staying with my parents. I just wish God could answer this the same way he has answered my other prayers.

  105. Ted,

    I had not committed a crime that lead Child Protective Services to investigate my family. It was my son’s words and behavior that was overheard by a neighbor that led to the investigation. I knew what it must have sounded like on their end so I just prayed God would take care of it. Although CPS and the Sheriff’s dept. cleared us, not only once but twice, the neighbor still believed we were guilty, and went so far as to stop my volunteer application from being submitted to the cub scouts because she happened to be the previous leader of the pack we were wanting to participate in. It left a stain on us and since I still have 2 school age kids, I still worry about some other situation that might come up and make us look guilty of something we did not do. I hardly volunteer for anything just incase a false accusation might be made by someone. Sad but true.

    I have lifted you and your family up in prayer that the truth will come out and what is best for your family happens. Do not be upset with your wife. She is puzzled by what has occurred and is probably afraid just as you are. Pray for your son so that his thinking and words are clear and true. You have the power to lift him up to the Lord and bless his little life. Seek God first to love and know him. There is a book called The Strategy of Satan by Warren W. Wiersbe. I have read the first few chapters of it. I am being persecuted at work and it has impacted my family life as well. I found the book to be helpful and encouraging. I suggest you read it along with your daily reading of the bible. Meditate on the bible. As I tell you to do this, I am telling myself to do it, too.

    God be with you

  106. Thank you. Your message is enlightening. My faith in Jesus Christ is strong however it does weaken sometimes which is where your message is helpful today. Satan constantly tries to interrupt our relationship with Christ and we have to be refreshed by His word. I love Jesus with all my heart. He has done so much for me and my family that I cannot count them all. He brought us from the pit of despair as everything was going bad to a level ground. It took time and turning to Him for help and answers and trusting Him. Thank you again.

    • Romans 4:5: the one that doesn’t work for trusts that God justifies the ungodly, then this is counted as righteousness. Not doing but trusting that you are justified; thereby qualified (Col 1) to receive all the blessings of given to the saints. I receive all in Jesus’ name.

  107. Ted,
    Praying for you and asking God’s will be done. For we know He desires nothing but good for those who loves Him. Blessing

  108. I have asked him,what is my purpose, what is it I am called to do in this life,most times I even say let me die because of frustration. I feel there is no answer to it.

    I was very confused one evening in my hostel room looking for jobs to do,then suddenly a little girl who helps her mum to sell in the buttery came to me and said, uncle help me pronounce this word P-U-R-P-O-S-E and the suddenly it reminded me that I had a purpose or again could it just be that teaching this children could my purpose, letting them know their rights, because I feel it should be it as I am already into it but do not seem to be moving forward. Please I need you advice.

    • My friend what a wonderful story we have just read. A story telling us we all have a purpose in life. Yes,We. Our purpose is to live for God through His Son Jesus Christ. You will not know your true Purpose until you’ve accepted totally surrender yourself allowing Jesus Christ to be your Lord and Savior. When we buy a car we are given a manual on how to maintain that vehicle such is our walk with Christ; we have a manual the Bible which helps us view our purpose. I hear many people say I’ve accepted Christ but nothing is happening (wish may not make us millionaires) But your riches is in found in Jesus Christ. He will direct your footsteps. Peace which you will not see in this world is found in Him. A few more things one day is like a thousand to God; our circumstances change in His time not yours. If you are surrounded with people who are of the world for there are two types of people in the world (children of God and those who are not) you may not see growth in Christ. Get you manual and make His word applicable in your life. P-pray U-until S-something H-happens. God bless you

  109. god bless you, you are really helpful

  110. Dear Friends,

    Please pray for my family. My wife and I have two sons 22 and 20 and a daughter 18. Our problems started when we neglected taking our kids to church at a young age. We had put them in competitive sports and that became our God. In later years when these dreams did not materialize poor choice of friends became a problem. Drugs took hold of my two boys at times it got pretty desperate. It all started about five years ago. Things are little bit better now but a lot of damage has been done to them and not to mention my relationship with them and vise versa. The hardest decision for a parent I believe is to decide to through his child out in the middle of the winter because of drug related violence, I had no choice. They are both back home after many months of trying to set rules in the house. I suspect they are still doing drugs but to a lesser degree. As a result of all this our marriage has suffered a lot but with our Lord’s help we are still together. It breaks our heart to see our sons with what seems no future. On top of all this we are facing some serious financial problems. I work for a charity and do not make enough money to support a five member family plus a mortgage. My wife lost her job about two years ago and has not been able to find a job. We are left with the decision of whether we need to sell our house and try to find a smaller home somewhere. We’ve both prayed about this but no answer or directions from God. We are going further and further into debt. I feel weary and depressed.

    Please pray for us.


    • I shall pray for y’all!!! I really hope matters will become better.

    • Heavy heart for you, we have family we are concerned about in similar ways. I have been through some deep valleys (divorce was about the worst) But I praise the Lord for the lowest point. It is where I surrendered it all to Him. Keep resting in the Lord, go to Him! search Him! Love Him! Praise the LORDS Holy name! The Devil must flee. The Lords timing is hard to understand sometimes, but it is perfect! One other thing, give the Lord what is His.
      Through Christ’s Love

    • I know it’s difficult, keep praying with all your heart and soul to Jesus to help you through this. He will, I know HE will. I will pray for your family too ❤

    • Jacques,
      Praying for you all. One thing for sure we know our God is faithful and faithful to save those who calls on His name. Blessings

    • Thank you for sharing your story. First I speak personally about the gloom and despair our family experienced about 5 years ago and has now leveled off due to the love and omnipotence of Jesus Christ and my trust in Him. My wife became engulfed by satan and because her faith was weak and her commitment to Jesus Christ was null and void; she turned to drugs and alcohol and almost every sin you could imagine. Including adultery, lying, deceit, violence, irresponsibility, child abuse and abuse to me and trust me the list goes on but because I put all of my trust in Christ and waited for desparate answers to my prayers our lives came out of the pits of despair by his miracle work power. The testimonies I have during this time in our lives are actually too vast to post
      Them all, but please be assured He will help you and you family. Even when times seem to be their worse; they may get worse, but this is a test of faith. Your ways are not His ways but His ways will lead you to peace and love. Keep going to your knees with your wife. (It’s a blessing to have your wife with you… My wife was against me but fighting a losing battle with God on my side… And Satan lost). I know it’s very difficult right now but I assure you, if you will keep your faith strong in Him, turn to His word and trust Him, all will be well in His time and His way…I’m living proof. Don’t harp on your boys to trust in God or to turn to Him; they will be rebellious at this age especially using drugs. Just show them love and trust in the Lord and let God do His work. With faith, He will lead you by the right road, though you may know nothing about it.

    • Dear Jacques,
      My heart as a parent and a sister in Christ goes out to you. I have lifted up your family in prayer to the Almighty God and ask that He comfort and heal your family. That He put your family in contact with those that can help your family and rebuild your family. I am having a tough time as well but most of us are – we are not alone.

  111. Thank you so much for this! I definitely needed to hear (read) this! God bless you!!!! (:

  112. I love it I love how the bible talks to me so many time I feel like nothing is going good for me of I see friends and family so joyful cause they are working and they talk about how good they are at what they do to be honest it was making me sick envy I seen that in me and shock me to know that I have that kind of feeling towards these people I love but I remember read the bible it will tell me how to better my self and what to think when I’m feeling down I have faith in The Lord I belive in him as well but I ask him over and over again help me lord help me find that job that I can be good in please i want a good life happy and belive in you lord you can make it happen for me I love you lord

  113. Thank you. So many times, I have to be reminded of this.

  114. i have come to discover that everything God wants us to do is already in his word and if we study his word consistently we will know is will at every turn of our lifes.

  115. Thank You! I am struggling 11 yrs now w/fear/depression…& want so much to please God & be obedient to what I believe He wants me to do but I don’t know how to do it. I have been in prayer for a Christian partner or job offer to fulfill this plan in my life. I need to TRUST HIM more & take a RISK -I think…And I also see that it really may be a matter of HIS timing & not mine but so many wasted years – I hope I will do what pleases him.
    If you read this I would love a prayer said today. Thank You!

    • Hi helene, your comment really hit home for me cause I feel the same way. I too want to be obeident but I’m too chicken. See I want to win souls for Jesus but I get sooo scared sharing the gospel although I know I shouldn’t. In my mind I want to do it but my flesh doesn’t. Its a constant battle. It depresses me so bad and sucks the joy out of my life. I pray all the time for courage and strength to do this… I always pray, like you have, for a partner to help me. Its a terrible terrible feeling but I guess god will answer my prayer when he sees fit

  116. to lela: there’s “no easy way out” than this…Shalom Aleichem. A peace, HIS peace that passes all understanding. I pray this for u & yer family as u go thru your “valley experience.”

  117. Hello, My name is Leta. I start this by saying I am at a point in which I am not really for sure what my purpose is in life or like the article said “What God wants me to do” Me and my husband are Veterans. We came out the military and decided to pursue our education with our 3 children. I had a situation to go on in my past marriage that put what I would called a “black smudge” on my record so I felt that pursuing an education was the key to combat that. I graduated with a 3.8. Once I graduated, I could not find work. Our life when down hill from there. Me and my family moved back to my hometown hoping to find work and catch up on our bills. Well, 3 months later my husband finds work(I still did not) My husband has been a step father for the past 5 years to our children. last month I found out that I was pregnant. I lost the baby and our car on the same night!. My husband’s job barely pays our basic necessities.My husband had all kind of dreams about a baby a month prior to me getting pregnant. I feel like that was all some cruel joke. I am so confused as to God’s purpose in my life. My family is at a point where we have nothing to look forward to my husband stays depressed and so do I. My husband has always been givers and tithers. Looking for some encouragement right now. I am lost.

    • Hi Leta! I am glad that you are trying to seek encouragement from God. Know that I am praying for you and know that things may seem like a “surprise” to us like not being able to find work when we received great grades while in school (I am currently in the same boat, I had a 3.8 gpa and still cannot find a job after 5 months going on 6). But even though these things come to us as a surprise, know that this is not a surprise to God. He has you in the palm of His hands and I truly feel He wants me to tell you that things will be okay. You know, everyday of our lives were written in His book before one of them came to be… It wouldn’t make sense for God to put something in His book that was too much for Him to handle. God will provide for you, He will give you enough strength for the day, He will bless you, your husband and your children. It’s important to look look too far ahead into our future for that just promotes worry, anxiety and questioning. God gives us strength everyday for that day, not for the year. Do your best everyday, know that God loves you and your family, stay persistent in finding a job, hold true to your faith and know that God is about to change your life for the better! Please keep me posted

  118. Please Pray for my daughter, Milae and myself Erica. That I Erica will have faith in God, and that I can provide for Milae’ one day. Thankyou So Much.

  119. I just could not believe it when I came across this site. I was sitting in front of my computer and called out to Jesus…’Lord what do you want me to do !” and started typing those very words. We have tremendous financial challenges with our business. There is an opportunity for my husband to prehaps merge with another company. But the final details are not completed and it is taking soooo long. In the mean time we are getting further into debt. It is taking a toll on my husband who works physically so hard (he is 53) and I am trusting and believing that Jesus is going to make a way for him. I know that my Heavenly Father sees how tired he is – He knows us by name and knows the very number of hairs on our heads…Oh how He loves each and every one of us! Lord grant us the patience to wait on Thee, give us Your peace as we put our trust in Thee.
    Please pray for us, that we will recognize God’s will for us and do what will bring Him ALL the Glory!

  120. Thank You Very much!

    Please Keep Praying for Me and My family.

    We are entangled in Problems, Reason is no Source of Income, No Job.

    God Bless you and your family!

  121. I love jesus lord please help me i ned u

  122. Does God give us power to create wealth? Do you equate blessings into dollars and cents? He is the one who provides and blesses those who are obedient abundantly but it is not a paycheck.
    God gave Abraham “things” but his richness was in his relationship with God.

    One must be sure that he defines what a Church is…… The world system has brought Christendom very far away from truth and perverted the design that is found in Jesus. The church is the people ….. not a building.

    Be sure you are following the shepard and not the sheep


    • 1. God gives us what we need, not what we think we want. 2. Many blessings are worth more than money. A growing relationship with God, good health, and the love of family and friends are more important than money in my opinion. Money can make it easier. My words of encouragement to Mike and Dale were meant more simply as don’t be miserable in your job; work and pray and get a plan to get yourself to a happier place.

    • To peter, thank you for the grounded wisdom, it is in short supply this era. To the author of the blog, thank you for your love and fearlessness. To all that have shared your intimate stories, thank you for your openness and courage to cry out to the Lord. I am praying for you. Please remember,

      deuteronomy 31.6 “Be strong and courageous. Do not
      be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he wil never leave you nor forsake you.”

  123. Does God give us power to create wealth? Do you equate blessings into dollars and cents? He is the one who provides and blesses those who are obedient abundantly but it is not a paycheck.
    God gave Abraham “things” but his richness was in his relationship with God.

    One must be sure that he defines what a Church is…… The world system has brought Christendom very far away from truth and perverted the design that is found in Jesus. The church is the people ….. not a building.

    Be sure you are following the shepard and not the sheep


  124. Thank you so much for this encouragement. I graduated in May from college and haven’t found a job yet. I can feel deep down that I should just trust in God but at the same time, I would really like to be “doing something” now. I try to force things to happen but that hasn’t worked. Its difficult seeing everyone else working or going back to college which makes me feel alone and missing out…
    I am glad I came across your post! I will read it often!.

    • I have always believed that God appreciates you doing the work to prepare yourself for the “promotion.” Whether grad school, doing a lesser job, or more actively pursuing the job you want, be active and He will bring the right opportunity your way. Pray about it, read your bible, and keep working. It will turn out.

    • I can so relate to where you are in your life…even though I am some 40 years older than you. I understand the feeling of needing to be doing, forcing things to happen, feeling alone and missing out and all efforts failing. “Trusting God” seems a simple phrase to utter but in reality it is all that really counts. I would be happy to share the parallels of my situation to yours in another post. I just am so grateful to read yours and realize I AM NOT ALONE. Thank you for sharing your heart. It made the difference in at least one person’s life on this early morning of September 24th.

    • wow, I too am going through the same thing. I graduated in August and I have had problems finding a job. I feel the same way you feel.

  125. I love Jesus!

  126. Thank u for having the time to write this. you have no idea how much this helped me. I was looking for ways to make a better world, and came across this.May our Lord bless you , and keep using you tremendous ways. Amen.

  127. Dear David,

    Thanks for your Blessings of Prayers.

    Dear All, Please Pray, My 3 Children are not going to school after summer vacations, because i have not paid their 3 Semester School fee. Because I am Jobless and without any source of income at the moment, looking for a job desperately.

    Please Pray, that our Our Lord, Our Heavenly Father , Send my children back to School, and provides me with the source of income.

    And Rescue us!

    Other wise we are dead!

    Please Pray!

    Mehmood Khokhar.

    My Contact : meh_kho@hotmail.com
    My Email/facebook: mehmoodkhokhar97@gmail.com
    My Mobile : 0092-03014103086

  128. i’m faithful when i was a kid. back then life is full of promise and hope. God bless me so much back then with love and achievements and contentment and peace.

    As i grow old and learn things i started to doubt, lose my faith. I became a nihilist and became agnostic. Life losses its meaning. I have no direction, no goal, no purpose. I can never enjoy life anymore. Im suffering from depression. Went to a doctor but it only made me more depress because he think im psychotic (i know im not) and he just milk me for money. I have no friends to talk to. I cant talk to my family because i can’t explain what is happening to me. I realize only death is my only way out now.

    i have a job that for me feels like a torture and dehumanizing. im too tired to do anything after coming from work and i dread tomorrow because its another torturous grind. i dont know… im quiting, but i got nothing else no where else to go. anyway i think theyll fire me because im more than 3 months absent.

    i think Im stuck without purpose in life. got no goal. i mean does it matter? we are all going to die anyway. whats the use.

    God help me please… I dont know what to do anymore.

    • Hey! I see you are going through a really difficult time. I want to remind you that there is always hope. You may be in a dark tunnel now, but there is surely Light at the end of the tunnel. Life is hard sometimes, and I see it has become increasingly difficult for you. I want to tell you that you really do not want to do anything that would harm yourself; there is always hope elsewhere. You have more opportunity than you may realize. I know you are feeling really sad because of all that has happened. I want you to know I will pray for you, and try to answer any questions you may have. Have you thought about taking some time to really seek out a job you will enjoy doing? Maybe you will find a new job with new coworkers who will support you and care for you. If not, there is always tomorrow, there is always another day with another chance. I hope some of this helps, and I hope and pray that you will find peace.

      My name is Anders, and i will be sure to pray for you, Mike.

      Your Brother in Christ,

      • Oh, and also, have you ever considered seeking professional help? There are people who you can go and talk to who will really help you through these difficult times.

        I really hope what I am saying helps.

        I pray you may have the best of luck through everything you do in life, Mike.

        Your friend,

      • Mike and Dale – reflect back on your life – when were you the most happy? What would make you happy now? What brings you joy? Try to connect where you are with the better times. Certainly everyone on this site would recommend that Christ is part of the equation for you. You need to set some goals – attainable goals – to progress from the spot you are in now. Talk to a pastor, a family member, a friend somebody that can help you sort things out, set some goals, and get to work on achieving them. It may take time to get where you want to go. Ask the Lord for guidance – pray and read your bible and keep trying. Don’t give up. You can do it.

    • @mike: there’s no easy answers sometimes to life’s problems, especially if we focus on OURSELVES only…most of the time…etc. U sound/write like u are DONE venting, as per your doctors visits/help (& skepticism of same) yet I pray (and thank) H>S> is prompting me to tell u this: “that u are NOT alone, in your pain/sorrow/struggles;” I am here to witness to the truth that, there is a light at the end of [your] tunnel” and I am living proof of it.
      When I was going thru some of what u have described, I remember what a deep dark hole it can be. No one understands. No one comprehends, save those few (?) souls who are or have gone thru what u are describing; and to some extent they can’t appreciate your “pain” fully, as they’re out of it, or have a different degree of their own they’re still dealing with. Yet, Jesus is there with you. U don’t see Him; u don’t feel Him; u don’t hear Him, but….as always and with all, He is there, aware, and probably keeping it from becoming worse or something u truly can’t handle.
      My “church” people let me “down” or…couldn’t help me. My earthly family couldn’t help me, willingly or not; doesn’t/didn’t matter. I went thru spiritual warfare that only a few would understand, and even fewer would admit to. For scriptures were turned upside down on me that basically tried to convince me that Jesus was satan and we’ve all been duped by God; as if HE were more like the devil than the LOVING SPIRIT that HE is. You may have heard it said, “The devil can quote scripture (better than u or I) too.” You have “NO idea” mike, what a hell that was for me. Nor do I want u or others to know it, go thru it either.
      I felt abandoned. I felt condemned. I was getting all these scriptures running thru my head condemning me, condemning Jesus, & making God out to be one BIG Bully, and not a LOVING ABBA at all. There was no peace, no escaping the waves and waves of Spiritual attack against me. My body was eroding, my mind/soul/spirit almost “lost”
      In between the waves of attack, where/when I could catch my spiritual breath, I laid down my defenses, my excuses, my “reasoning’s” in short, MY LIFE and any hope of surviving this excruciating ordeal/quandary I was in. This submission changed HOPELESS to HOPEFULL. Little by little the “warrior within me” (Jesus) rose up to fight another day; and another, and another, till finally I left the legalistic group I was with to “find the open road” once more, with God’s grace and tender mercies.
      I could tell u more but, enough about me. U want help now, for u, right?
      Well….I am no longer that person, who suffers that “fate.” When u are going thru it, u learn or understand how suicidal people feel and can do what they do; i.e., “off themselves” (as we used to say back in the day). U want some hope, somebody to come along and say “hey man, been where u been; don’t worry, Jesus will come to your rescue, somehow, someway. He did for me, and He’ll do it for u too.” Keep your faith, even if its small or weak; Keep your faith baby!”
      IF u want any more of what i hope has been help, whether to listen to u or be used by the H>S> to speak words of LIFE into u, you can reach me here or at HIM_in_me_in_HIM@yahoo.com
      if u like.
      But if I never hear from u again, I pray u take your eyes off yourself ASAP (!) & put them on Jesus. For this is the beginning, the middle, and the end of anybody’s healing, deliverance, story. It’s all about Him; not u; not me. Him. Shalom Aleichem, mike.

    • man i know what you mean, im getting where i hate being around people, seems everyone lies, family is even worse. nothing seems to work out at all, tried everything, praying over and over and getting nothing, lol tried killing myself several times, just no good at it, people are so mean and dont care bout nothing but themselves, if there not in your situation they dont care, lol they all have a good talk but never no follow through on there empty promises, seems the worse people are to you the better there lives are, its been bad for me going on 5 years now, still no answers, still being lied to by everone and no one you talk to has real answers, all the can do is say i pray for you. what good is that. people dont know, all they are doing is guessing what to do, no one alive knows or they would be doing it. im at the end of my life, just want it to end. theres gotta be a way out of this crappy world, all the greed and the people, what can you do for me is all i get back, what a crappy place to live, no one is real, meaning true colors always show in time

      • Dale, you have more to live for than you may think. There IS a lot of bad things in the world, but there are also good things. Have you considered trying to join in with a Church? A Church Body provides a great support group of people. Ideally, these people should represent the Good in the world, that is, Christ Jesus. I really hope you can work out whatever you are going through man. Just trust me, you DO have more to live for than you could ever imagine. Please let me know if you ever have ANY questions!

        I really hope things will go better and you will see better things. Life CAN be dificult at times; but there is always Joy at the end of sadness. I know you are going through difficult times; I just want you to trust me when I say that there is Hope and Peace for you and me. I really want you to know and Mr. Mike to know that you have a friend in me (and a friend in Jesus!). So like i said, PLEASE contact me with any question or need you may have. Thank you for commenting, and I hope to hear from you or Mr. Mike soon.

        Love you man.

        Your friend,

    • Mike,
      I am sorry your are at a loss. I came upon this site today by accident but I am so Thankful I did. If you know God from your youth, you still know Him today. He never leaves us or forsakes us. Remember, when things get unbeareable and you can’t take any more God is always waiting with his loving arms.
      My brother died stating he was agnostice. He isn’t any more because he now KNOWS God is real. Stand firm on what God has taught you. Don’t allow Satan to take you to the land of discouragement, defeat and dispair. When you are on your back it is a perfect place to look up and hand your hand to God and say please put me on the path you have provided me. Give me the strength that only comes from you. Teach me your ways OH LORD show me you paths.
      Jesus is a friend to all. His love is unfailing. He knew you would be where you are today and wants you to meet him here now.
      I pray for you today I hope things have gotten bettter for you if not let TODAY be your resurrection.

  129. god i am suffering alot without job..father jesus,i am crying everyday..please god give me a job..i hate to live..but i have faith on you..i know i did many sins..i am not perfect…but i try to be a good one..i learned many things from my past..please god give me job and bright future..i need help father but no one is helping me..please god you help me..i want 2 cross my sorrows..give me victory..give me a job father..

    • R.mohanraj,

      I really encourage you to keep pressing onward! Life really can be hard sometimes, and i see you are having a hard time. everyone has these times here and there. and I know it can be just really tough, and sometimes it seems like everything is crashing down. i know you may think everything is crashing down. I just want you to know that there is always Hope, and there are always People to reach out to. There ARE People who DO care!!! I really do hope you will find a job and I and others shall pray to that end!!! Even if you don’t, don’t ever give up, there is ALWAYS tomorrow!!!

      I want you to know that you have a friend in me (and, as you know, A FRIEND IN JESUS!!!). Please let me know if you have any questions and FEEL FREE to respond to contact me!

      Your friend and Brother in Jesus Christ,
      Anders Allen

  130. Yeshua is coming soon for u. what miracle and how He delivers it is entirely up to Him and Our Father. But I know, I know He’s coming soon as only He can do. Believe in Yeshua’s promises. I will not leave you nor forsake u.

  131. I am so irritating right now I need money desperately to nuy a new house to give my two boys a better place to stay to go to school. My husband is so unreliable and lazy that he just sits in front of the TV> he is the most selfish person I have only met if he does not gain he will not give. I pary and hope that he leaves us in peace and we never ever have to see him again. He is a very negative person that swears and accuses me of his past drug history. When he married me he did not have a home or car. I bought everything got myself in major expenses. When he started taking drugs he put us through a nightmare. He started working now for awhile but he is the biggest pain. He is frustrated negative and I think only worries about himself.

    • Hey, I will pray for your situation! Please let me know if I can do anything for you in prayer!!!

    • Ambiegay,

      I am sorry you are in so much pain. I am not sure how you met your husband, but I bet it wasn’t in God’s plan, most likely your plan. Please ask God to help you forgive your husband and to remove the bitterness from your heart, as it is poisoning not only yourself, but your boys as well. Learn to love and encourage your husband out of your love and respect for God. It is the only way. Money for a new house won’t solve your sick soul, only love from God will. Focus on making your home full of peace, hope and love. Read the Bible everyday, pray everyday, refuse to think bad thoughts everyday. Encourage your boys everyday. The right way isn’t the easy way, but if you keep reaching for the right things and not expect much in return, one day you will see the amazing love in your home. Peace, may God bless you and keep you close.

  132. thank you for the words of wisdom and encouragement. I am a young woman aged 21 and i dropped out of university because i was not good at engineering mathematics. I read and i believe that God has a plan for me. I hope i wont loose heart and i will stay focused on pleasing God and taking care of myself.

    • which country are u from or in, Tiffa?

  133. there is tremendous abuse and manipulation
    by leaders who manipulate belivers for
    the tithe
    the new testament belivers of acts considered
    nothing that they owed to be their own
    whatever they had exess they were prepared to sell
    to help other believers in need
    many ministers today are more interested
    in getting believers to tithe or they lable belivers to
    be robbing god
    the acts believers werenot ruledby greed
    theywere willing to sell exess items to help those
    really in need this is the love god wants his children
    to walk in
    many ministers today should be preaching for
    this change to take place in believers hearts today rarher
    than manipulating belivers to pay
    have you noticed the timing of requests for

    tithes usually before a healing line virtually never at
    the end of a service after healing lines or prayer lines
    why have you ever asked yourselves

    many times belivers are asked to give huge amounts of money w ith promise of being healed
    jesus never tried to sell healing he healed a bd delivered out of compassion
    leadership needs to repent I believe in many
    instances today hope someone agrees with my

  134. i belive god wants us to give its amazing
    how people can prioritize tithing but when a brother or
    sister in the bodyis down and out
    prayer can be made for them to be helped
    by god but the person prayed for goes home
    as desperate as when they came this is not the
    love of god

























      Mehmood Khokhar.

      From Lahore-Pakistan.



      Skype : mehkho

      Date: Mon, 19 Aug 2013 08:49:31 +0000 To: meh_kho@hotmail.com

      • Mehmood younare not alone. I’ve aked God to take my life too. Job prayed for God to take his life. Job was upright! I am a sinner but ive accepted Jesus as the only begotten son of God and believe that Jesus died for all of my sins. I heared your praye so I know that God heard your prayer. Since God has not answered and continues to bless you and your family with life and you rise to see each new day, God has a purpose for your lives. Hang in there! I pray that you find peace in your soul! Peace that surpasses all understanding and only comes from God and that God provides all of your needs in Jesus name I pray. Amen.

      • mehmood khokhar,

        I want you to know that I love you and I want to help you. I do not know how, but I know God will help you. I will pray for you. Never give up. Keep pressing on. You CAN find hope. there IS hope. Keep fighting. I want to help you some day. If you tell me where you live, i will try and come supply you with whatever you need. I want to help you. please just know that I absolutely love you and want you to live one. You will live, and your family will live. You will make it through this. keep pressing on. Keep pressing on, my friend. I want you to live, and i know that you want you and your family to live. I want it to happen. let us make it happen. Let it all be according to the Will of Almighty God.

        Please, PLEASE let me know where you live, and i shall strive to come to you.

        Your Brother in Christ,

        Amen and Amen

  135. I want to thank my Jesus Christ in Advance for I know He’s going to provide it. I have surrender all to Him. He has been meeting people’s need in the time past. Is it now in my time that He won’t? The answer is ‘NO’. I know my Jesus Christ. Jehoval Jireh.

  136. Thanks for your words it’s so important we don’t do works and think we can earn our salvation it’s not what we can do for God but what he’s already done for us when we rest in The Lord and do nothing but only what The Lord inspires us to do through he’s love and forgiveness it’s grace not by works stop be still and know I am God listen to what he’s saying stop striving in the flesh know you are loved and rest in him and all will be well.

  137. Dear Jesus !

    I am Jobless, I am father off 5 Children. I am 48 years Old and very very worried man.

    I have no food / No Home, No source of income to send my children to school.

    I am very very desperate.

    On 15th August 2013, Schools of my 3 children is opening after summer vactions, i have not paid their school fee of 2 semesters.

    Dear Jesus ! Because I have not paid their fee their name will struck of from the school.

    My one son has cleared Matric Exam, Now he need money to get admission in college.

    My other One son need to give re-exams.

    All depend on money money.

    And I do not have any source, I beg for Job, for a source of income.

    Dear Jesus!

    In my distress you are only my hope, I surrender myself /my wife/my children in your feets.

    Please accept us! Please Forgive our Sins! Please have mercy on us! Please Bless us.

    Revive us! Give us Life!

    Please Give us Source of Income.

    Please Please guide us.

    In the name of Jesus I beg!

    • I pray for PROVISION for you and your family In Jesus Name Amen!!

      • I’m touching and agreeing with Tina’s prayer. Amen

    • There are so many thing we try to figure out. We are to speak to that mountain,donot let that mountain speak to you.PHILIPPIANS 4-6 Do not fret or have any anxiety about anything,but in everything by prayer and petition{definite requests] with thanksgiving continue to make your wants to GOD. I WILL PRAY FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. GOD BLESS YOU.

      • l was there but l thank God for Jesus Put your faith and trust in Him . I will be praying for you and please don’t give up or give in to the devil or his voice Listen to the still small voice of hope and life. Find a church and share your pain with them . Don’t be alone get around believers for counsel encouragement and love. I have 3 girls and struggled to bring them up and send them to college but today when l look back it was only Jesus l cant boast of anything l did. Prior to getting saved l even attempted suicide after my marriage and a painful divorce the devil still follows me and cannot stand to see my success loves to pull my faith down and ruin my Christianity and the name of Christ publically . The devil has come to steal kill and destroy but all the enemies attempts to put me down has just caused me to be promoted . ROM. 8V 28. This shall too pass. Weeping is for a season but joy comes in the morning. Through my pain even my foes have become my friends . People from all over the world are calling me to share my testimony of how God has kept and protected provided and preserved me. The same Jesus that has and is keeping me He will keep you. These are not just words its from my heart to yours. The devil said to me if you stop preaching the word l will be with you if not l will destroy you with all the tools l have that you don’t have that is the lawyers, judges ,lies false witnesses money sympathy and power. I will tell the world that you are a hypocrite even the churches will not accept you. Thank God my faith and trust is and has and will be in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ not in a man or in a church. l pray this will help you and other readers. Jer. 29.v 1`1

    • To Mr Mahmood, I could feel your pain in your letter requesting prayer that you and your family would die. I am sorry you are going through so much that you cannot see a way out. However, God is so big that He can get you through anything.
      I think that everyone at some time has had a thought that it would be easier to die than to suffer. God understands what you are going through. I did not pray for you to die, but instead to live victoriously, you and your family. I asked God to send you not only financial help, but a permanent job and good christian friends. It only takes one moment of time for your circumstances to change drastically, Please do not give up.
      One question; are you and your family members all born again christians, saved through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ? If not, just ask him to come into your heart and life and He will. Also, make sure your family knows this prayer and they pray to be saved also. Then, as a child of God, you have certain priviledges, such as believing God to do miracles on your behalf. He loves you more than you will ever know.
      Ultimately, the most important issue is where you will spend eternity when you die. Then, earthly needs to be fulfilled. He hears every prayer and will not ignore your cries for help. Just trust Him. He is so much bigger than your circumstances. He can give you supernatural favor with key people who can help you achieve your goals and He can send you friends that will be a good example to you. I am asking God to cover you all with His protection and bring good things into your life from now on. Hopefully, things have changed already for you. Whether or not they have yet, it’s coming. Just hold on to God and trush Him.
      I’m sure I am not the only christian praying for you!!!!

  138. i lvd d line that we shud blve in smal tgs hvg a faithful heart..

    • yes, that’s a good start yet….our God is a BIG God, & can be believed for BIG things, IF u call upon Jesus & HIS faith (which, should be w/in all of us….ready n waiting for the taking!)

  139. beautiful piece.i will trust in the lord and do good.so help me God.

  140. I’ve lykd thoz storiez and wish u cud help mi and txt mi bible verses and preachingz wenever possible

  141. Asking the holy spirit to show me what work god want me to do…

  142. Thank you! I started Jezreel christian school for children on 9 jan.2013. My first student is a 4 year old boy. The Lords been using him to minister to his parents. The parents who are seperated at present, started to attend the local church. Thank You Fathe that I cpuld monister to them about Your unconditional love. I love You so much Dear God!r

  143. GB …Thank you my brother as you have answered my question …as to whether I was doing right by the Lord seeking my calling for his honor and Glory. Yes I too have very recently demanded that the Lord reveal to me what I should do…to the point I had extreme anxiety over the matter. I gathered that from obedience in the smaller things, and waiting patiently. The Lord will reveal what he wants us to do.
    Please continue posting these things as you have liberated me…I am sure you will liberate others.



    • Amen, I am currently searching for a New Grad RN career at my local hospital preferably but I have applied to many places and did what I could!! I have prayed that the Lord would be with each and every application and on the hearts of those that receive it!! Now I feel like I am just stressing because He has already promised me great things and me a career, so I think the only thing left is to stand in FAITH and wait! Hold Strong in the Lord and breathe!!

  144. So many times I’ve asked, whispered, cried, and even shouted this question. It was a sweet type of release to read this. Christ justs wants our love, trust, belief. And through love great things unravel. Thank you for writing this. This has truly touched me and I will spread this message. 🙂

  145. Let evil be evil and let good be good, do not stand in the way of evil. Get out of there if you can.

  146. I’ve spent some time reading this, and wonder where everyone went?! Will the Author of this site continue to write, or is this to be an open forum? Our world needs more if these sites to encourage and lift up fellow believers as we struggle with heartache, job loss, relationship situations and so many more. I’m open to hearing some responses as to what we can do to keep an on-going conversation, with multiple subjects…moving onward! Blessings

    • not sure, but maybe facebook as a backup option for keeping in touch would help also, as many are “busy” there. do u have one lauren? ajtony? et al….???

  147. Love this site!

  148. Elite Australian SRA pedo ring memoirs

    In case anyone is interested, I would like to summarise my memories of being ritually abused by an elite Sydney pedo/SRA ring. I never underwent hypnosis; instead, my memories emerged spontaneously after my pedophile step-grandfather, Peter Holowczak (deceased), was found hanged to death. My grandmother, Helen Holowczak (deceased), said some men arrived on a weekday morning, sent her shopping, and when she returned she found Peter hanging dead in their chook pen at 14 McAlister Ave, Engadine, Sydney.

    I was born Holowczak in Sydney in the late 60s. Helena and Peter introduced me to the pedophile ring. They were Polish immigrants who had worked at joined the great wave of Nazi war criminals who were granted asylum in Australia. I was raised in their Nazi flavoured religion of Mithra worship. I attended gatherings with many Slavic immigrants who settled in the Southern Sydney area.

    A large purple banner was erected at these ritualistic gatherings. This featured a large eagle over an encircled hexagram. A symbol sat in each corner of the banner: a serpent entwined around a pole (medicine), a triangle divided into 3 triangles (trinity), the trident (psychology), and a line penetrating a circle, like a lolipop (Cleopatra’s needle, cloning).

    Rituals mainly took place in numerous locations including: the chapel at Australia’s first Boystown in Engadine, St John Bosco Catholic church Engadine, Regina Coeli Catholic church Beverly Hills, Bathurst City Hall, Sydney University chapel, Waterfall consumptive cemetery, Caltex oil refinery at Kurnell.

    The crimes took place in the 1970-80s. Perpetrators included a local GP, a local policeman, numerous police and a police commissioner, an Australian sporting legend, a famous stage actor, a most famous movie actress, a B-Grade movie actor, a Sydney Uni lecturer, a biochemist/psychologist/uni lecturer, Kim Beazley Snr (deceased) Labour politician in Prime Minister Whitlam’s cabinet, a Serbian Sydney Uni psychology student who later anglicised her name.

    I witnessed these people commit crimes of murder, rape, abduction, unethical hypnosis, unethical medical experiments, torture. I saw two child kidnappings. At age 15 I saw them lure a 15 yo boy with sandy hair dressed in a blue billabong t-short into a car at Cronulla Beach. When I was 6 yo, I saw them kidnap a 12 yo girl with dark hair in a side ponytail, dressed in a red t-shirt and white shorts from a main road in Engadine. Both victims were murdered. The Engadine policeman and the GP covered for both deaths.

    I recall a ritual that took place under the guise of the Bathurst 2000 car race. i reported this incident to the NSW Police in 2008. Unbeknownst to me, fellow victim Tor Neilsen reported similar Bathurst crimes to the NSW Police. As a result of his reporting these crimes, Tor was harassed by the NSW police, Sydney health workers, Sydney psychologists and psychiatrists. WA test results reveal these people poisoned Tor with a drug that induced psychosis. NSW police dropped Tor’s case against Bathurst Catholic priests who abused him at St Stanislaus College. Consequently Tor did a letter box drop that resulted in these same priests being charged with hundreds of counts. Some were jailed, some committed suicide, some were let off because they were old. Sydney newspapers told numerous victims’ stories of chanting, late night orgies, and hypnosis. Tor himself was raped in Bathurst City Hall, where I also was raped. Tor’s lawyer pretended to run a civil case for him, but mysteriously fell out of a high rise building after Tor blew the whistle on St Stanislaus.

    Coincidentally, a former St Stanislaus boy, whose son attended the school, was to be a witness at the St Stanislaus hearings; he was found kneeling, hanging by his necktie from a bookcase in the basement library of Frederick Jordan Chambers Sydney. My highschool friend found him dead. His death was initially treated as suspicious. The man had half an hr earlier been seen happily working on a case.

    Like Tor Nielsen, I too have been harassed by police, health workers, psychologists, university lecturers, and other government officials. I have had numerous pets killed, received death threats, police held three loaded weapons to my accountant husband’s head for no reason, dead chopped up animals have been left on my doorstep. On one occasion my family and I witnessed three men dressed in dark robes, standing outside my mother’s house at 2am.

    I have lost everything for refusing to be silent. The psychology board falsely accused me and used illegal means to try and force me to attend the type of health assessment that landed Tor Nielsen drugged with psychotic inducing drugs. A top psychiatrist warned me that the Board were stitching me up and to not attend. Consequently, despite references from high profile psychologist supervisors and psychiatrists, I lost my job and career.

    Similar to Tor Nielsen’s experience, a Melbourne QC ripped me off $50k while pretending to defend me against a private university whose staff have been accused of cult-like practises and sexual harassment of students, His sidekick mocked me and verbally abused me for talking about my childhood abuse.

    At the private university, one psychology lecturer grabbed my breast at her birthday party and tricked me into sleeping in her bed at another party; a female law lecturer offered my piano tuner’s 18yo daughter sex for good grades; a 50 yo law lecturer offered a 17 yo scholarship student sex for good grades; the pro-vice chancellor sexually harassed a male student and offered him a tutor position in exchange for sex. This student distributed pamphlet in campus accusing the private uni hierarchy of engaging in bizarre cult-like practises.

    The private university lecturers pooled their knowledge of my childhood abuse experiences, removed the young age (at least 5) I was at the time of my abuse, presented me as an adult perpetrator of the same crimes, and reported me as a criminal to the police. I have no criminal history and previously worked as a parole officer.

    I came under fire from the private uni after I ignored lecturers instruction not to report fresh allegations of child abuse involving previously convicted pedo child protection DOCS foster carers to the police. In accordance with mandatory reporting laws, I submitted a complaint to the Children’s Commissioner. Consequently, I was hammered by the university whose most celebrated lecturer and former dean was recently charged for sexually abusing two 12 yo girls.

    The university then breached disability officer requirements for my visual cortex stroke and made me drive 1.5 hrs to placement instead of 15 minutes at a similar local rehab work place. Within 2 wks my eyesight broke and I lost near vision.
    The Australian Human rights Commission upheld my claim of sexual harassment and disability discrimination against the private university.

    In writing, the Psychology Board refused to reference the APS Ethical Code Guidelines when examining my well-evidenced joint complaint with an experienced psychologist against the university staff; however, they said they would be implementing the very same code and guidelines in the complaint against me that I was a criminal who perpetrated the crimes I was a child victim of.

    The contents of Fritz Springmeier’s writings regarding the post-Nazi projects is consistent with my memories of similar practises in Sydney. I recall being assessed at age 5 by the notorious John Gottinger. I recall being assessed on the SB-LM. I recall being sleep deprived. I recall being drugged. i recall being subjected to unethical hypnosis. I recall being subjected to brainwashing involving a synthesiser that continuously played the words “Know this spirit” up and down the keyboard. I recall people chanting nursery rhymes. I recall a man chanting a Batman, Catwoman, and Joker themed chant; one section involved 9 levels represented by ‘9 cat lives’; he stopped at the 6th level and sang: “Number six, number six, what do we have at number six? Number six has lots of tricks…there are SIX spirits at number six!”

    Tor Neilsen and I have given our information to the Royal Commission into Child Abuse. I recently sent it to the Police Integrity Commission who dismissed it to the state Ombudsman. I gave it to the Police Minister who told me to show him evidence. The local Police basically criticised me in their latest letter, calling my claims vexatious and having no evidence. Apparently the two independent witness testimonies of similar crimes in the same place at a similar time does not constitute evidence.

    I have had enough! I would appreciate some support from people who believe this happens, who give a stuff, and who would like it to cease.

    I have made a site to tell my entire story: pedophilesdownunder.wordpress.com

    • I am so sorry for your pain and the heinous crimes committed against you at such a young age. You must be a vital participant in God’s plan for the devil to try and destroy you so young. You are certainly called to an impossible journey, and to even think about forgiving this kind of evil is beyond my scope of forgiveness. Not a chance in hell that I could forgive such people. Can’t even imagine it, but here’s the thing, God never called someone to bear such a heavy cross that He would not give him the power to bear it. Even Jesus fell beneath His cross and someone was commissioned to carry it the rest of the way. If you can get a glimpse of the crown of authority that the Lord is offering to you in this life and the life to come. He is calling you to overcome… not in your strength but through the blood that Jesus shed for your soul to be saved from this evil destruction of your heart and spirit. The bible says it is God that works in us both to WILL and to DO His good pleasure. God is not calling you to win this victory He already won over death, hell, and the grave. Jesus wants to gift you with this power to overcome evil with good. It was for this JOY that He endured the cross, despising the shame… Jesus knows first hand the shame that was pressed upon you by evil people… I hurt for you but I know Jesus wept over you in the Garden of Gethsemane. He saw down through the ages the torment that would destroy you if He did not submit to His Father’s will. That will is the power of LOVE a force so strong that the bible says LOVE never fails. This is God’s will for you and Jesus prayed for your faith not to fail in the 17th chapter of John verse 9, 11. I ask the Lord to lay you on my heart so that I might help you through prayer… certainly not in my own strength but His love for me is so precious that if I ask Him for the willingness, and the faithfulness, and the LOVE that cannot fail I may be able to help you bear this cross when you fall beneath the weight of it. May God heal your heart, soul, mind and spirit and help you to forgive and overcome and to claim that crown. Everything that we conquer in this life and overcome through His Love and Grace we receive a crown of Life. Someday we will cast our crowns at His feet… and there will be a reckoning for all the people who covered up these crimes and did nothing to help you… especially
      the shame that will experience when the Father lays His hand on you and says… “Well done, thou good and faithful servant. Thou has been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things. Enter thou into the Joy of the Lord.”

    • yes lord there is a devil we pray that u come into his heart andyour holy spirit will give him the powe to fight satan power the cultpower is real and we pray for the devil to be gond in jesus and u heal him of the hurts that happen to him all his life and that u give him the heart to forgive all thease people and we pray the satan is defeted and they will come to chirst this world belongs to god not satan satan is mad at god and is conveniceing people that the cult thet he in is god ii praise god u wrote tonight I DO BELEAVE U SOOO DOSE GOD I no in faith the lord is going to deliver uuu and get rid of satat powers that is detorey soo many people lifes I no what u say is real I pray u in faith u will find a person in chirst that will pray with and me to judy that satan power WILL leave and god takes back inworld I to have things happen to and its real hard to get people to pray but in faith he will god bless uu and remember satan is a loser and jesus is the winner love in chirsy judy

  149. I believe that Jesus came because we can not of ourselves live purely. He valued us so very much that He left Heaven to walk the earth as a man and die for us as a perfect sacrifice. His love for us was and is so great that He did so knowing every sin we would commit. Knowing some would turn away. Knowing some would never receive Him. His grace is a gift. His righteousness is a gift. We only have to believe and receive it. I will never be perfect. But when God looks at me He sees the blood of Jesus shed for me. I get to wear His righteousness -not because of anything I can do, but because of what He did for me. Thank You, Jesus. If He can forgive me, I must forgive myself. And I must forgive others. I can only do that in the name of Jesus. He does it through me when I give Him permission. God loves you do very much. Ask Him to forgive you, and believe His Spirit resides in you. Just because you ask. What a precious gift.

  150. Thanks lord…. for ur message… .. i have faith in u… lord…. definately u r going to do miracle in my life soon…. i am going to be witness ..thank u so much lord for ur mercy on me….

  151. Hi Restless

    Feel same sometimes … Idea fir which was shared with me is to learn ministry at church and help others in bible study for ur church serving others by leading a weekly bible study or something along those lines … Where u r serving others to grow spiritually

    When i do so it is very fulfilling … Listening to really hear and learn is always a challenge for me yet so fulfilling when i do so

    And btw thank you for serving daily; God’s children.
    God Bless

  152. hi everyone I have spent most of the Easter break praying for direction, meaning wanting to fulfill my time on earth in a more dynamic way and help more people, but then i remember i am a teacher and i help lots of people every day in my job. I am always encouraged by those that know me to be still and listen to God and yet i dont hear or do i choose to ignore because i am doing what he wants me too and i am restless. Listen is very difficult word for me as it is for my pupils lol x

  153. I know God demands / desires obedience
    Reliance trust ect

    I learned he also encourages us to nag him yes
    Nag him with ur what u are seeking from our God he tells us in scripture ask and recieve however like the story of lady who bigged the judge to give her reprieve until he was weary of her and gave to her same be u us with our God and dont give up be persistant and keep asking did not God say he would mot destroy sodom if only 10rightoeous men there … And the number started much higher

    God is Great and will answer u just not always when how we expect

  154. Thank you Carol and God bless you and all on this blog

  155. Thanks your story help me alot.

  156. Thank you.

  157. I am here

  158. Thank you for sharing your faith in Jesus pur savior … Am awestruck by Gods love and mercy for me and us all …

    I want to get babtized but unsure where to go and am alittle afraid to do so as am concerned if God approves or not of my relationship as am living with my future wife for 5+ years who loves God … We r not married and cant be because of issues with her divorce going through … It will eventually and she says we married b4 God
    Can we be married b4 God and not civily???
    Everyone also thinks we married

    If i be babtized and knowingly sin i dont want that yet I dont feel am sinning … Our relationship has grown but was very rocky for a while now we both growing in Christ
    Still not perfect and ways to go but we are both sober in Christ …
    Any comments ???
    The truth … Was reading Christs words this morning and he said so many times the word “truth” … He says “i say the truth” i told u truth … U dont believe the truth … I tell u the truth yet u still do not believe …

    Is almost as he saying to me “learn the truth” … Follow my truth …
    He talks to us … I must stay in the scripture so he can teach and transform me
    God Bless The Lord
    God Bless You All and God have mercy on us and give us direction and wisdom and help us to forgive forgive and forgive again and to love
    Thank You

    • I believe that the Holy Spirit is guiding you to the truth. The truth is that you know the answer but will like to hear what you wish to hear. If God wants you to be baptized right now than He will make sure that you are correctly align for it. Meaning that you will be able to marry your lady before you get baptized. God is good and He will do for you as He sees best. God Bless you.

    • Hey, wasn’t it tax collectors and sinners who were coming and getting baptized of John? I don’t think they were ‘right’ before the Lord before they were baptized. Are we all supposed to be? If we are who then can get baptized? I’m confused.

      All I know is that I don’t think I was right before God when I got baptized, and I when I did it CHANGED MY LIFE!! I could hear Him more, I felt like He was guiding me more and it was simply amazing. HE is amazing, and if I were you I wouldn’t wait another minute to be baptized because for me, it changed everything! It’s like getting married, but to Him! It’s awesome.

      Much Love, Grace and Many Blessings to you my Brother on your journey!

    • jon, no you are not to sin, ever. you will but you can’t. IF god has chosen you to be one of Christ’ sheep you are to be baptized in blood,your blood. we are presented to god as a living sacrifice. God controls every thing, not everyone is called. god does everything for HIS good pleasure. we can not knowingly sin and take up our cross to follow our Lord. do not be deceived. God will beat you to an inch of your life to make you understand. He only chastises His children. do not believe in self.

      • james, no u are not to advise IN THIS WAY. best u let the H>S> (= holy spirit) advise jon thru another person(s); someone like say, Joseph Prince, who teaches/preaches God’s amazing Grace. u “got somethings right” in your response to jon, but your theology about jon’s own blood is TOTALLY, perhaps blasphemingly wrong, as well as God doing the beating of “an inch of [his] life…” Suggest u listen/watch J Prince too/also; u may not agree with him 100% but at least methinks u’ll get the H>S> message he puts forth. btw…..god is THE Big GOD and deserves a capital “G” whenever u spell HIS “title.” (are u in the USA or elsewhere in the world?) Shalom James.

  159. Wow! God is amazing. I am struggling right now with wanting to do God’s work and not knowing what it is that I should be doing. I feel called to move, I think….but I’m not sure if it is God or me wanting to think it’s God. We have been trying to get out of debt for 4 years. We are succeeding, but have so much equity in our home that if we sold it, we could pay off all of our debt. On the other hand, we could stay put and fix up the house in preparation for the future. I live in MI and think a change to NC or SC is where we should be. I just keep praying….

    • I smile as i read your comment because you sound as desperate as i feel. I also have this anxious feeling of wanting to do for God and yet now knowing what or which way to move lol. I am a member of a church which i have received 100% confirmation from God that it is where He wants me. Therefore i know that i can not leave NY right now. If you are a member in a church where you are absolutely certain you are supposed to be, then i think that alone will answer your moving question. My opinion but of course ask God to confirm. May the Lord Continue to Bless you and may He prosper you. Amen

    • Agree with Carol in my experience w God and moving
      And with how u feeling

      I tried for 4 years to take government job in another state … One time accepted job and drove 2000 miles … Only to be offered position back at home and ended up turning around and having to drive home

      Be sure be sure be sure … Otherwise will what they say crash and burn or undo what u did and feel very foolish …

      I stopped looking out and instead learned he wants me to look inside fgrow with him and he will provide the rest, in his time, not mine and he has …. If i had only worked harder on seeking his will and looking inside and seeing where i need to grow spiritually however it was an incredible learning and growing with the Lord now we have two paid off homes and strong income he is amazing and am at his mercy … I am not in control and that letting go was so hard even when thought /think let go have been holding on …

      I learned God wants us to dream big and trust in him

      God blessings be showered upon all

    • Pay off all your debt, you are doing God’s will now, at least for today. you have a great opportunity, take advantage of it.

  160. FRED, I must ask you some questions. Are you really a Christian. God always takes care of his children. Have you been born again? Do you pray in Christ Jesus’ name. His most Holy name. Do you speak to the Creator of all things seen and unseen, covered by the Precious Blood of the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. Have you asked the Lord of all to come into your heart. Did you repent of your sins and ask forgiveness for all your failures of keeping the Almightys commandments.
    Let me know, if you are really sincere I’ll be glad to help. One that is unworthy to be be covered by the Blood of the Lamb of God Jim

  161. Where is the shephard of this website?

    • I am new to this and have not finished my web page, nor do I know how as of now. MJ, if you can be of any help, Great. Jim is my name. Jesus Christ is my Lord

  162. Thank you.

  163. I am gratefull to God I have found this page,its 1:09 am and I am tryng to find answers,my spirit is dead and I feel like I don’t deserve to be one of Gods children I keep on making sins it is too hard for me to sustain living purely.PLEASE PRAY FOR ME I AM LOST.

    Pumela(South Africa)

    • the evil one deceives my dear. the Holy Spirit convicts. your must be born again to have your eyes opened . then let
      the Spirit of the Living God convict you. not condemn you. thank God for this, that means YOU are his child. prayer is your lifeline. if you pray while even during your sins you will even grow stronger in the Lord. none of us are worthy/Only Christ. pray all the time. even and especially when you don’t feel worthy. that is the best time. the Lord loves you very much I can feel it. keep your honesty. his blood covers you. DO NOT LOSE YOUR CROWN. HANG ON TIGHTLY TO IT. YOU ARE BLESSED, IT TAKES TIME. We will meet in Heaven.
      Love in Christ

    • I will pray for you Phumela. You always will deserve to be his child. Thinking you are undeserving is Satan coming in. He made you and is love is unconditional! You are a warrior, you are a lion, you are beautiful! TRUST IN HIM!!!

      • God bless you, Jennifer, just stopping by to commend you for reaching out to this lady who desperately needed it. This is what we are called to do, to lift the spirit of those who are in need. You my dear sister are a Princess in God’s Kingdom.

    • God bless you Phumela, i just read your comment and was wondering how you are feeling now.


    • Hi Susan. Thank you so much for the wonderful prayer. I accept it wholeheartedly and ask the same for you. It is so nice to see there are others who feel as we do. I am so thankful to know that I am not here to just please myself, but help and bless others as Jesus told us to. He said to be like your Father. He is always giving out blessings, even to the ungrateful, the Bible says. We even are blessed when we bless others, how ingenious and wonderful. I would say that is why we are all scattered. To do his work. Whether by word or conduct. Letting Father mold us into a likeness of his loved son. Doing good is not so hard of a yoke to carry. Some people are challenging though, I must admit. So are the trials we always seem to come out of. But we do with his help. In a world of such evil, we are still told to think on the good and right things. Keeps us balanced. Hope and love sends us on our way to the finish line. I think the finish line is drawing so close. I do hope so. I am ready for all that is in store for us. A world we can’t even imagine. How awesome our God is!!!! I love you all and you will triumph.

  165. What an awesome word!!!! Yhank you for sharing it with us. Right where my wife an I are trying to walk, in the moment!!!

  166. Hi there. I so admire the fact that you were able to sell your house and move on. I am petrified of changes. In february I got a new principle, I am the financial admin at a nursery school that belongs to the womans federation. Thing is, I just can’t seem to jel with the new principle, our school is facing some financial difficulties at the moment. I really feel like God wants me to stay where I am, but on the other hand I have all these doubts. I keep wondering if maybe I shouldn’t be job hunting for another job, or open my own facility like I have been wanting to. It is at this stage where I am not happy to go to work anymore. it feels like I am begging God for an answer, but not receiving any direction?

  167. I need help that isn’t from friends. My marriage has been in trouble for awhile now. I live up stairs my wife lives down stairs she is the one wanting to get a devorce because she feels trapped but wants me to stay after the devorce. I seem to be focusing on that more that God and need to find my way back

    • no divorce. PRAYER, PRAYER and more PRAYER. From the heart. Just like your talking to someone who is sitting next to you. no ritual prayers. Prayers Jesus taught. PRAYERS FROM THE HEART. TEARS, PLENTY OF TEARS. TEARS HEAL. going through the same thing. I have found this to be true. And do not blame your wife for anything. The evil one is working overtime, so we must step up the pace. God wants to show you his Glory. God Bless jim

    • Hello Ray,

      I felt the need to add to your post. I hope that I am not over stepping.

      I feel it is easy to get caught up in the happenings / dramas of life. I agree with James Robert in that Prayer is very powerful and that it must come from the heart. In other words you have to feel right with what you pray for. We constantly pray… every time we look at the world we place feeling in to it; What we think we know about it, our hopes and our fears; perhaps we have a lack of interest. Ether way your ideas and views change the way we see our world.

      We enter into different situations, places and other lives every day. What comes of it for you; good or bad reflects the focus of your faith.

      So let me say, “personally I would be wary of anyone claiming any faith in the doings of “The Evil One””(Sorry James, I just don’t think focusing on something/one that is out to get you helps you to rise above)

      What is faith? What do you feel? What is it in the pit of your stomach you can just drop? Why?…. Why?…. Why…. your emotions reflect what you feel about a matter. How you act is a reflection of how you feel, and what is around you is a product of our actions. So own your faith. Claim responsibility for your feelings, doings and surroundings.

      I have a saying: “Pray with your feet!” I don’t think it is enough to kneel down and ask for change once a night… we must walk forward… embody what we want to see. This is not existential mum bow jumbo, this just makes sense considering how things come to pass.

      I do believe anything is possible (So do good, be kind and be generous) With open eyes, an open heart, and compassion …. I think life does change (by grace) everyday. Pray for things like a resolution, for clarity, for the strength to do what is good, honest and true.

      God works by Grace (1. Seemingly effortless beauty or charm of movement, form, or proportion). We are creatures of gods grace; guided by our faith.

      Be wary of making choices for the wrong reasons. Somethings that are hard in life may just be something you want to rise to (like playing piano, building a flower garden or learning Calculus). Eventually, the activity shows it self as grace (like Jimmy Page ripping on a guitar). Somethings that are hard are hard because they are at odds with what you feel, think or value (these will only become easy once you have been broken). I hope that you don’t allow your self to be convinced of living in an arrangement that would cause you jealousy, bitterness, frustration or anger.

      If your wife decides to walk out of your marriage, she has that right to choose her own path (Besides, to strap someone down who is unhappy will just make matters worse, in my opinion). It would not be the end of the world unless you take it there. What ever the case, I would advise Owning the part you play and acknowledging the part she plays with out the blame game. Just see the things that have happened and that are for what they are and not what you would have wanted in retrospect. Then you can move forward whether with or without her.

      In all humility and thankfulness; I know I am part of and with the creation/creator. We are gods work, we have been given this gift and every day we plant seeds and reap the out come when it has matured. We live in community with others / all of existence. We all have a direct affect on the world around us and on each other.

      and so… I am praying for you “with my feet and my keyboard”. I pray you find your way to seeing that god and your purpose (your work) have never left you.


      Our father which art in heaven, hollowed be thy name. Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive the trespasses of others. And lead us not into temptation, But deliver us from evil. For thine is the kingdom, The power, and the glory, forever and ever.


      Thank you for everyone and everything. I recognize that everything I am and everything I know does not exist separately from everything else that is, has come before and what shall be. I do not and could not exist independently of the whole. As such, I have a place and function in this world, just as my heart has a place in my body. Change is the constant, no thing can remain the same and all things evolve together. I am not alone, I am not separate and I will never be complete.

      What we are stretches outward and back to beginning less beginnings. Surely, as all that is history has come to produce all that is present, ( like a domino) all phenomena, the energy, the genetics, thoughts and doings found within my person and abound will continue to stretch forward. I am blessed, for this life is the gift that precludes all other gifts. May all other people, places, things and other phenomena be well. If they are not well, may we be there as family with compassion in our hearts.


    • Yes pray everyday day many times aday also look up “the love dare” christian based. God is great just hang in there God is a on time God just keep praying.

    • Ray, go the extra mile for your wife. Love her as Christ loves you. Take time to talk to her, bring her flowers, fix her dinner. Serve her as Christ served the church. Show her the love and compassion you did in the early part of your relationship that led to your marriage. There is still hope for your marriage. Ask God to show you ways to rekindle your love and act on them.

  168. Lauren, please do not Misunderstand, if this is a man that the Lord has brought into your life, by all means, however the persons that you speak of have to have a willingness to live a Christlike life…….. Just want you to pray to our Lord for clarity……. Know that whatever decision you make, and if you believe it came from the Lord a hundred percent, and it turns out it didn’t…… We have our Lord that will never leave us or forsake us, and as Christians you know we are null and void of our share of trials and tribulations if not more,
    Only you know your future husbands actions, and his heart everyday, how he approaches all in his life, and how he will approach your marriage!
    How he loves you……… whether he honors you and adores you, as our Lord does, as the precious daughter you are!!!!!!!!
    Remember Fear is not from the Lord either, so did not let your decision either way be dictated from that demon, which we all have done one time or another in our life………….Thank God we can put our Trust totally in our Savior
    God Bless You Lauren……… I KNOW the Lord will lead you to the right decision. However I can help, I am here.
    Love, DebraRebecca

    • Lauren, I meant to say We as Christians Are Not null and void from trials and tribulations, if not more, because of how we stand!!!!!! Hope I don’t need glasses!!!!

  169. VT, that was beautiful, how you spoke out life to our other sister. God Bless You!!!!!!! It was a blessing, and a beautiful encouragement, that we all need while walking, standing, or at times crawling, through a trauma, to be nudged by the Holy Spirit! My son was Abducted 526 days ago…… so please pray for my son and I. His name is MichaelLuke!
    Thank you for allowing the Lord to use you as a vessel.
    was truly blessed to have received this message on my e-mail.
    May god bless you, and keep you and let his light shine upon you!!!!!!!
    Peace and Grace, Love 2 U, sister in Christ, Debrarebecca

  170. Reading this has really touched me and am happy because now i know better.tnx

  171. The hand of God is at work already. He’s given me you, Justin who is praying for me.
    Thank You and Thank you Lord

    • I feel like I’m not trusting who I am… Ilive with a man who may not love me. He’s treated me extremely poorly in the times that I have needed of someone the most:( I was previously married to someone who was physically and emotionally abusive. I met this new person and I feel in love. He has his own personal issues and I am no one to judge him. Please help me pray for him, also for my ex husband that he may find the love of his life and that he can really experience happiness. Thank you God… For everything, I know that you are laying the path for me.. Please help me not to get in my own way. Also that I forgive those who hurt me, I know that when this happens its the demons that manipulate them and cause for them to hurt others. Please keep by my side Lord:)

      • Hello Mdj,
        I have read your response and was compelled to respond to you. I want you to know that I was where you are years ago, and I cried out to Jesus to deliver me. The thing is you should pray for those who hurt you, but God does not want anyone (male or female) abused. We can pray for God to change people but if they do not want change then it won’t happen. However, when you ask God to change you, to mold you into the vessel he would have you to be, and when you open up to God’s will for you, accepting and being obedient then and only then will you see the wonders he will perform in your life! Know who you are, and whose you are…You are the daughter of the most high God! and he Loves his daughters! The Bible saids “a man should love his wife, just as Christ loved the church”
        I pray that God draws you close to him and holds you in a loving embrace. I pray that God raises you up to be all that he will have you to be. And know… that what God does, he does in order, know one can change it, and it is always 100%. I want to close by saying when God begins a work he will complete it, and it is not always a comfortable process but it is always a blessing.
        Be Blessed Mdj! and I will remember you in my prayers! VT

  172. Hi. We are all scattered doing whatever He wants us to do. Maybe not parting the Red Sea, but being blessings to others. Trying to get a word of warning in when we can. Most do not listen. But we, like Jeremiah, and the others ,keep on trying. I, like a lot of us, feel like you,” Where are the others who feel like me and don’t feel like we belong here”. One day He will gather us together. What a day, huh? But now, try not to feel all alone, because you are not. When I was born again, almost four years ago, I was all alone, as respects to other born agains. No one really understood me. I asked Father to send me someone that feels like me, so I could talk to them. It was driving me crazy. Then one day, my adult daughter showed up. We always seemed to not be able to get a long for a period of time. Then chaos would set in. But, that day, it was different. She too had become a born again and loved to here about Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit. It was “AWESOME”. After much prayer(about a year) and talking to my unbelieving sister, she was born again. How “AWESOME” is HE!!!!! There are not enough “THANK YOU’S” that I can say to Him. So, don’t give up praying for your family and other families. He listens and cares. My heart is filled with Joy, most of the time, but I do have my tesing and discipline days. But He always makes the sun come out. He is truly faithful. Here is my email, if you would like to talk. I would love to talk also. It is . . .jeanwi500@yahoo.com.

    • i became a born christian a few days ago,i was a catholic how do i know this is what god wants

  173. I to am asking what should I do? I/ve just recieved another job rejection letterand I don’t know what to do. I wrote the following petition to be delivered at Lourdes on it’s anniversary. Please pray for me

    .Almighty God, and Merciful Mother,
    You Know what I’m going through.How I’ve been unemployed for over a year and my savings are all but depleted.My wife is fighting her second bout of cancer.I don’t know what to do. I’ve applied for over 50 jobs and practically no response.
    We are practically homeless now and could possibly lose our vehicles.
    Please Gracious father , Tender Mother, Please have mercy and compassion on our lives.Please grant us some financial security if possible abundance. As I’ve told you before I’m not greedy. I just want enough just to pay my bills and give us a descent place to live. Lord I make this covenant with you. If you can grant me enough financial abundance that I can have a big building to live in. I promise I will only live in one section and I will use the rest to set up some charitable area where I can take care of the homeless and jobless.As another part of my covenant if you will allow me to start a business I will hire the homeless and jobless.I’d also like to start a foundation to teach the homeless how to build homes and if they work on so many homes they’ll get one. KInd of like habitat for humanity.
    Please have mercy , Send me grace and patience . Take away my anxiety and fear.Please grant me a miracle.
    I know I’m a sinner and I’ve not been the best person in the world. I also know I’m not the worst. Please forgive me and come into my heart.Lord months ago I recieved a message in my dream. It said Steven , the lord has found favor with you. Please , let that be real and not a dream.I love the fact that this is being read where you, our gracious mother was seen to Sister Marie Bernard . Also this being the place where many miracles occured.Lord I thank you for understanding my situation and I thank you for your compassion and I know you love me unconditionally and I know you only want the best for me.Please strengthen my faith in you and allow me to surrender everthing over to you.Jesus I trust in you!!!!
    I bless you, I praise you and I thank you
    Love , your poor unworthy servant, Steven

    • hello steven, i am praying for you and your troubles.
      Rejoice in the lord and expect great things to come for he is good and faithful. I would love to know how you’re doing and if the hand of God has helped you so far. reach me at justin_rivera_@hotmail.com

      • The hand of God is at work already. He’s given me you, Justin who is praying for me.
        Thank You and Thank you Lord

    • Steven, I am going to pray for you and your wife, to get a job position, and Victory. My friend owns a job agency.
      What kind of profession are you….. Perhaps I can help. My e-mail is rebeccachristian3377@yahoo.com.
      No disrespect…… Please tell your wife your writing or have her write.
      Don’t know where you guys are located.
      I will try to help anyway I can. May the Lord bless you and Keep you, and may his light shine upon you….. DebraRebecca

  174. Who are you people? And where can I find you. I’ve been searching and praying for a spiritual mentor for years. In my lifetime I have known only a handful of what I consier to be truly Godly people. Existence is painful with masses. I feel as if I am from another planet. I ache to find Godly people.

    • Mae, I felt like you once until I finally realised that I am not going to find my true brothers and sisters until I am with Jesus. Your spritual mentor is Jesus! Stick close to Him! Men and women will always let us down! Live one day at a time, giving thanks in all circumstances and looking for the promise of His coming in the clouds to take His own home. That is the blessed promise and one I am looking for every day. This world has nothing to offer us and if you are one of God’s chosen ones you will not fit in. I had to learn this before I got some peace about it. Love in Jesus, Tony.

    • Mae , I feel your pain I also ache to be with TRUE Godly people and I only know 2 . I sometimes feel like I am waiting for the mother ship lol. I also believe that true followers come in different grades like school . Some followers are in the 1rst grade just learning and some are in the 10th grade and know and feel alot more so its hard to be with each other and not argue about the word . Maybe Father justs keeps us apart so we all will learn from him at the right speed . It would be like a 10th grader teaching a 1rst grader algebra , We would just scare them off . I really do not know why ! I have tried and tried to come up with an answer of why we cant find each other . All I do know is someday soon we will be together at Home and we will be soooo happy to see each other .

    • The Lord is having us all find each other, and we are being separated in the sand, like he says in his word, the sheep from the goats, in a time like this. Please keep praying, and read your bible everyday!
      Also call upon the Holy Spirit, who dwells inside of you.
      The Lord our savior died on the cross for us, and we were all given our counselor, our light, our source to an Abundant life…… Heaven on Earth.
      Recite the Lord’s prayer when ever you are feeling overwhelmed, and he will reveal the truth to you our Lord!!!!!!
      If you ever need to speak to another sister in Christ,,,,, here is my e-mail rebeccachristian3377@yahoo.com.
      Cheering you on to finish the race. We are overcomers in our Lord Jesus.
      We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us!!!!!

    • Mae, I have not been able to find true Christian fellowship since I became a Christian 28 yrs ago. Although I’m Australian, I consider myself a member of Time Square Church NYC, and listen to their sermons online. If you want to hear what a sermon should sound like, scroll down the list and find the late David Wilkerson’s sermon on anguish. That man was genuine to the day he went home. No talk of money making, motivational rubbish. Real, old fashioned preaching directed at persecuted, lonely, distressed, real Christians.

  175. Good word. Wr get so court
    on what we think God wonts us to do.
    That we can’t do what he realy wonts
    us to do. God bless you

  176. many are in your shoes. best concise advise i can share w/ u is simply this: if God isn’t showing up mightitly as we’d like HIM to then, ask HIM to keep u in his rest/peace/shalom so that u may MOVE/perservere/praise HIM thru the storm and NOT vice-versa. This is what i do, have faith to do, trial by trial.
    Is HE not faithful? Is HE not soverign? Does HE abandon HIS children like a mere mortal (would)? the answers are: “YES, YES, & NO”…btw.
    IF u are in agreement w/ me (& others too) then think/pray/act this way and HE will “show HIS hand” in your life/lives, as HE sees/hears more than one bearing witness to HIS loving nature being manifested…daily!

  177. About a year and a half ago my dad passed away after an extended illness. As I was his caregiver, a wife and a mother, as well as having a full time job, I had my hands full for quite awhile there! I lost my job when my dad went into ICU as my manager said she wouldn’t work with me. Then a few months later my husband lost his job of over 20 years. We’ve used up the money we had saved and my husband just got a job, and I work for a company independently. I’ve been asking the Lord daily for His direction in my job…as it seems whatever can go wrong, HAS gone wrong! We are not to move without Gods direction, yet, I cannot sit still and do nothing either. We’ve moved to another city for my husbands new home, and I am home with my son. I am seeking Gods direction for my life in regard to a “job” and really need to work from home. My faith is still strong, however I am starting to become weary of the constant turmoil that has been on me. I’m seeking prayer for God to open my eyes regarding an income for me…as well as His blessings in our finances altogether.

    • I know this may sound difficult.But it is only thru’ your weakness that HIS strength will be made evident.I pray that you will try to excercise the same faith Abraham excersised – believing in GOD more than in the circumstances facing you.Wait upon the LORD and begin to give HIM praise and thanks and know that HIS will upon your life is the best.Just know that HE is more real than all things.Be cheerful no matter what circumstances face you.I know you ‘ll be taken care of in wonderful ways. God bless you and your family always.

    • Lauren, I want to first say my heart goes out to you…… with the immense heartache you have been through, and I am writing most importantly I hope to leave you with a renewal, and Encouragement, to press forward, and trust in the Lord…… that he is answering your prayers, and he has Everything under Control!!!!!!!
      rest in him. and know that he trusts You, knowing that through this storm, you have not looked away from him. Call upon the Holy Spirit that the Lord gave us to dwell in each and everyone of us!!!!!!!!
      You are a wonderful daughter in Christ, and pray that you always do his will in your life…….
      it is very hard to trust, in the true sense of the word, however that is what we need to do, and cling to our faith!
      The Lord does not break his promises!!!!!!!
      Ask the Lord to open all doors for you, that he wants you and your family to walk through, and slam the doors he wants you to be still…..and wait on him…… So many times, we think the Lord is not answering our prayers, and he never leaves us nor forsakes us, even in a Hello, from a stranger, or an e-mail from a stranger!!!!
      I have an overwhelming feeling coming over me for you and your family, for your new beginnings, and the Lord positioning you and your husband and your family, for your Abundant life, and continued path of Gods Grace!!!!!
      Lauren, you and your family will now be in my prayers, God Bless you, With Love, DebraRebecca

  178. A while ago I thought God told me who my husband is- but I couldn’t discern the voice whether it was just me, satan or God. I know this man is not saved and I have been praying for months for God to tell me. So after about a half a year I was at my breaking point- either he is and id have to wait for God to change his heart, or not. I told God he needed to make contact with me by tomorrow (keeping in mind I hadn’t had contact with him in at least 6 months so we didnt talk on a daily basis) and if he didnt I could just let go of the entire idea. I woke up the next morning with a text from him. I feel like God told me, and now the doubt monster is creeping in. Did he tell me? Would he tell me somethig this big? Or is this for some other reason? And now I want God to tell me if he told me… And that’s not right. I need to just trust God and I need lots of prayer right now because its getting extremely hard.

    • Hi Lauren,

      Forgive me for intruding, it´s just that I´ve been thru a similar situation and well I just have to say something. First of all, you say this person is not a christian – when wanting to know if the voice I hear is God or otherwise the first step is check scripture- 2 Corinthians 6: 14 says:
      “Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?” this means that if you are a christian it is not according to scripture to marry a non believer, so that would be the common rule. I know you are praying for his salvation so I´m thinking you know this already? My mother converted after been married to my father for two years and has been praying for his salvation ever since…30 years later. It hasn´t been easy for her so she has always told me how blessed I am that I´ll marry another christian someday, and not just a fellow christian but someone that God approves for me. That said, scripture also speaks of our heart being deceitful and that the will of God is good and perfect and will always bring us peace. I think the best way to solve this would be leaving it up to God, letting go and trusting that in the case that this is from God He is the one that would make everything work out, don´t ask him if he´s ´the one´ anymore, just turn your focus away from this issue to clear your head and emotions or you´ll end up with a big mess in your mind and not able to discern the voice of God from your own. Just forget about him and this whole subject and turn your attention on knowing Christ and just lay this issue at his feet, give up the idea of this man being your husband bcs if he is, God will work it out somehow without your intervention, He is sovereing and resting in this truth is tremendously liberating! Just say to him: Lord I don´t know if I heard your voice or not but if this is yours make it prosper somehow without me doing anything about it and if its not just close the necessary doors. He´ll answer you! Once you have done that you will see more clearly, trusting God is hard but he will push us to the limit so we do. As for signals, I once thought I was going to marry this guy I knew because I would incredibly coincide with him everyday at a bus stop even after praying to God that I didn´t want to see him anymore, well I didn´t marry him, just ended heart broken. Another time I was in church and asked God with my mind that my future husband would sit next to me…this guy did, I met him later on and now he is happily married to a great girl that is not me, lol. I could go on and on! God was testing my heart and still does because this was such an important issue for me, I guess he used this to teach me what his voice really is. Conclusion – Psalm 34:14 “seek peace and pursue it”
      God guide your heart, many blessings!! 🙂

    • Well, you certainly want God’s will in the matter and that’s exactly what you’ll receive. He’s a loving father and will give you confirmation. I think he is saying Yes!

    • Dear Lauren,

      If God started this, He will make it happen in His time. I went through exactly the same thing and God has blessed me so much and I have learned so much about faith. I would love to chat to you over email about it. Pls visit this website and pop me a mail there. I’ll find your email and reply. http://www.andlovewillfindyou.blogspot.com God is good and He has amazing plans for you!
      Blessings! X

    • rule of thumb Lauren, with our Lord, there is no confusion, with the enemy, that;s one of his main tools..he uses to decieve….. Sometimes, our flesh wants to dictate………
      If you are not evenly yoked, the Lord does not want this union, However until you have peace, and Loud and clear from our Lord, be still, and wait on our Lord!!!!!!!!
      The enemy is always everyday working against Jesus to take us away our Purpose driven life, that our God, has for us, and our perfect Bridegroom, that Loves us as he does……
      If he is not a believer, and his life is not our Lord’s to do his will, then he is Not for you!!!!!!!!
      Pray Pray Pray……….Wait, and the Lord will reveal this to you, and you will KNOW THAT YOU KNOW THAT YOU KNOW HE IS GOD!!!!!!!
      Be still!!!!!

      • Here’s the thing- God has placed things on my heart before that I was confused about and wasn’t sure if I made it up or if it was from satan. Yet they came true and it surely was of God. God told me this and I believe satan is trying to deceive me. I know we are not supposed to be yoked with unbelievers ( for a very good reason:)) but if you go back into everyone’s life- at one point they were not a believer and had not surrendered to The Lord. For an example- God tells a man that a certain woman will be his wife- yet she is unsaved, and 5 years down the line she surrenders to God, they meet again or something and get married. At one point both were unbelievers.

    • If God brings you to it he will bring you through it. Everything happens for a reason have faith and let God work his wonders.

  179. rock on sister princess…rock on! (that “rock” of course being no one other than Jesus Christ!

  180. My faith in God is waning – I am in a desperate situation and have been for the past five years. And yet, every day I get up it is another struggle that I cannot face or complete on my own and there is no one to help. My own Mother will not help – I am trying to get in full remission for ovarian cancer and now as I look back I wish I would have just died. The aftermath has been much more painful emotionally than dying ever could be. I have had to give up everything I owned, my job, my income and now living with a mother who refuses to help me but will help her useless son and his useless male child. Now I am facing having to give up my beloved dog, whom I love more than anything because I will be homeless soon and hopefully dead soon. So please don’t talk to me about God’s love and provision. I am beginning to believe it was all just a myth anyway.

    • Do you want a honest answer ? Or a quick one that you just ignore ? Well I will just give you the quick one (read your bible !!) if you really really want help and are willing to listen and really want your life to change , then message me back .

    • Hi You speak of “faith” waning? What kind of faith are you talking about? We know little about your faith. Are you a person who devotes time to learning what God says to us in his word and obeys him. Or just believes He exists. That makes huge difference in our lives with him. It sure would help us to help you, if we knew more. Will wait to hear from you to know how to help. Sincerely would love to help.

    • u & i dont know how or when, but at the risk of presenting a modern day cliche (?) i know MY Yeshua will “show up right on time….at the end of you.” it hurts (our flesh) and is scary-hairy as heck to go thru i know but……still……at the other end of the tunnel, u will understand better when/how’s/why’s/etc. Ask Jesus for His Mighty Faith, that He relied upon when He was walking this fallen world, so that u too may remain in shalom, no matter the storm surrounding u. “you believe in God, believe also in Me” He told his disciples. Prayerfull hugs
      0: ( HiMiH

    • do you love God for who He is, or what He gives you? Read Job.
      if you won the lottery and someone asked you for money and you gave them 5 grand they might think you’re cheap for only giving them that when you have millions. A gift is a gift and we should not be ungrateful for it. God gives and he takes away. Rejoice in tribulation. I’m 8 months pregnant and my husband just broke up with me on my birthday and asked another woman to marry him. PRAISE THE LORD HALLELUJAH He will never leave me or forsake me. There will be tribulations in this evil world, but I will rejoice for He has overcome the world. Everyone pray I keep on rejoicing.

    • Oh Penny! Renew thy Covenant with God, and Keep his commandments. and if he renews your life, or lays thee down to sleep, you will be called good and faithful servant. “For No man is better than his master” Let go your hate, and your reward await.

    • Dear Penny.I feel so sad for you especially after reading your last line.It appears you are doing exactly what Satan would love you to do – give up on GOD.There can be nothing more worse a HUMAN BEING can do than this in this world!!!But i believe this mindset didn’t just occur.Carefully analyse your thought pattern/s first and foremost.Do not consider anyone as ‘ useless’ but pray for everyone,even your enemies.Always remember-fight not the person/s ,but the Principalities behind all the rotting the world is subjected to.If negativeness can and will lead you to the troubles of the world,then REST ASSURED THAT POSITIVENESS CAN AND WILL BRING YOU GOD’S PEACE AMIDST NEGATIVE CIRCUMSTANCES.The answer to your problem/s is to continue waiting upon the LORD wearing & excersizing the three most important weapons a human must have in his/her ” holster “, and these are, FAITH,HOPE and LOVE.Run the good race with these three ‘ WEAPONS ‘ and seek to satisfy GOD’s first and most important commandment – to love thy GOD with all thy heart,soul mind and strength,no matter what your situation.I am pretty sure HIS PEACE will be blessed upon your life.God bless you . Oh ,yes! HE has never ceased blessing you ,really.Perhaps you TRULLY need to begin to want to receive HIM first,simply for the genuine love for GOD???? I am running a restaurant business.The daily collection is poor.My resources are dwindling.But I believe in my LORD more than anything else in this world and beyong this world.I am not a perfect man,but I prayed to God once for a perfect heart that will Love HIM BACK THE WAY HE DESERVE TO BE LOVED.Now I just give HIM thanks and praise for this prayer to be answered.You see, I have FAITH in that particular prayer.Now I wait with HOPE that it will be answered because it is really that dersire to want to LOVE HIM that is the driving force that is helping me to ‘ run the good race.’Please do not give up.GOD BLESS ALWAYS.

    • Penny…….. Please call me…… Do not give up your dog, who is your family…….. please don’t. I will help you anyway I can!!!!!!!!
      The Lord will never leave you nor forsake you…….
      He is not a myth, he is REAL!!!!!!!!!! That is the enemy talking…..
      Call me immediately and we will talk this out, and I promise you…… I will help you in every way I can…….
      Please Call!!!!!!!! Do not give away your doggy…….. Please call!!!!
      IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!! 631-793-1133 live in Florida, however that is a cell phone number!!!!!!! CALL PLEASE MY SISTER!!!!!!
      The Lord is sending out his daughter,,,,,, CALL…… You need to start living your life, as God wants you tooooooo!

    • Penny how r u doing l hope u r better than when u first wrote your request. God is real l came out of religion and now in a relationship with the Holy Spirit its so personal . l pray you will be healed and get into a relationship with Jesus.

  181. i cant help but cry as i write this comment.i never really cared then of earthly titles and awards or even monetary gain.I gave myself, all of me, to the service of the Lord. All my siblings are professionals except me, i serve God at the tender years of 15, then finished seminary. Then came a time i have nothing to give, i was spent,every inch of me. I have no degree, i sought different kinds of jobs and im constatly broke. My spirit is so broken that all i can do is blame myself…

    • From a medical standpoint Moko it seems that depression could be a root cause of your problems. Have you see a doctor about it? In terms of a path forward you might struggle until you can defeat that illness. The mercy and love of God are unending. It sounds as if you have prayed a lot and helped a lot of people in your life. It is Ok to pray for yourself and ask for economic help and for medical help and for the physical help that you need. A lot of times we don’t realize that we need help or how that help could come. Remember the story where Jesus was at the wedding and they ran out of wine. Mary said to the attendants at the wedding, do whatever he (Jesus) says. Mary brought the problem. It was Jesus of course who had the solution. Fill the clay pots with water and then he turned them into the wine. So Moko I will pray for you and maybe others also on this forum. Bring your problem to Jesus. Listen, pray, meditate and let the holy spirit guide you.

      • RC, thank you, hearing words of encourangement from a stranger makes me more convinced that brothers and sisters in faith REALLY EXIST. I will try to seek professional help regarding my depression. Thank you,may God bless us and grant our deepest desires and prayers.

      • Doctors are not a Christian’s answer to depression! Modern medicine stems from witchcraft. The R with the cross through its tail, written by doctors on drug prescriptions, stands for the eye of Horus. The serpent entwined around a pole, used to symbolise modern medicine, is the rod of Asclepius, a demon god. The Hippocratic oath is sworn by a list of demon gods. Many drugs are named after demons. The entire mental health profession has been infiltrated by satanic practises, like ‘mindfulness’ which stems from Buddhism. I know, I studied this rubbish for 6 yrs. Psychiatrists, psychologists, doctors, hold no answers. They stuff the symptoms down with drugs, electrocution, hypnosis, etc. Prayer, fasting, deliverance, the holy spirit, sining of psalms – these are God’s mental health tools.

    • Please pray again before going to the world for help. A doctor will definitely put you on anti-depressants. They are very harmful. Do the research. They are very hard to get off also. I know. Before I became a child of God. As children of God, are we now resorting to medicating our trials and tribulations that we are to undergo. What happened to “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. That was how Paul said he handled any problem he had. King Saul had depression and David relieved it by music. Try spending as much time in prayer and “lots” of worship music. God gave us music to comfort us. Please try this first before a mind altering drug. Even if it is legal. I will pray for you also. We don’t live like the world. We call upon someone higher for our troubles. He will answer. My thoughts, prayers and love through Christ are with you.

    • Moko,

      The enemy will put these thoughts in your head, he will tell you all these lies! Do not believe them! instead please read this and say it when yo
      Proverbs 3:5-6

      New International Version (NIV)

      5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart
      and lean not on your own understanding;
      6 in all your ways submit to him,
      and he will make your paths straight.[a
      u have thoughts about your life.

      There are some days I close my eyes and say this passage until it sinks into my hard head. God is in control, not us. He knows our hearts. Please trust in the Lord.
      Maybe a good online christian school would help. I attending Ohio Christian University, not only am I getting my education online at home, the Christian influence is keeping my heart and mind on God!
      Praying for you!


    • WOW ! I think you are awesome . To give up your life for the lord and you are broke (like me ) love it !!! You are going to have so much treasure in heaven 🙂 I kind of feel sorry for your siblings they are receiving their treasures now 😦 but you just keep praying for them . I think you are doing a great job . As far as you being sad about having nothing ? I was the same way for awhile then I realized I was coveting the worlds things when really its all kindling for the fire . I had to find some joy . Good music , cooking , or maybe you like to paint find a hobby while we wait for the Lord . It will be all over soon Matthew 24:13 But the one who endures to the end will be saved.

    • i know what u mean, i do the same thing too often that i am partially ashamed to admit it but……then…..i take my eyes off myself and others
      (the jones’ lets say) and “put them on Jesus” & “my” perspective/perception comes back to me, almost immediately.
      You need to explore what few pastors will tell/explain to u:
      “greater is He (Jesus) who is in me, than he (you, your self identity) who is in the world.” Usually, pastors/folks think (or stop at this level)
      the “he” is everyone else, not themselves. But bible scripture runs very very deep my friend. Just ask H>S> to teach/guide u, and strengthen u too. Jesus will prevail in all our lives if we just let Him; for some/many, it costs us our dreams/hopes/etc, according to His purpose(s). Our little faith must be replaced with His great faith at dire times in our lives….no way around it/that. shalom, is available to ALL.
      “call on His Mighty Name!(don’t delay!)”

    • The Lord is about to give you the biggest breakthrough!!!!!!!!!!
      can’t you see that the enemy is attacking cause you are so close, so he is filling you with lies……. Your worth is not in a piece of parer, and if you want that piece of paper I will guide you to get a paid scholarship, at a Christian university so you can start your official career as a paid minister, still serving the Lord, and getting provision above and beyond………
      Do you know how many lives you have saved, and do you know the Lord still has the Best Yet to Come For you!!!!!!!! Jeremiah 29:11 put your name in scripture……. The Lord wants you to Remember!!!!!! E-mail me back……… Press on…… Your breakthrough is here!!!!!!

  182. I need prayers.I was an active church goer,actually i reached a post when i was already the one who handles a congregation in a locale.I was a vessel of God. Then everything fell apart,my studies was sacrificed, i lost my scholarship, i suffered pneumonia, and now life is as if m always back to zero. I stopped attending gatherings and for many years now im under depression. i was so burnt out with my vocational duties in the church that led me to weaker body.Please dont judge me. idid
    everything in my power to follow God, i was selfless, i put himfirst before my education, before my family and even before my health. Some members visi me and advised me to go back and start all over, i cant make myself go. i am now regaining my body but im still under chronic depression. i dont want to blame God for all my loss, because i gained Him.

    • Hi Moko,

      Who are we to judge you? Only God can judge 🙂 We are here to pray for you and help you because we love you 🙂

      I want to remind you how much God loves you. (John 3:16 “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.)

      Also,I’m sure you know that the enemy comes to steal,kill and destroy (John10:10) and since the enemy sees that you are growing in the Lord-he doesn’t like it, that’s why he’s trying to shaken your faith by those challenges you’ve mentioned.

      But hey Moko! 1John4:4 “You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them,

      Your story lifted up my spirit to trust in the Lord all the more no matter what situation I am facing right now.

      2Samuel 22:2-3 “..The Lord is my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge..”

      You may want to listen to this podcast By Pastor Steve Murrell 🙂

      (Listening to: Hillsong: Jesus lover of my soul)

    • I am living proof of life after manic depression/bipoloar/sin curse ramifications/whatever-however u wanna call it, Moko!
      U can email me if u need my story of encouragement as light at the end of YOUR tunnel if u like, as i will confirm God’s goodness n mercy to you, and anyone else who needs “a real witness/story”!
      reach me at: HIM_in_me_in_HIM@yahoo.com
      Shalom aleichem &……Yeshua IS ADONAI !!! (or Jesus IS LORD!)

    • Hi Moko,

      I hope today is going well for you. I am one who can understand your struggles; not that I have been through the same things exactly but in many ways very similar. As the Lord says in His Word in 2 Corinthians 1:3-5 “Praise be to the God and “Father” of our LOrd Jesus Christ, the Father of “compassion” and the God of “all” comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God. For just as the sufferings of Christ flow over into our lives, so “also” through Christ our comfort overflows”. The bottom line is, we will have a very difficult time placing any real value on advice that hasn’t been lived out or experienced. I can not put into words the extreme darkness I have experienced in my life and the ways that it has affected me. From looking at other posts over the years and through my own experiences, “thoughts” are one of the main obstacles in the life of a believing Christian. I believe that when Paul speaks of the sin that so easily entangles he is speaking of “doubt”. It is similar to a fly that lands in a spiders web; it is “almost” impossible to escape unless someone decides to “free” the helpless creature. Fortunately for us, Jesus has come to do just that! I’m not just throwing this out to make you “feel” better but it is the TRUTH. Speak with our heavenly Father plainly and openly about your hurts and dissapointments and ask Him to help you (I’m sure you’ve already done this, but take some time again and share with Him what’s on your heart). Ask yourself: has the Lord been faithful to me? have I seen Him work in my life? have I had a closeness with Him? The answers to these questions will help remind you of your identity in His Son; and we know from scripture that He will never leave nor forsake His own. We must remember what was accomplished on our account on that very cruel cross; “it is finished”. All the work the Father has given the Son has been completed – nothing can be added to it or taken away from it. Moko; you are more than a conquerer in Christ Jesus; His love never fails.

      • Dan…… your response to Moko made me cry for joy……. We have a Magnificent family!!!!!!!! You are so kind……God Bless You always, Debrarebecca

  183. I was in much despair in my life until I read this passages. It lifted me from that. I had been seeking God while involved in deep relationship with someone I truly love. We were engaged to be married. We had Satan come between us. I did not handle it well. Now we are apart. My heart is torn apart. I also loss my best friend the very next week to death. I am struggling to find work and many other things. My faith was shaken. I was lost. I again trust in the Lord God. Please pray for me.

    • I will pray for wisdom and an enormous amount of faith!

    • Dear friend. When you wrote in your last line, ‘ I again trust in the Lord God,’ and you meant just that, THEN YOU ARE ALREADY A WINNER IN ALL RESPECTS.Satan is defeated.Good show,my friend!God bless always.

    • I will pray for you…….. Open up to his Word!!!!!!

  184. Wonderful an a amazing

  185. Ok first I thank God I came across this site! I was asking God what direction should I take,a very important decision I’m having to make asking God talk to me! and I read this beautiful truly what my soul needed, God does hear us he is so very awesome! Although I’m waiting to hear what he has to say on that? On a lighter note, We just have to look being careful to see him, I ask God pleeeez can I have a fireplace in my home pleeeez can I have God filled people around me? he did them both! God has a wonderful sense of humor, for Christmas stay at a hotel guess what had fireplace, logged on to the internet feeling kinda sad I came across your site its not always gonna come the way one thinks but we should be grateful the way he shows up he’s beautiful! Question? he answers do you see him?

    • lol yes its amazing how lord almighty shows up

  186. Hey there! This is my 1st comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and say I genuinely enjoy reading through
    your blog posts. Can you suggest any other blogs/websites/forums that cover
    the same topics? Thank you!

  187. Thank you this is exactly what I needed to hear. I think the situation you explained may be about the same place where I am with my journey with the Lord. I just felt the Lord speaking to me though you, telling me to just calm down and trust. I feel like God just explained through this what it is He is and has been trying to teach me. Thank you.

  188. hai i am lawrence …newly joined…

    • Hi Lawerence. Glad you are interested in seeking the Lord. The world could use more like you. Would you like to tell us about yourself?

  189. Thank you for taking the time to write this. And I thank the Lord for letting me read this when I really needed it

    • God is working in all of us at different paces. Some of us are running at moc speed, some of us are resting and waiting. However no matter what season we find ourselves in we all want to here God’s voice. It’s not a matter of doing as much as a matter of knowing you are in his will.

  190. Thank you. That’s truly beautiful and just what I needed to be reminded of. I get so impatient sometimes and run before I can walk. Just lately I’ve been reminded by the people I love that my life is about God and not about myself, my future or my career. Thank you for reminding me that waiting is ok. God grant us all patience and peace. Amen.

  191. i am having a dilemma and need some advice, i took a full time job in april to get us out of debt and we r making progress but r not there yet, before that i worked parttime or prn to be with my kids, i want to quit my job to be home with my kids bc i feel they need me n i cant be there a 100% for them n my husband and work but i also know if i can stick this.job out for 6. to 8 months we can get mostly out of debt excpet for student/home loan n possibly move to a more affordable home then and avoid going back into debt. so while i feel the need to be home i also know we r responsible for our poor financial decisions n y i went fulltime. can you help me? or pray i make the right decision? thank you!

    • I said a prayer for you and your family. Have faith 🙂

    • Kristen – you are doing the responsible thing by earning money to pay off the debts as opposed to defaulting. You can still spend quality time with your kids and help with the homework and all that you do with them. Things might seem more rushed and you may need to rely on grandparents and neighbors for help sometimes, but you can remind all that it is hopefully for a short period of time and they will understand. Sacrifice social stuff, TV, other types of free time. Ask God for his help and guidance. Pray specifically for what you need each day.

  192. So I thought God might have revealed who my future husband is, and i have really been seeking him on this because this is a huge deal. But at the same time i feel like my flesh could be getting in the way. I have been pleading with God to just tell me already! But reading this i have realized that I have to give these hopes and dreams to him, and trust that it will happen in his time with who he has planned. I need prayer to let go of these things so I can have a clear head about this.

    • I read all of it well as ur text writing n I was astonished that I too am wandering who my future is. And what do u know here you are asking the same. Well Sara if you get this message please feel free to call or text me at 361-461-9823.

    • Dear Sara, this is such a difficult topic. 🙂 God did actually tell me who my husband is and it has been a year and a half of me still waiting. There has been progress, but it has been a time of much patience and stretching and walking closely with the Lord. My point is 🙂 it is SO hard to know in advance, BUT i totally believe that it is also a big decision and God will reveal to you who the right person is in time. I dont think you should ask Him this question beforehand, but do tell Him that you will not move without a sign from Him as you value His input and He will for sure give you a sign, He is so faithful and your word will come in time. 🙂

      Be SO blessed! This is a crazy journey, but SO worth it. 🙂


  193. Hey, I am an 18-year-old in a spiritual pickle and after prayer in my shower and getting on my computer, I ended up here similarly to all who have arrived here before. Though I saw nothing specific to my dilemma, I believe God can utilize this resource to help me reach an epiphany from him all the same.

    Essentially, I am a gifted person. I excel in music, communication, science, math, web design… and I credit it to my childhood prayers asking for God to give me the wisdom of Solomon. I have always been bright, but notably became wise at an early age. Close peers tend to look towards me to find insight and guidance, and I always seem to be able to have some sort of relevant, applicable viewpoint for them to utilize.

    Despite this blessing from above, I also know that strengths are a gateway to weakness. The heroes of Greek tragedies, for example, were of noble and righteous stature, yet brought about their own demise via attempt to generate benefit (the term for this moment of the plot development was hamartia). Of this same principle is the beginnings of Genesis, and that the fruit of the Knowledge of Good and Evil gives human the knowledge of consequence to action and interpretation of the effects of action, yet also is a tool which placed sin into human nature. I believe that sin occupied the fruit alongside the knowledge, and upon consumption, we literally have had these fed into humanity.

    And from this wisdom comes the issue I face – doubt. My logic argues for both sides, fighting against itself in a destructive manner. One side holds steadfast to the word of God, and the principle that there is greater significance to existence than to birth the next generation. The darker of the two treats the Bible as simply the most prestigious work of fiction, with all aspects of successful persuasiveness found within. The light stabs back, saying God created the laws of physics, persuasion, precision, etc. and therefore it only makes sense that Lucifer would tempt the world with cheaper, yet desirable lusts, riches, and all else of the world. The banter goes on and on, each side fighting admirably for its cause. I become lost in between, and guilt for being on my worship team’s band and claiming myself Christian takes a foothold over me.

    The greatest struggle I face today came from a picture I saw online a week ago. It was simply a quote, and said, “Your second death is the last time you are ever thought of.” Also since childhood, I have had a sense of high purpose on Earth – that I was to achieve great things, and become a figure to speak of throughout time. I understand that it is selfish, and I abhor these thoughts, but I am simply afraid of not having significance. I understand that we all are insignificant, and Christ alone deserves any praise or credit, but yet I still cling to a need of appreciation, knowing I deserve none. I have prayed nightly for comfort, peace, and understanding, but am still unsatisfied in what I’ve been given.

    A second significant fear I possess is related to the latter. At late night, I can fathom nothingness after death. It haunts me. I am a HS senior and live at home, and the first night this happened I was terrified enough to join my mother in her bed, afraid enough to avoid being alone. I fear life is a flashlight left alone in an abandoned cave – the light shines until the batteries run out, after which the cave becomes dark, and it is as if the light never existed to begin with. My body experiences a void as I type this, a black hole pitted in my stomach, and I have prayed for this experience to disappear since it began. I am terrified: please reply with any insight you have to offer, prayers, verses, or encouragement.

    I truly appreciate your viewing of this, your concern, and your eagerness to respond.

    God bless

    • Hi Sam! Your post really resonated with me because I was “gifted” at a young age, as well. I couldn’t talk to my siblings because they thought that I purposely used big words to make them feel inferior, so I didn’t talk to anyone very much. As a result, I have been very lonely most of my life and Satan uses that weakness against me to try to get me to sin. Enough about me, let’s talk about what you are thinking and feeling as of late.

      Well, as most young people do (gosh, I sound old! lol), you seem to me (IMHO) to have a desire to become famous. In this world/society, people tend to value being famous for sinful qualities, whether it’s laziness, vanity, sexual prowess, etc. It’s never a recognition for anything honorable like intellect, charity, chastity, or goodness. Everything in this world is turned upside down. The Bible says that “He who is first shall be last” and the converse of that statement.

      It also says,
      (Matthew 16:26)
      “For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?” The people that you see on TV, music and movies have done exactly that. Check youtube and you will find celebrities outright saying that they have sold their soul in exchange for their careers. I can think of Katy Perry, Santana, Denzel Washington (lets a spirit possess him in order to act in a particular role), Kanye West, Bob Dylan, Snoop Dogg, and many more. Everyone seems to want to be famous but it comes at a very steep price. Ever heard of the “casting couch” in the 1950’s era? It’s still around but no one speaks of it because of the shame and embarrassment that is associated with that topic.

      “Seek and ye shall find.”
      At my church, the pastor went over the subject of: “How do we know that Jesus existed?”
      Here are some research points that you may be interested in because other heavyweight intellects have searched on this subject:
      Evidence for the Resurrection
      Case for Christ- by Strobel
      CS Lewis (a lawyer who set out to disprove Christianity but was surprise by the evidence)
      Also, an enemy of Jesus in that era, named Josephus, wrote of Jesus existence in historical writings, which proves that he was a real person.

      You are valued and precious in God’s/Jesus’s eyes and nothing can ever take that away from you. You are not alone because He is always with you and faithful until the end of this life and even in the next life that will be so much better than this one. You are a child of God, the apple of His eye!
      (Psalm 17:8)
      “Keep me as the apple of the eye, hide me under the shadow of thy wings…”

      The thing about gifts is that “to whom is given, much is required”. You can be an optimist or a pessimist, depending upon your perspective.
      (Luke 12:48)
      “But he that knew not, and did commit things worthy of stripes, shall be beaten with few stripes. For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required: and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more. ”

      Also, I find that gifts are analogous to talents, such as in the parable of the talents. I have been making an effort to read at least one page of the Bible every night (the Word of God is our bread/life) and simple prayers afterwards for protection.
      (Matthew 25:14-30)
      “For the kingdom of heaven is as a man travelling into a far country, who called his own servants, and delivered unto them his goods.

      15 And unto one he gave five talents, to another two, and to another one; to every man according to his several ability; and straightway took his journey.

      16 Then he that had received the five talents went and traded with the same, and made them other five talents.

      17 And likewise he that had received two, he also gained other two.

      18 But he that had received one went and digged in the earth, and hid his lord’s money.

      19 After a long time the lord of those servants cometh, and reckoneth with them.

      20 And so he that had received five talents came and brought other five talents, saying, Lord, thou deliveredst unto me five talents: behold, I have gained beside them five talents more.

      21 His lord said unto him, Well done, thou good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord.

      22 He also that had received two talents came and said, Lord, thou deliveredst unto me two talents: behold, I have gained two other talents beside them.

      23 His lord said unto him, Well done, good and faithful servant; thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord.

      24 Then he which had received the one talent came and said, Lord, I knew thee that thou art an hard man, reaping where thou hast not sown, and gathering where thou hast not strawed:

      25 And I was afraid, and went and hid thy talent in the earth: lo, there thou hast that is thine.

      26 His lord answered and said unto him, Thou wicked and slothful servant, thou knewest that I reap where I sowed not, and gather where I have not strawed:

      27 Thou oughtest therefore to have put my money to the exchangers, and then at my coming I should have received mine own with usury.

      28 Take therefore the talent from him, and give it unto him which hath ten talents.

      29 For unto every one that hath shall be given, and he shall have abundance: but from him that hath not shall be taken away even that which he hath.

      30 And cast ye the unprofitable servant into outer darkness: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.”

      Well, hopefully, I have helped you in some way. I will pray for you! God bless you in Jesus/Yeshua’s name! I’ve got to get ready for church, and afterwards, study all day for physiology. 😦 We never stop learning, do we?

    • Hi Sam Your answer is to “die to yourself” as Paul instructs us. When I start having problems, I have to stop thinking about “me” and put it on others . This so helps. Humble yourself before Father and ask him to remove some of the wisdom you asked for. Remember “Solomon”? Go and read his story again. I also asked for wisdom, but I said not as much as Solomon, because I know what Solomon went through .We all go through what you are going through. We all feel special, because we are special to Father, but we can’t let it get out of hand. Our day is coming. We all get fearful attacks from our adversary and doubt, the two “biggies”. I have slept with the light on a few times and I am a grown woman. I go to Father and he takes it away. Remember David played music for Saul and he was comforted. Music is from Father for our ministering to us. When you feel under attack, play your worship music, talk to Father about it and let him comfort you. I hope in my simple thinking this will help you. I have prayed for you as many here have. You will be helped. You are loved by your Father. He is the one who knows what you need. And remember to take “every thought captive”. That means when the bad thoughts come, say “no, I am not going to listen to that”. A lot of us use symbolisms, like hitting the delete button, etc., and they are gone. Fill your mind continually with good things, spiritual things and let the world be the world. Get out of it as much as you can. We are all on a journey, but we are not alone. We have Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Fathers angels, brothers and sisters in Christ. We are all here for one another.We all end our journey in victory. Remember Father tells us the end of our story. How awesome He is!!!!! And you are “His child”. Love you much

    • Sam – it’s hard to know where to begin, but here goes. Throughout the Bible there are many examples where God’s people stray from Him. Think of Moses going up to Mount Ararat to get the 10 commandments and God orders Moses down because Aaron and the rebellious Hebrews have made a golden calf to worship. These very same people that had seen with their own eyes the plagues and crossing of the Red Sea thought they knew more than God or didn’t need God. Another example is Solomon – for all of his wisdom he let the strange wives turn his heart away from God and establish pagan practices and worship other Gods. There are countless examples. There seems to be something in us an ebb and flow a yin and a yan where we draw closer to God and then ebb. You need to get reconnected to the vine. You need some Christian friends to talk to and work out this doubt in your head. You mentioned Science – if you believe it so much. So I will say that the second law of thermodynamics proves that God is real. Look it up. Understand entropy and you will realize that God is the driving force in all the world. In terms of all your bragging and pride. Someday you will realize that other than your parents, nobody else really cares about that stuff. You keep it to yourself, you achieve or not and you know deep down did you do your best or not. Like Melissa said with quoting the parable did you get the most out of what were given? Are you using the talents God gave you to help support the body of Christ or do you keep them to yourself. In terms of Hell – read Hell is Real by Bill Wiese. In terms of Heaven – read 90 minutes in Heaven by Don Piper. Read the Proverbs of Solomon. Humility and Honor come before Wisdom. I so very much love to read proverbs. It reminds me of how much I need to work on. But fear of the Lord is the begining of wisdom. You seem to be getting less wise as you are losing your fear of the Lord. Sam – in proverbs – you realize that correction is coming if you do not fear the Lord. If I said what you said I would be expecting a piano to fall on my head any minute. You need to get reconnected to the vine. I can tell you Sam that stuff has happened to me in my life – the Lord has answered prayers and he has rebuked and corrected me. I know it. I know he is real. Read those books and get reattached to the vine.

    • Hi Sam,

      I dont know if this will help at all but I have recently been through a very difficult time trying to escape from pride. I asked Jesus into my heart at an early age and through different pathways I chose, turned away from living his love, although of course I always continued to love Jesus, and call on him when I was scared (now that’s selfish). In time, I came across what is commonly known as ‘new age’ spirituality, which actually uses the words of God and Jesus to take you through a series of beliefs that culminate in you eventually believing that you can go straight to God (they don’t like to mention Jesus at all), and eventually, as they release more teaching year after year the message becomes that you are God, and therefore you must remember who you are and of course you are then taught to believe that you do miracles, not God, and you just have to channel the spirit. While I’m not suggesting that you have gone through this type of study (i.e. the Secret, Conversations with God, A New Earth), the message is getting very entrenched in this world and it all is designed to make you want, with a passion, to do great great things. Does that sound familiar? Three weeks ago I was spiritually attacked while I slept. I couldn’t open my eyes properly, move or speak but I knew what was happening – I managed to sing the Lord’s Prayer and it stopped. Since then I was led (not by Jesus) to read the next step in the new age spirituality that talks of the ‘one conscioussness’, and plugging into the miracle source. They actually tell you, you can dictate that you will do miracles like angels and Gods, and hurry this up. I wanted more than anything to do this and transcend my human self. I was sad confused and anxious during this time and none of it made sense. I started to do what I used to do when I was little and had asked Jesus into my heart. I remembered that I was taught that the way to God is through Jesus and so I started to pray for everthing in Gods name. Last night, finally, the depression and confusion stopped. While lying in bed I understood what had been happening and that I was given one last choice – either love God through Christ, or deny Christ in favour of my own divinity. I was given the message that this one consciousness be God stuff mirrors what Lucifer did before he was cast from heaven. He wanted greatness, to be greater than God. Don’t worry about what you are right now, you are lovely, and your God’s child and loved loved loved by Christ. I hope that your desire to do great things is always channelled through your love of Jesus hun because there are many many people out there who are trying to get us to love ourselves first and foremost and worse, they are describing a God who cannot be so when you worship that God you are pleasing Lucifer – you would have essentially done what he wanted to do. So love what you have with Jesus now and let him decide what your next step is and if it aint what you think is special now just know it is so much more loving and safe than what others are turning to at this time. Honestly hun, my depression and anxiety was REALLY bad and now, with Jesus and the proper love of actual God, it is much better. Just don’t stop doing things in JCs name because if it aint in his name it might be false. JC loves ya girl.

      • to sam (et al): all good words of wisdom here, except for lucifer part as thats a latin addition to the bible (saint jerome) and all the many fables that proliferated from same/name. (another lesson for another time perhaps) all God’s children want to make their ABBA proud, put a smile on HIS face, etc. This is good yet, remember that Yeshua (Jesus) “did it all” so stay focused/connected to Him and trials or no trials you’ll have to come out (of it/ of anything) okay ‘cuz “Jesus IS Lord!”.
        plain n simple advice. suggest u keep it simple. IF anyone needs spiritual warfare help via my testimony, u can reach me at :
        Shalom aleichem!

  194. Im struggle with sleeping around but im a Christian how do i get rid of this thing that is holdind me from doin gods work

    • I find that prayer helps a lot. Also, have a fear of God.
      (Matthew 10:28)
      “And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.”

      God is the one who can make you or allow you to be broken (not a bad thing because when we go through difficult times, it makes us lean on God and draws us closer to him).
      Psalm 31:12b, 24
      “12…I am like a broken vessel.

      13 For I have heard the slander of many: fear was on every side: while they took counsel together against me, they devised to take away my life.

      14 But I trusted in thee, O Lord: I said, Thou art my God.

      15 My times are in thy hand: deliver me from the hand of mine enemies, and from them that persecute me.

      16 Make thy face to shine upon thy servant: save me for thy mercies’ sake.

      17 Let me not be ashamed, O Lord; for I have called upon thee: let the wicked be ashamed, and let them be silent in the grave.

      24 Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the Lord.”

      God bless you and keep you safe in Jesus/Yeshua’s name!

    • are u a born again christian adenaan? pls tell us of your initial experience(s) in coming to JC in order for us to know more, help u more.

  195. thank you. 🙂

  196. Please help me. I am willing to surrender to Christ. I need help. Everyone I love I am about to lose. I do not know how to love very well and am not socially where I should be like others. I need to trust Christ but do not know how. I have been selfish towards people I care about esp my husband who I am going to lose. I dont know what to do. I have asked God to forgive me. It is a about to be very hard. People are going to be mean and I need to have some that will be kind to me. I am going to have to trust the Lord. I do not know what to do. Please help me–

    • Hello, My name is Melanie . I would like to help you anyway I can . First thing you need to do is read the new testament . skip around read a little Romans , then a little of John . Things will jump out at you , as if the Lord is telling you things. It is hard in the beginning but soon if you read every day if you can you will start to feel a puzzle coming together . Its the pieces of your life that is missing . I have no idea what you are going through right now . But I and the Lord will listen . I will be your friend and help you with what I can. My email is xanderess@yahoo.com if you need to talk .

    • Beth – a favorite of mine is Eph 4:13. “Be kind to one another, tender hearted, forgiving one another as God through Christ hath forgiven you.” You have to be a forgiver to be forgiven. Remember that God’s love is greater than all of our bad decisions. No matter how many steps we take away from God, we are only one step back to HIM. Pray with a clean heart and pray very specifically. All you can do is commit to change yourself and what others do is up to them and to God. You can do it.

    • You are already forgiven. Accept Jesus as your Lord and savior and he will do the rest.Your repentance shows that you are ready. Talk to your husband and run to God together.He will be waiting with open arms.

  197. Awesome! 🙂 I also read something along the same lines here.


    Be blessed!

  198. When you see nothing happening that’s when God moves. If you wan you can text me 4074808330 I’m Jon nice to meet you

  199. JC I know this is late but I know God has a plan for your life its not over yet great things will happen I cry as you cry and inside I know how you feel but I come to you as a witnesses in Christ…don’t give.up seek God and praise him put hi first that’s what I did and I have no life …you’ll be amazed what God can do in your hard times just seek him in truth and he shall see that don’t give up he hasn’t given up on you yet.

  200. I really dont know what to do. I am so far down that even a pit would be an elevation for me right now. I have been walking with God for a while recognized his call as a child and now 35 years later am feeling like I am the lonliest most useless person ever. I have read every scripture, prayed, fasted, did good deeds, everything possible to move past this stage in my life and nothing seems to avail. I have incured some incredible losses and over the last two years my life has been challenged to the point that not only have I questioned my sanity but my deserve to go on trying. I have been in the Word of God a long time and thought until that point I had seen my share of trials. I am embarrassed as I read other posts of new saints that struggle and feel that I should be helping them and not worrying about myself. How can I … I am in the pit myself. I have lost my house, my car, my relationship with my child has been tested, my education has been impacted, my husband not only left me but I discovered that as much as I did and do love him still tha I was just something to do before he turned 40 so that he could say he had experienced it. We were childhood sweethearts so I thought I knew what I was getting. He stole from me lied to me would no come home for days weeks sometimes and then argue only to leave again. I thought if I showed the patience and kindness that Jesus and God showed that would win him over after all he kept talking about how he wanted a relationship with God like what I had. Needless to say I have lost everything including my husband. Now I have given up on working on my thesis which was to be completed by May and have lost all the time and money invested in that degree. I have three other degrees under my belt but cant find a job and am reduced to working for minimum wage in retail. I am not knocking my humble beginnings but that is the point. These should not be humble beginnings, I should be alot further in life than I am. My aunt says who says you should be you are on God’s time but I cant hear from him. I had my life lined up so different and now I am sinking so far into depression and withdrawl that even if he was to bless me with the best federal law enforcement job ever I would be to broke and hurt to accept or perform. I am not fighting anymore. I have no fight left. I am sitting here as tears stroll in a dark room thinking I am losing my mind. I have no desire to breath much less do anything. Not sure how much longer I can go on believing my life is important or I am important to anyone. I though my relationship with God was unbreakable. Cant understand why some of the trouble could not have been blocked llike some of the blessings appear to have been.

    • Dear Bro,

      Please visit
      You are destined to reign in life with Christ.


      • Moshe S. You need to know that Joseph prince is a false prophet and his teachings are NOT biblical!

        Ask the Holy Spirit to show you the truth, and that s only available in the Bible my friend!

        Love in Jesus, Tony

    • Hi JC,

      God gave me psalm 139 for you, especially this portion:

      “For you created my inmost being;
      you knit me together in my mother’s womb.
      I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
      your works are wonderful,
      I know that full well.
      My frame was not hidden from you
      when I was made in the secret place,
      when I was woven together in the depths of the earth.
      Your eyes saw my unformed body;
      all the days ordained for me were written in your book
      before one of them came to be.”

      First of all I want you to know that the devil has been lying to you, making you believe that you are useless and that there is nothing left in this life for you. Remember, this too shall pass. God has an bird´s eye perspective opposed to our ´what´s in front of us´perspective. Remember his love is everlasting. He has not forgotten you, this is what he says to you:

      “Sing, O heavens; and be joyful, O earth; and break forth into singing, O mountains: for the Lord hath comforted his people, and will have mercy upon his afflicted. But Zion said, The Lord hath forsaken me, and my Lord hath forgotten me. Can a woman forget her sucking child, that she should not have compassion on the son of her womb? yea, they may forget, yet will I not forget thee.Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands; thy walls are continually before me.” Isaiah 49:13-16

      Seek him, bare your heart to him in your secret closet, tell him how you feel, what your husband did to you, cry all that you have to cry and the comforter will heal your heart. Get all the bitterness and disbelief out of your heart. Once you have gone to him ask him to help you forgive and take control of everything. Lay it all down for Him to solve, you never know what great works God will bring out of this. Recognize your inhability and weakness before him, come to him and he will receive you. Do not trust in your own strenght. If you can find somebody trustworthy in your congregation, seek their help and prayers.

      “For thus saith the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel; In returning and rest shall ye be saved; in quietness and in confidence shall be your strength: and ye would not.” Isaiah 30:15

      “Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28

      That said, you are precious in your God´s hand. What education or job you have does not add nor rest to your value. You are worth more that all the gold in the world because to Jesus you are precious, he paid the highest price for you. How much money or how many friends or how “succesfull” you are does NOT determine your value, not even your husband´s love could determine your value, only Jesus can and he did: you are priceless, better said your price was the blood of the Lamb of God and the King of Kings paid it. Sometimes God takes you to a place of despair so you can depend completely on him, because your friendship and trust is more important to him than anything else around you. Now, God does restore all things and makes all things new, and I am sure that if you put your trust in him he will work wonders. Maybe all he wants is for you to come to him so he can show you his wonders. Don´t pressure yourself or be angry because you are not who you are supposed to be by now, that´s another lie from Satan. Trust in the Lord, he is with you until the end of age. Praying for you. 🙂

      Love this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y8Enyh1Bqbc

      God bless you!

      • Gabriela,
        I am sitting here in tears after reading your post. I am baffled that someone a stranger actually cares enough to pray for me. I cant fathom that you took time out of your day to pray for me and to lift me up to Christ. You have made me smile and renewed my spirit. God Bless you all the more.

    • To JC,
      You may have post traumatic stress symdrome. You sound very depressed. Please seek professional help. There are many clinics that will treat patients on a sliding scale for payment. Continue praying. God is there. I lost EVERYTHING when in my early 40’s after working for many years. I am now in my early 50’s, still don’t have much in the way of material things, but know that God watches over me and will always be there for me. There’s an incredible feeling of freedom when one is not weighed down with “stuff”. Time and God are great healers. Hang in there and take it a day at a time.

      • Marie,
        Thank you for your response and I will take your advice. Thanks for your insight and your time. May God continue to Bless you and restore what has been lost. May He Bless the both of us.

    • Hello dear sister in Christ!
      I’m right there with you. I have been in school so long and have been working towards a degree. I have no romantic relationship either due to divorce and following Christ. It is such a lonely path but Jesus is right there with us every step of the way. As Christians, we “take up our cross daily”. I loved what Gabriella had to say, too. It was so touching. Forgive me if I don’t type correctly because yesterday I just found out that there’s something wrong with my heart (blood isn’t getting to the brain correctly and body either). I just wanted you to know that you are not alone and this:

      Matthew 6:20
      But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal:

      Satan is a liar. He wants to steal your joy. Our joy is in God and serving others. This life is an illusion. Things aren’t what they seem and upside down. Think of it. You have given up everything, except your faith, to be with God. He couldn’t be anymore delighted than He is now to have you so close, ready and willing to see His glorious face. That’s all I hope for…God is our hope and we must not give up the battle. We are His loving warriors. God bless anyone reading this…I love you all and Jesus! Praise His holy name, forever and ever!!! Amen.

    • God bless you dear sister. I am almost wet with tears reading through your note, and the greatest pain in my heart is not all you’ve been through, but rather the result it is presently about to have on you – giving up. Remember the Bible says that a live dog is always better than a dead lion. Everything the enemy wants to do, either through pain or joys, is to break the relationship we have with the Lord. I can only encourage you, like Job said, though He slay me yet will I hope in Him (Job 13:15) for I know that my redeemer lives (Job 19:25). At least there is hope for a tree, even if it is cut down, it will sprout again and it’s shoots will not fail (Job 14:7).

      I know you’ve been through so much, but remember that God hasn’t given up on you, so please don’t give up either. He is able to restore you by His grace, heal the wounds, and launch you even beyond the distance you have imagined you should be right now. Please don’t drop that degree, keep on pushing for May (Heb 12:1) You are surrounded by witnesses who have gone through before you on such challenges (I am one of them), and God brought them through, He can do it for you too. Please keep the faith, remember that even if we never get to meet here on earth, it will be amazing to find you in heaven and sit down and talk and and definitely laugh about this! Let this phase strengthen you. It all pales in comparison to what lies ahead!

      I love you as a brother in Christ, and I will keep praying for you! God bless you.

  201. Hi! I’m a christian but right of this moment I’m starting to feel like God is giving me a silent treatment. I’m so lost right now. Few months ago, we met a car accident, got into a really tight financial status. The same month my 3 kids got sick, in and out of the hospital. Next, the company of which my husband worked liberally took some benefits away and made our monthly income decreased. Financial pressure is just coming so fast and hit so hard. Bills are piling up, dues are getting crazy, tuition for my kids are coming close! On this moment I just felt so dumped! I know that HE knows I’m in trouble, it’s just that I can’t feel that He is helping me. I can feel HIM but it feels like HE is giving me a silent treatment. Even the smallest business I had was foreclosed. Everything we had was lost. I don’t know which direction HE is pointing me at. Everything is sinking. I did what I can. HE did not gave me any answer! If you can help me realize, please do so.. I don’t want to lose my faith in HIM. I don’t want to let HIM go, but it feels like HE is letting me go..

    • Hi Micaela,
      I just read your note and my heart goes out to you. I have never ‘responded’ to anyone before, but feel prompted to do so in this instance.
      Remember in the Bible the story of Job – he lost SO much, and went through so many struggles – but through it all he kept trusting His Lord. And the Lord kept reminding him that He was there. Job 36:7-11 “He does not withdraw His eyes from the righteous………He also opens their ear to instrution…………if they obey and serve Him, they shall spend their days in prosperity and their years in pleasures”….
      Then when you read the end of Job, chapter 42 you will see that the Lord restored Job’s losses and gave Job twice as much as he had before.
      I guess what I am saying is that we can go through times (and I think we all go through some stage in life) where life feels so difficult. But if we just keep trusting in our Lord, we WILL come through. You will get further down the track and look back and realise ‘hey we made it’. At least with going through stuff we know we are NEVER alone, that our Lord is walking through stuff with us. That to me personally is such a comfort because it would be so much harder if you didn’t believe, and felt you were doing life on your own. But you actually have a friend in Jesus who is constantly with you through it all.
      So can I encourage you to see that you are not alone in this, that He does care for you and care about what you are going through. Lift your head up and look to Him and know that He loves you and is walking WITH you. Your life can be a testiment to others as they watch you walking through stuff, and how you walk through it. Others will see that even though stuff is happening to and around you – that you walk with a Peace and a knowledge that you are not alone, and they will see the grace in which you walk through the trials, and they too will want what you have, they too will want that peace and sureity of the knowlege that you have that your creator knows and loves you and IS with you. Because He gives the air that you breathe – so in that thought alone, we know that He loves us.
      I too went through huge ‘life struggles’, but have come through and it has drawn me closer to my Lord. I think the huge thing to remember is that in going through life if we take our focus off the struggles and worship Him and thank Him for who He is, and even for creation then that places us in a headspace which is easier to cope. Lift your eyes to Him and trust Him because it is SO SO worth it. He will draw you closer and bring you into a closer place with Him that will fulfil you more than anything in life can do.
      I pray that you will feel His presence and know His power in your life Micaela. Don’t let go, Let God!!! Know that a sister in Christ is praying for you and your family.

      • Thank you so much Gloria. You made me realized that even though I felt weary and tired, still I knew I felt HIM around me and my family, so HE never did try to let me go, maybe it’s just a sign saying wait and hold on. I know I should not fret like this. But sometimes emotions just sweep your mind away and left your mind unstable to think. But I did learn my lesson. I know HE too can feel whats inside my heart right now. Thank you Lord for touching Gloria and just used her as a tool to remind me that YOU are just right behind me. Thanks a lot Gloria! May God bless you more. Thank you for praying for me and my family.

    • God is who He is and He is faithful. Hold on to Him. He will provide and make you and your family fruitful and draw you close through this.

      He has not forgotten about you! 🙂


      Look into the future with faith, knowing that blessings are in Him and on your horizon. Be so blessed!

  202. I was wondering if you could explain how it is exactly that God is perfect, supposedly perfect in every way, yet has so many wants and desires? I’m not implying God wants anything material, but the mere notion that he is a creator that creates things that should serve a purpose implies he has something he wishes to see fulfilled. This simple contradiction illustrates that God is flawed, now we can sensibly evaluate him and determine how and in what ways he is flawed if we are interested but he is most certainly flawed. If God was perfect, implicit in that is that he would be perfectly content. I’ve attached a definition for perfection below. Cheers

    The oldest definition of “perfection”, fairly precise and distinguishing the shades of the concept, goes back to Aristotle. In Book Delta of the Metaphysics, he distinguishes three meanings of the term, or rather three shades of one meaning, but in any case three different concepts. That is perfect:

    1. which is complete — which contains all the requisite parts;
    2. which is so good that nothing of the kind could be better;
    3. which has attained its purpose.

    • God is perfect in all three “concepts” or definitions you quote. 1. He has no lack of parts – i.e. He is a complete all powerful God. There are no accounts where God needed something and did not get it or have it. 2. God is the creator. What can be better than it’s creator? Can the clay pot say to the potter, why have you made me this way? 3. God has a plan and a purpose. God himself can be perfect and good and his plan for us and the world not be fully executed yet. There is nothing about being content in your Aristotle definitions. God wants us to love Him, love our neighbors and do what is right and good. You can speculate on God’s motives and what the full plan might be. You might better ask yourself what is your purpose? The process of the world attaining it’s purpose for God can mean that the world is not perfect. Do you know the purpose of God? If the purpose is the act of creating the heavens and the earth, then one could consider that purpose attained. The wisdom of this world is folly and as smart as we might think we are, God knows infinitely more. It comes down to faith. Read the end of the book of Job and you can see what God thinks of man questioning Him.

      • ABSOLUTELY “PERFECTLY” stated R.C. Nothing further.

    • The question is not, “Is God perfect?” but how can we, who are so obviously imperfect, understand the perfection of God. Come to understand what this means, “I desire compassion and not sacrifice,” (Matt. 9:13, Matt. 12:7, Hosea 6:6) and you will understand the perfect love of God who because of His great compassion became the sacrifice in the person of His Son Jesus that we might know His love and for all eternity abide in His presence. Come to know His love and He will astound you with the perfection of His wisdom. May you be blessed. Hallelujah to the Lamb!

  203. Thank u brother for giving me such a beautiful message.seriously god relieved me from my frustration that what to do thank you god&praises to the lord only. please give me some more messages

  204. This may sound like im being a wiseguy with u but im not….. can i have a job with u

  205. I know what you mean but GOD made us all in his immage and I have to believe that our hearts are all good and it is a choice do we want to do good or not. I just wish that my life resembled what God thought of me and that people would see it too. I am not a bad person but i have wondered far away from God and sometimes only call to him when i am in need. Than is wrong then last night I had some problems again and went on my knees and told God i cannot anymore. I gave my heart to him and asked him to forgive my sins and forgive me for the things i am not proud of in my life. someone very close to me tell me i am not worthy and that i am and will always be trash. I dont want to believe that any more and only GOd can restore the love i need to feel for myself again. I cannot help my partner or my son If i am negative and cannot even help myself. anyone remember what psalm is the one where God tells us if we get hurt because it is his plan we must hold on and have faith God knows what he is doing. and whoever gets prosecuted in his name must be glad they are sharing in Gods suffering and what he went through . I want a better life and i dont deserve this violence any more but what does a person do if you love this person that is hurting you and believe he needs love real love as much as i do…………. no one ever loved him properly he needs me…; i just wish we could be happy and he would believe me.
    Thank you for your replies they have helped me so so much more than any of you could ever know

    • Riana – I think you are in a domestic abuse situation and as Katherine suggested earlier you need to get some help. I did a quick google and came up with 1-800-621-4673 for a hotline you can call. In your first sentence you mentioned doing good. I want you to consider also what you are not doing. Forgive me because this sounds more like Dear Abby than Lord, what do I do with my life. But your son has to be your priority. Exposing him to the partner is going to potentially damage his self-esteem and cause him to have issues with women in the future and you don’t want that. So you are making an error in trying to help the partner at the cost of the son. Protect the innocent. The partner’s baggage from his childhood while regrettable does not supersede your duty as a mom to your son. I hope the hotline can help you extricate yourself from the partner. Consider how many potential nice Christian men out there that you could end up with in a loving relationship. Consider that number versus your partner. You have one son, at least so far. I don’t think you need to feel that you are not showing compassion to the partner by showing him the door. Maybe that kick is what he needs to realize the error of his ways. I am sorry to hear that someone you thought was your friend told you you would always be trash. That someone probably had another someone tell that to them before. You need some better friends. Maybe you can talk to a relative, a neighbor, a pastor, or someone that you respect and has a good heart and see if they can help you sort things out. I get the sense that your life is tangled up pretty badly. Like a fishing line, it doesn’t get untangled by itself and it doesn’t happen right away.You need to step back and plan a few moves out and then get to it. The Lord is so gracious and good. I pray that HE will send some people your way to help. Don’t give in. Take some ownership, get some people on your side, make some plans, and go to it. You can do it.

      • I want to take this time to say thank you for those whom have been true christians and that have given everyone a fair chance. i dont beleive that one person on this earth is better than another and we all make mistakes. some poeple are right that perhaps this wasnt the way to go to ask for help, though some coments have heped me in keepin myself busy and believing in myself again others havent been the response you would expect from someone that loves God. God said that the church is there for sinners if it was there for people whom are sinless the church would be emptry. Not one sin is worse than another and you have responded to the violence comment but you have forgotten the one important ellement. i love this man and though things have been tough lately what relationship is without problems. i contacted you to help me not to make another human bad.

        yes maybe it was wrong of me to ask for help but it wasnt so you can talk him bad or to leave him but to give me advice how to make things better. who here have never made a mistake and if God has forgiven us what is so different about other people. we cannot judge and we are supposed to love our neighbours as we love ourselves. I understand the points made and though my heart was in the right place it was never my intention for you to stone the man that i love. God loves us all no matter what we do,

        Like i said i have made many mistakes in my own life and like another friend pointed out to me i am not blameless in this situation. I have hurt him too in the past and also resulted violence with violence and just hope that i never do that again. so you seee we all have deamons we struggle with and jsut want to ask you next time someone asks for advice give them the answer God would give not what we ask humans think isnt this what this site is all about ultimately- God where to from here. firstly i have made many mistakes in my lfie done things i am not proud of either ,. i have in a bad time of my life sold my body for money and i have been bitter and angry towards the world for a long time, God has forgivven me for everything dont we owe others the same courtousey. God died for us all on the cross and i know i have to ask him to forgive me for hurting anothers feelings

      • Riana or Natasha – not sure who. Forgive me if I gave you some comments you did not like. It was interesting to note in your response that you did not mention your son one time. But maybe this is a different person? God is good and I wish you and your son well.

      • Riana/Natasha, here’s a book to help you, The Verbally Abusive Relationship, How to Recognize it and How to Respond,” by Patricia Evans. http://www.amazon.com/The-Verbally-Abusive-Relationship-recognize/dp/1440504636/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1348162473&sr=8-1&keywords=abusive+relationships

  206. Thank you for your comments. they have really helped me allot., I feel so wrong lately and sometimes that God is punishing me for the decisions that I have made or actually from birth. I feel loveless and that no one could possible love me because no one just loves me for whom i am./ so this really was inspiring. I know my life with the Lord isnt right and he is the only way that my life will come right. wherre do i start and my son deserves a better life than the one i had as a child and i want to give him that . I want to wake up in the morning and love myself as well as well as the man in my life look up to me and love me and himself. In order to help him and my child i have to help myself first and get the will to live again and like myself . the only one who can give me that is God and I need his help. Where do I start. Thank you for your reply i needed that this morning

    • Hang in there Riana. We are all equally deserving of love in God’s eyes. The grace of Jesus Christ and his sacrifice for us removes our sins. We don’t feel worthy and we aren’t. We are all sinners. God is all powerful. Pray to Him for peace in your life. That is a good start. As hard as it might be given difficult circumstances, try to have more and more love in your heart. God loves a true and faithful heart. I am struggling right now to make sure that my heart is true. I am not sure how I know if I have a good heart. Sometimes I feel more close to God. I am working on it. I am a sinner. Keep working at it.

  207. I I really enjoyed this devotion I always feel like God is mad at me because I can’t do enough for I know I don’t do enough. I’ve lost the simplicity of me and him and relationship please pray and pray for my children thank you anod bless you in Jesus loves u

    • Tammy I know what you mean and I can imagine how that must feel but my life is slowly feeling more loved and i feel closer to God today than i was yesterday.. Like i said to my partner I lost the will to live lately and yes it was so wrong of me but concidered taking my own life i thougt the world was a better place without me in it and i was wrong, i need to change my outlook and stop listening to the people telling me i am worth nothing.. I felt cut off from the world and God and though I feel better today i have a long way to go, thank you its nice to know im not alone and as i will you will see things through God will get better we have to believe. A sermon i listened to once said we have to stop praying for noting to happen. Istead of saying God is it your will let my life be better , I do that. Stop being patronising and say GOd i want to be happy help me

  208. Im only 15 and i just had a life changing dream … I had a dream that god was testing who trusted in him. All christians were on the side of a cliff and tidelwaves were approaching and as the last one came i ran away. Afterwards i made this stupid excuse that i thought that god wouldnt do that to us when really i didnt trust in him i had this dream for a reason, and so did you that dream was your “conversation” with him he speacks in wierd ways but he does that so we can choose rather to build a house or not or run away or not
    I hope this helped

    • God is good. You will be tested and go through problems in your life be they health problems, marriage problems, career problems, money problems, legal problems, substance/addiction problems, business problems, school problems etc. My view is that God wants you to lean on him and ask for help to get through. He is rooting for you and wants to help and loves you very much. My understanding of your wave coming to the cliff dream is that you seem to think that you are supposed to stand there and let the wave knock you down off the cliff as a testament to your faith in God. Step back – why are you standing on that cliff with the other christians. Why do you need this big show of your faith to prove your love and faithfulness? My opinion is that God doesn’t want you do to do this one great thing to please him and prove yourself. God is every day, all day, steady and good. Do the little things each day – pray, be a good neighbor, read your bible, be a working member of the body of Christ. We all slip up. We do dumb things sometimes. But if we have an ongoing relationship with God it makes it easier to get past small mistakes. You are 15 and you have a lot to learn and go through. Your faith and your relationship with the Lord is not some super bowl that is won on one play late in the game. It is maybe more a marathon where each quarter mile might be a year. One step at a time…one day at a time…work on it and build the trust with HIM.

  209. I had been widowed 2years and wanted to move to a smaller home, but people who wanted mine were having trouble selling theirs. I too the problem to God: “Lord, I will offer to do a part-exchange with the next to see my house, and I wont mind where they live – Timbuktoo if necessary – because I’ll know that’s where you want me to serve You.” That is what happened, and I could never have met the wonderful woman who became my 2nd wife, had I moved anywhere else .

  210. So simple, but true we seem to forget that . It was a ruff day at work but when I saw this advice I receive it and brought me back to earth , good work I’ll try to help others in Oder to help myself. Thks

  211. I Need your help desperately. I have been through allot lately yes some of my own doing but some not so . i am in a relationship at the moment with allot of anger, violence and also jelloussy. the thing is i love him dearly and i dont want to leave him i just want an answer a way i can help him and myslef through christ. i want him to know everything is goingto be ok and i want to know how to help him. he is so depressed and hasnt been home for two days drinking and other things i am angry but lettin g him know i love him is more impoortant. how do i know what GOd wants me to do i do i know what to do

    • I would pray and pray and pray and God will show you a way to handle this situation. You can also join a prayer group in your church or start to attend church as there is power in prayer. I will pray for you tonight and you should start seeing a change soon. What you can do in the meantime is keep yourself busy and your home tidied and organized so that when he IS home he is less likely to become upset. If he is jealous of you and other men, show him in ways that you love only him and have eyes only for him. However, if he is violent towards you in ANY way you need to LEAVE IMMEDIATELY as this is UNTOLERABLE! You can go to a women’s shelter but remember that if he hurts you ONCE he WILL hurt you AGAIN. You are above getting hurt and being used like that. If he is hurting you, remember, there is someone else out there in this world that would be willing to have a relationship with you and will treat you gently and lovingly. You don’t deserve anything less than that. God sees you and listens to you and he will tell you in your heart what your next step is. Go with your heart. Pray, tell God, do what he shows you to do, I will pray too.

    • Trust in the lord and lean not to your own understanding! Seek God through his word knowing that God wants the best for you! Love is not anger, Love is not jelious, love is not violent. Just because we love someone dose not mean that we have the power to change them. Trusting God is taking your hands off the matter and giving it to God to work it out the way that he has already preordain it to be. We just have to line ourselfs up in the word of God which is the well of God for our lives To let go and let God! seek ye the kingdom of heaven and everything eles shall be added

    • You are not meant to suffer violence, or give violence to others. Love is patient, love is kind It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Find a domestic violence crisis center and ask for help.

    • I have been here. The absence of threats and violence appears to be a good thing – it gives hope that there is a positive change. Sadly it does not change. Never. In the meantime everyone gets hurt. Both of you and your friends and family…

      This is hard but…you must get yourself into a safe place. A place where you can think. Once you are safe you will be more able to make decisions. You will be more able to help yourself. You will be more able to help you both.

  212. I come b4 u Lord Jesus asking 4 forgiveness as i hve sined b4 u im a sinner Lord by thinking,speaking and by doing Lord Jesus plz forgive me, Lord nw that i come b4 u i want to know what u want me to do dat ive been doing wrong show yourself unto me guide me as i dont know what to do anymore but all i knw i want to serve u plz father reviel urself unto me.

  213. As I strugle with my faith I came upon your blog. I for a long time had faith, but of late it had been shaken. All around me everything seemed to be falling apart in my life and it seemed as if God really wasnt there. Now I know it could have been so much worse and he was there all the time. Thank you for renewing my faith. I hope I can take your lession and move forward.

  214. I typed in the words Lord what would you have me do and this came up.I am greatly blessed to know read the encouragement to others and i too have been encouraged.I want to know my purpose and why God created me.I am born again and will be graduating from graduate school and want to do only His Will.Whether its relocation,further education,I also need finances to pay my school fees but most of all i want a friendship with God to be led and hear his Voice.For the infilling of His Glorious Holy spirit.Please pray with me.
    God bless you all.

  215. All of us can take God’s word out of context. The big view presented by the bible is a “love story.” God knows that none of us are capable or worthy – capable of stopping our sin except through the Holy Spirit working through us and worthy of His love, but He offers it freely anyhow. Read the story of the prodigal son (Luke 15:11-32) and then imagine yourself coming up the road to The Father’s open arms. Let go!

  216. I had once believed and became a believer. I sinned but he still forgive. But this time, I have done too much-sinned too much. Now i am not in rest. I breathe like an empty bottle. I walk without a rod. I believe the Lord already left me and will never get back to me again. Read Hebrews and it said, ‘For it is impossible to bring back to repentance those who have already received the Spirit then turned to evil.’ The Lord said He chose those people who are now with Christ, and I believe I am not one of them. How much i cry, ask forgiveness, confessed, nothing works. I know there is something wrong in me and not with God. I just don’t know what to do. I am just waiting for Him to get me.

    • Resist the devil and he will flee from you. I believe that when we sin against God sometimes He just can’t bear to look. He loves us still. I can tell that you feel that God has abandoned you. It is written that I will never, ever forsake you. You are not a hopeless cause. But repenting of sin means not to do it again. That is easier said than done but you have to work on it. The beginning of wisdom is fear of the Lord. You need some wisdom silence. Do some good for others, pray, resist temptation, and you will begin to feel better about your faith. God is there still and He wants you – all of us – in his kingdom for eternity. The next time you feel tempted to sin against God, say this prayer, “Dear God, I am yours eternally. Please give me the strength to resist the devil and do that which is right and good in your eyes. I praise you and thank you for Jesus Christ who died for all of our sins. Amen.”

    • May the Lord pour out His blessings upon you this very day. The Lord loves you very much. You are His child, and the devil is a liar. The devil will use scripture to try and condemn you, to try to tell you that the Lord doesn’t love you anymore. The devil even used scriptures on Jesus when He was in the wilderness for 40 days.
      If my child left me and went out into the world, I would definetely take them back. Read the story of the prodigal son, how his father not only took him back, but had a party for him. This story is how our heavenly Father is toward us.
      1st. John 1:8-10
      If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.
      If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
      If we say that we have not sinned, we make Him a liar, and His word is not in us.
      This is written to Christians, we all sin and fall short of the glory of God.
      I will be praying for you today. Know that He loves you. He is not going to throw you out.
      He who comes to Me, I will in no wise cast out.

  217. Hi, I am a Christian but sometimes have wavering faith especially when it comes to my strengths regarding my career choices. I am currently working in the field of social services and to make a long story short I am burned out. I enjoy the job but not some of things that come along with it. I was offered a job with the federal government yesterday with excellent benefits as well as increased pay plus it is still in the field of helping others. The problem is the job is temporary to last 2 years. I have been placed in this situation before and left another federal job only to discover the job eventually became permanent for the people who stayed. I am afraid to take this job because I can’t be without employment because I have a family and a daughter I am sending to private school. I have been blessed to never have been without a job despite the economy and I know He has never failed me before…I’m afraid to step out on faith

    • Linda – I would take this to the Lord in prayer. Your faith in God should not waver because of the ups and downs in your professional life. God and the love of Jesus are constants. Everbody gets knocked down at one point or another in their life – health problems, business problems, marriage problems to name a few. You have more of a dilemma. You want to know what you should do. Weigh the pros and cons and pray and talk to friends. Put off the decision a few days and let things clear up. Magnum PI used to call it the little voice inside his head. I have heard others describe it in many ways – internal compass. There is a type of dialogue with the subconscious and usually it will guide you the right way – if your mind is clear and you have good in your heart. I don’t think this is much help to you but I wish you luck in your decision.

      • Proverbs 3:5,6 meditate on this scripture and ask God for direction and he will direct your paths. Be blessed and prosper.

      • RC and Blade,
        Thank you for your response….. Blade it’s so ironic you suggested this scripture because my sister quoted the same scripture yesterday.. once again thanks

  218. Just what the doctor ordered! Feeling really stressed over the details of selling our home and moving to another part of the country to join a church plant and your words hit home. Thanks for sharing your heart and experience. Keep proclaiming the Good News!

  219. no need to worry, to anybody. YHVH, that’s Yahavey – our one and only most high God and FATHER – will make your meaning known to you. he loves you and has made you to be just that – you. you have a purpose and are special in every day of your waking 🙂

  220. This just transformed my way of thinking… It might sound funny or wierd but I just typed on Google “Lord, what do you want me to do?” and I am glad I found this because I have been feeling down and inadequate lately but the Lord does have a way of making things work out great!! Thank you and may God bless you!!

  221. Thank you for this it helps a lot. Im having such a hard time fighting with myself everyday… Im a worrywart by nature i have bad anxiety and it gets in my way constantly… I came to know the Lord at about 17 I love him but wasnt living as should… Im 24 now i have to lil boys and God has blessed me with a wonderful husband as well… recently God called to my attention that He wanted me to walk in his ways i knew i wasbt devoting time to him and took it to heart and started seeking out more.. God gave me my spritual gifts and all and i was so happy! I was happy that i actually was making a difference… that wasnt too long ago and now i feel empty sad alone confused…. Sometimes i feel so empty i cant pray and the joy has become into sadness… i try to see what i did wrong… wht i feel that presence that fullness…. evryday i fight myself from being negative… negative
    thoughts trouble me and i cant shake them.You
    cant love God if your empty… you won’t make it…its pretty overwhelming and I’m sorry I’m such a mess but this is currently my story . God blessss each one you

    he wanted me

    • Did you stop to think that by being a good mother and wife that you were doing what God wants you to do? All the work that goes into filling those two very important roles helps. Somebody has to do it. You may feel more fulfilled by other works that you do, but taking care of your husband and children is important to God. Sometimes opportunities come your way to do other works. When you pray, you talk to God. When you read the bible, you hear him. Tell Him how you feel. As far as the negativity – you are young. Life will have many ups and downs. Your faith is your bulwark against those ups and downs. That God loves you is the constant. Life is not easy and all of us have rough times and things we wish we would not have done. I remember a sermon our pastor gave about treading water. Imagine that you are in the middle of the ocean by yourself treading water trying to keep afloat. You get tired and it would be so easy to take a swallow of that ocean water and go to the bottom. But you don’t – you keep treading water and you get through it. Eventually you get rescued. People are counting on you and you can’t give up. Lean on God. Tell Him and keep treading water. You can do it.

  222. can i ask.. i know now that i have to believe right? But … it doesn’t seem that simple to me now.. i know this maybe a stupid question but em.. How can i make myself to be fully believe and have faith in Him? Please answer… Sorry..

    • Novi – seek the Lord and you will find him. Your faith will grow as you seek diligently. Read your Bible, pray, and see how the Lord works through you. As time goes on you will feel better about your Faith. Jesus love and his sacrifice are in a way free to us which makes us feel unworthy, which we are. Show Him your love and thankfulness each day in your life by loving God, following his commandments and treating everyone like your neighbor. If you stumble, repent and ask for forgiveness. You can do it.

  223. Ok, this might not be the right place to ask this question but I hope you can give me some guidance. I am a Born Again believer in Jesus Christ and commit my life to Him everyday. I try to live in line with His word and follow His leading. I truly love Jesus. I am 23 and have been walking with Jesus for less than a year.

    I have been applying for jobs and I pray over every cv I send out. Tomorrow I am being offered a job as a merchandise planner in retail. I have been praying a lot on whether or not to take it and I can’t seem to hear God’s voice. I dress modestly, but I am afraid to take this job. Is it not to vain to be working in such a worldly surrounding? I thought I might be used there and as a job it is the perfect mix between creativity and figures ( I studied finance). I just do not want to do the wrong thing. I really hope you guys can help me with some guidance.

    Thank you so much. Have a blessed day.
    South Africa

    • Sumae my advice would be to take the job. Christians live and work in the world. Your heart and love for Jesus transcends this world. Retail sales/marketing/finance at least in the US is not a den of thieves and robbers with temptation abounding. But you know your situation better. Perhaps through your job you might meet other Christians or you might impact other people who might want to learn about Christianity through you. There could be a culture difference here that I don’t know about. I would pray about it. You can always quit the job if you feel it conflicts with your Christian values. So I say give it a try.

  224. Waooh!!
    I never knew that all that is required of me is to ““Trust the LORD & DO GOOD“. But how can i do that when my life is empty & full of hidden pains and sexual sins. I need help because i have tried every means to them out of my life.

    • I too have have struggled with sexual temptations my whole life.
      I find when temptation strikes a simple prayer works: Lord, please remove these temptations from me. then say the “Our Father” and focus on Him.
      But remember when you do stumble and fall, as we all do. That God is always there waiting for us to return to Him and ask forgiveness.

      • Gods grace is far greater than the worst sin anyone can commit. He is a loving Father always ready and willing to forgive us. The ten commandments were given to man and God knew man could not keep it but through it to show man is a failure without God. The commandments brought mankind every year to come and offer up a sacrifice for their failure at the temple until Jesus came and offered His blood once and for all by giving us His life therefore the Blood of Jesus shall never lose its power. The legalistic and religious church that preaches and teaches grace and law puts mankind into bondage and condemnation. We are in a dispensation of Grace that compels us to love Him so much that we cannot sin against Him hurt or grieve the precious Holy Spirit that abides in us. The key is if you love someone you will not hurt that one and so it is with Jesus. l was a Christian for many years but just a few years ago l fell in love with Him when l received a revelation of His Grace, Jesus is not mad with you He loves you very much don’t walk in guilt or condemnation . So many pastors are such great men whom l respect and love very much but they preach what they have heard and were taught . Any Christian that’s tasted the Grace of God cannot judge condemn or criticize another because they realize how the best Christian fails God daily and we are only sustained by the Grace of God. Religion wanted to stone the woman caught in adultery but grace and truth stepped in and said ; He that is without sin cast the first stone; they all walked away . May this be an encouragement to those that feel that God is mad with them that is not true it is from the devil himself . You may say my sin is too big sin is sin . There is no size in sin that is the reason no one can judge another , your sin maybe could be seen but the other is a secret sin , therefore Jesus said the thought is just as good as the action., The key is to pray to the Holy Spirit , Please help me to Love Jesus more than anything else on this earth. We have a band of men and women whose heart s God has touched and will be willing to pray for you and your needs upon request. He is faithful and always answers our prayers and He will do the same for you. I am your friend only by His Grace and extend my love towards you and your family.

  225. Well in several occasions in my life I wished death could be d best option for me,there were times I saw no reason to be happy,any where every wher reflects deep darkness.a taught came into my mind;’GOD DOES’NT VE TIME CREATING VALUELESS STUFF’then it ocured to me that am of great value purposely created to add value to some’life in problem.only then I became afraid to die when some one out there needs my help.I saw reasons to b happy again,and always remain positive.

    • dear,…same way I felt, when I sinned, amazing God he forgive me every time I am crying every time peoples are open and express their inside how the beauty of you that opened, let others learn from fact and testimonies, I am crying not judge or under estimate any one’s value because their is many variable I don’t know ….many unknowns but we see fixed broken…. fill the empty….amazing God.

  226. Am so much blessed with this post, before asking this question to myself, i was so much depressed . The spirit has really spoken to me thro this. I give His all the glory. Delight

  227. Thanks for sharing this message!!! I was having this problem today!!! And asking myself this question… It really helped to understand it better!!!! Thanks again!!!

  228. I started reading this post because I’ve been feeling lost lately. I’ve been a christian all my life, but just recently (about 4 yrs ago) did I really meet Christ. Right now I’m in a position where I am doubting what God wants for my life. I see my friends and most of them know what they’re going to do with their lives, It is extremely depressing since I’m a senior in college and I still have no idea what God’s plans are for me. Sometimes I feel like I want to go to grad school but then I feel that I wouldn’t be doing anything for God…This post has helped me remember how by believing in Him, and Trusting Him, my answers will be answered. I’m still somewhat distressed but I know deep in my heart that my only answer is to turn to Him alone. Thank you for writing this 🙂

    • I saw your post this morning. As someone much older than you, I believe that we all go about searching for what God wants us to do, specifically. Perhaps it is so we can feel good about ourselves for “doing something for the Lord.” Then we get frustrated when we feel like we are not hearing from Him on the specifics.

      There is nothing, specifically, you can do for God other than follow the answer Jesus gave when asked by a Pharisee, “Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?” Jesus replied: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: Love your neighbor as yourself.” (Matthew 22:36-39 NIV84)*

      Although we may not have discovered a specific mission for this moment in our lives, how much more does He need to tell us that in the passage above? “Love God. Love your neighbor.” This is all He commands. Everything good under the sun – feeding the hungry, caring for the sick, comforting others, holding a bible study or creating a work of art – will be derived from this commandment.

      Then, through the prophet, Jeremiah, God gives us a broad picture of His plan. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” And, in the next verse, He tells us how to uncover that plan, the plan you are seeking now. “Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”(Jeremiah 29:11-13 NIV84)

      “Love God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.”
      “Love your neighbor as yourself.”
      “Seek Him with all your heart.”

      Do these things as you move on with your life, whether you move into a career now or go on to grad school. He will let you know if and when He has a specific assignment for you.

      God bless.

      *Note in this passage that Jesus was simply summarizing the Ten Commandments, the first four are how to love God and the second six are how to love your neighbor.

    • Good luck to you Daughter of the King. Congratulations on closing in on an important milestone – finishing your bachelor’s degree. Be happy about that accomplishment. I remember being in the same boat about 25 years ago. Interview for jobs that are posted and apply to grad school at the same time. Keep your options open. Fortunately for me (as it turned out) I did not like my first job very much and that made me go back to grad school and work harder toward the career that I wanted. It took me another 20 years to understand God’s time. He has a plan for you. You really don’t want to know it – it would be like reading the end of the book first. Love God and remember the beginning of wisdom is fear of the Lord. Pray and ask for guidance and the Lord will make it apparent in HIS time what you should do – a job or grad school. They are both good options. Congratulations again.

      • My Goodness! this is so true.:)

    • I had this worry not long ago. Just wanting God to reveal his plan for my life, wondering if I’m on the right path and how I can know when I am. My friend just said this to me.. to think of my christian life as a DAILY walk, submit each day to him, live according to his will for that day by trusting him with every situation and every aspect and by showing his love to others and the bigger plan will come into view. just aim at getting your heart right with god so that you can be available to him once you have matured. Listen to this song… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJznj1a8I1w hope this helps!x

  229. I see now that I want the impossible… a direct answer to why God made me. Humbling myself is what I need to do, maybe then God will show me mercy and bless me. My life is a hot mess and I’m a recovering suicidal… I just don’t get why HE made… he could have easily made 10 better christians, but why me. I cannot do anything at all, I’m not athletic, not a genius, not wealthy… just a guy who wishes he had had a choice in existing. It’s not fair.

    • What you want is irrelevant seek to know God and you will recognize his voice. You can do nothing of yourself ……God will humble you if you belong to Him. If what you want is God to make your life better so you can go on living as you do…….. He won’t. He wants your life. Seek Him present yourself a willing vessel so He may live His life through you. Apart from God no matter what anybody’s history we are all condemned. God mercy was through His son who came took on all the sin of the world so that those who believe in Him would have everlasting life. Seek him and submit to Him and you will understand you are exactly what God made you He makes no mistakes. Living a Christian life is not about you it is about Jesus and being a reflection Him. Something that is unobtainable by you but obtainable through Him. Consider what is fair…… consider you and your issues trying to live in this world. And a King a God that all things created including you were created through Him. Comes to this world and is treated like a piece of trash all the way to the cross pouring out His love for those that abused Him taking all the sins of the world separating Himself from the Father who hates sin and dyeing the most heinous death known.
      I know it is not about me
      The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want … why? because He has provided all my needs.
      I pray the Lord will bring you to a place where you are satisfied with what He has given

    • There is no such a thing as good Christians, for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God 24 and all are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus. 25 God presented Christ as a sacrifice of atonement,[i] through the shedding of his blood—to be received by faith. He did this to demonstrate his righteousness, because in his forbearance he had left the sins committed beforehand unpunished— 26 he did it to demonstrate his righteousness at the present time, so as to be just and the one who justifies those who have faith in Jesus.

      God loves you because your heart is focused on Him. He knows you would like to do much more and he knows your limitations too. Read the versus below and think about how the apostle Paul saw himself, however he was a powerful instrument in God’s hand. Just trust God and live the best way you can….He will guide your steps to the end.

      For we know that the law is spiritual: but I am carnal, sold under sin. 15For that which I do I allow not: for what I would, that do I not; but what I hate, that do I. 16If then I do that which I would not, I consent unto the law that it is good. 17Now then it is no more I that do it, but sin that dwelleth in me. 18For I know that in me (that is, in my flesh,) dwelleth no good thing: for to will is present with me; but how to perform that which is good I find not. 19For the good that I would I do not: but the evil which I would not, that I do. 20Now if I do that I would not, it is no more I that do it, but sin that dwelleth in me.

      21I find then a law, that, when I would do good, evil is present with me. 22For I delight in the law of God after the inward man: 23But I see another law in my members, warring against the law of my mind, and bringing me into captivity to the law of sin which is in my members. 24O wretched man that I am! who shall deliver me from the body of this death? 25I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord. So then with the mind I myself serve the law of God; but with the flesh the law of sin.

    • Spore700 – it seems that you are seeking purpose and meaning in your life. No matter how bad you have it there are others who are much worse off than you. This is not a misery loves company argument but really just a plea for you to take stock and realize that things could be worse. I suggest you try to do something for someone else – a random act of kindness. This could make you feel better. You will see that a purpose that you can serve is to help others. You don’t need to be wealthy, a great athlete, etc. to make a difference in somebody’s life. God loves you and will help you. If you want to read from the Book of Job you will see God’s answer to man questioning him. Some things you could do acting as a brother or sister in Christ would be to give a few dollars to homeless, volunteer to: help kids (big brothers/big sisters), work in soup kitchens, help elderly with home chores etc. You will find in making the first step and in giving that you receive way more than you give. This will start to provide some fulfillment and help you. Pray and keep your eyes open and God will bring opportunities to you. Hang in there. It is not easy but you can do it!

      • please idid not say that i am suffering i mean i am a student
        and i dont know what to be in future.please can you interview
        me on to be,that was what i meant

  230. This is exactly what I needed to hear. Funny thing I just got out of a Bible study and we read about 4 of the scriptures you quoted. Meant to be. Praise Jesus.

  231. Great post! I normally don’t leave comments but I was really blessed by your post. I am a new Christian ( 4 yrs.). I Love Jesus so much and like you said, I just want to DO something for him and the little i do , I feel is not good enough. I Love the book of St. John and the verse 6:: 28-29 really blessed me. funny how when i read it online I was like WOW it hit me, so i went to my bible and low and behold it was highlighted in my bible. God is great he always has a way to bless us and he used you to bless me today. Please keep me in your prayers and i’ll do the same. God Bless you!

  232. I need help I want God to forgive me I have sinned and want forgiveness in Him but I know I will suffer for consequences..I dont feel free anymore in doin God things because the sin is eating me always no one knows but God !! How do I get over it if I confess my husband will leave me and will have no family please help me

    • Zamile,
      All things are possible through our Lord Jesus. I will pray and continue to Pray for you. Seek Him and ask Him for forgiveness. Read His word and you will find comfort.


      Romans 3:23
      For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;

      1 John 3:20
      For if our heart condemn us, God is greater than our heart, and knoweth all things.

      1 John 1:9
      If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

      • To Peter Steward. Thank you for your advise Im in a prayer and am still suffering for my sins beside confessing to Lord of which I have already done and prayin a lot I have also have a challenge I dont now how to tell my husband that I had an affair !!I never done this even at my young stage I dont know what happen to me here its the only way I can express my self please tell me what to do because If I tell my husband he is goin to dervoce me he made it obvoius that he will never have me if I will ever cheat on him.I feel bad even want to kill myself because I cant face the embarrasment I wanna do right I wanna go back to God and be a good wife but now ! My life is really messed up what must I do now !!please help me I will do .

  233. There are only two paths to travel
    right and wrong
    just and unjust
    righteous and unrighteous.
    Regardless of what name you give them
    they are Godly
    Between the two there is nothing
    gray area
    allowances for any person
    Nothing short of the will of God
    can ever be or turn in to anything Godly
    The path of a Godly person is narrow
    every choice in their life is an intersection
    fork in the road
    with only two options
    I fall short under my power
    Thank You Jesus for Your love
    being my salvation
    The only way for anyone to do Gods will
    is i through Holy Spirit
    Who You sent me
    Thank You Jesus

  234. In Jesus er have so much value highly valued and deeply loved so vary loved so much love when we cry out to God we must cry out and never hide any thing from him cos that’s where his power is power is to get some thing done his love his so awesome the stars are made for is you car never hide any thing from the father confess all pain all fear all unforgiving thoughts any bitterness he guss his power in love he loves you so much don’t hide from the father he is bigger then anything Jesus was put on public display on the cross he did not hide sin he put it up where all could see and he cruched it we are vary valued highly valued he just wants you to believe it believe in all your heart that’s why you can’t hide any thing from him love love love not any thing mend he healed the broken hearted and mended our wounds you are more then any thing of the world any thing take the high road in your heart and ley it all go and trust God with all your heart of one mind love peace be compleat

    • Amen you expressed the completeness God is and how we are not complete without Him. We are Gods workmanship. Eph 2:10. Praise ye the Lord.

  235. Thank you this has really spoken to me today. God is in control and all I have to do is wait on Him. Thank you God bless you in Jesus precious name XXX

  236. I have been through a lot the past seven years – I am still waiting on God to come through for me.

    I still have faith, but joy is depleted.

    I read early that hardship make us mature. I know – but with my struggles I forget to think about it.

    All I’m asking for is the prayer of the saints.


  237. am in tears because am in a mess and people are waiting for my down fall but i feel sorry for devil his days are numbered n he will stop stealing my stuff every year.its a long story but i believe in God he is bigger than this mountain infront of me,where i am people say its end of high season it freaks me out as human but at same time i smile bcz david saw goriath too big not to be missed by a small stone while others saw him as giant,now i know thru faith i have it will destroy this mountain in jesus name

  238. Anna,
    I understand your love and your desire for this person’s salvation. But there is nothing YOU can do. Our works are as filthy rags. All things are possible through Jesus. People do not bring people to God, God may use people but God is doing the wooing. We need to trust in His word and have faith that He will in His time do as He promises. Our strength comes from our weakness. Therefore the battle is not ours the war is won and we being in Christ are victorious. Give up everything you do and forget all you have done to win this man to Christ. Submit to Him your inability to do anything apart from Him. Let Christ do His will through you. Our God is sovereign nothing happens out of His control.

    Rom 5:3-5
    3And not only so, but we glory in tribulations also: knowing that tribulation worketh patience;
    4And patience, experience; and experience, hope:
    5And hope maketh not ashamed; because the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost which is given unto us.

    • This is the first time i seen a thread of any kind that was todays date as opposed to a years ago,lol. And its about GOD. Perfect!! Many years ago i was not sure if heaven was real. I started to read the Bible every day and on the 30th night i woke with a pain in my side that put me in the emergency hospital. Another man was also brought in who was in tremendous pain and he kept asking the nurse for a chapel. As I lied on the hospital bed, I read the Bible for 8 hours straight and prayed as I waited for my test results. I never read or prayed like this before as I was scared I might have cancer, liver problems, etc. All this time I read and prayed and asked god to give me another chance at life. And as this guy cried out in pain i started praying for him and for some reason all of a sudden I told God to take my life instead of this mans. Then I had a supernatural experience!! Its like my body felt as though it could go right through the ceiling. Then this thought rushed into my mind and I kept saying to myself theres another place out there!! I think I was given a revelation that theres another place out there. Its like I stepped into another dimension for a short time. It lasted for about 5 minutes. Then I came down from this experience and right then a nurse walked in and said they dont know whats wrong and told me to go home but come back to urology for more tests in a few days. They dont know whats causing my stomach to be pinched. The Bible had some how become a key that unlocked a door to see into another place. I was so blown away by what happened and its only been the Christians who believed me since then. But I knew it was the Bible that did it!! Before I left that hospital I gave that man the Bible. I found out the next day that man was dieing. I believe God used me to bring him the Bible before he died. Because its the Bible that saves not man!! Praise God!! We hand some one a Bible as we plant and water the seed but ITS GOD who gives its increase. NOT MAN. We cant save anybody as well as save our selves. We cant pray our way into heaven though it may help.. Its Gods doing not by man do we enter into heaven. If we could do that we wouldnt need the Bible or God. I wish it were as simple as a magical little prayer but theres nothing I can say or do to get me saved. Its the power of the holy Spirit directed by Christ. As HE told nicodemus…its like the wind and no one one knows from where it comes so is every one born of the Spirit. This romans 10;9 prayer all started in 1850 and its not how you get saved. How many times have I did a sinners prayer but to only return to my sin even worse. Born Again means Born Again, period. You either are or are not. Its a one time event. As the old man dies you become a new creation Desiring the Milk of the Word. If we do not Desire the Word then we are not saved. Does not a baby need milk to grow and will cry for it once it is born!! So does every one who truly gets born again. The inner new born will desire and need the Word to grow on!! The perfect trick of the devil is to fool the ones in the church. He all ready has the ones out side the church. If he could get you to believe your saved when your really not then you wont keep seeking for your salvation. You will think your saved while your doing drugs and fornicating and your excuse will be you are simply just back sliding. Thats not real back sliding. Just read the Bible and it tells you what true back sliding is. Its better to be cold or hot then luke warm. If your in the church but unsaved you will be luke warm. Thats the worst condition because you are going no where. If your cold then you know you need to get saved. if your hot then you are saved. But luke warm is neither. Many on that day will say Lord Lord did we not cast out demons. But God will say “i never knew you”. These are church people who never got saved and there will be many on that day!! Be careful. Seek the Lord with ALL your heart and you will surely find HIM. Do you want to trust a human to tell you are truly born again. We know by our fruit. Actions speak louder then words. What fruit are we showing. Can fig trees bare thistles or sweet water be bitter. You either are or are not. I dont think im even saved yet to be honest. But is that not better then thinking i am when im really not. I need to know in my heart not by what some guy tells me who later we find out has been sleeping with the choir girls. Lets be real here as this is serious. This your your soul and where it ends up will be for ever!!

      • You are very sincere in your testimony; be assured though that you are saved once you trust God as your personal Lord and Saviour; no need to guess and spell if you are saved. It is by Him that we are saved and not of our selves.

        Keep reading the Bible; the Holy Spirit (when He begins to minister to you) will guide you into all truth and righteousness.

        Happy salvation in Jesus!

  239. Dear God,

    Please help me & show me the way… Everything is just seems so wrong in every way. I know you have a very big plan for me for your kingdom…. I pray to you, but I’m not sure if I’m praying for the RIGHT one… I fear devil will get in the way like he’s been trying to do. I have sins, I know that am guilty … but am just too weak to fight back a lot of times and I need you …again in my life. I have seen my vision, I have faith… but seems like it’s not the one that you have planned for me …..

    Hiep, I love him so much because I know deep down, he needs you more than anything but he just keeps declining you… I have asked him so many times if he believes in you or not…. little part of him does, little part of him doesn’t and another part is ” I don’t know” . I’m on my own in this journey with the hope of bringing him back to you when nobody believes that I could. I have been blind & deaf for so long… and I’m afraid to face you… because I feel like I don’t deserve your forgiveness. I have so many reasons… for him not to be the right one… but its like either Him or You. I want to take him with me, to come back to You and redeem ourselves from our sins. He just doesn’t see that now….. I don’t know what should I do? I cant just ….. let him go because once I do that, his soul will be lost forever.

    He happened to be in my life, I fall in love and here I am…. I was in love and I thought it was all I ever needed. I put you side and I feel ashamed in front of you…. After everything that I have been through, I have realized that I need more than just relationship love, I need you in my life… and I want to help him find you. I was told that he was sent from the evil to try to get me away from you… but I strongly believe that it happened for a reason….for me to save his soul….

    At one time, I questioned JESUS…. and up till this point, I still don’t know if JESUS is the one and the only one…. I scared that JESUS is not the right name to seek out for…I dont know if the evil is lying to me or not, BUT I BEG YOU TO SHOW ME THE WAY, TO BE WITH ME AND NEVER LEAVE ME…… I NEED YOU NOW, I NEED YOU IN MY LIFE, IN HIS LIFE AND PLEASE SET ME FREE FROM THE EVIL!!! I PRAISED YOU FOR EVERYTHING THAT HAD HAPPENED IN MY LIFE EVEN I COULD HAVE CHOSEN THE WRONG WAY TO GO MY OWN. I CANT DO THIS BY MYSELF, I JUST CANT….



    To anybody that is reading this, please pray for me! Please pray for me!!!!!!!

    • He loves you! He will never leave you nor forsake you; when you start to doubt pray the unbelief out of your mind. Believe, because the alternative is death for eternity. Read the Book of James, short book but revelation for a life. In this book you will find strength. Do not doubt that Jesus is your savior. He did not doubt your love for Him when He died for you. Know that we r all unworthy that is why we need a savior to help us walk. Seek Him first and He will direct you. When you finish James. Read Hosea. Then read Chuck Swindoll’s Elijah story for how you can accept the armor Christ gives freely to those who hunger and thirst after righteousness. You were not called to save your lived one; you need to trust God with your loved ones. He can do greater things than we could imagine. Give God the job of watching out for your man. I love you because Jesus wants this for us, to love one another as He has loved us.

    • Dear Lord
      Teach me Your paths
      Show me Your ways
      You are the God of creation
      The God of this earth
      Of all living things
      Help me to recognize
      You in all things
      To give You praise
      In all you have created
      In all situation
      To recognize You
      Is to give You Glory
      This is what I desire
      I love and praise You
      In the name of
      Jesus Christ


    • For Anna: I will pray for you. All of us who have faith have gained it through difficult times, just as you are experiencing. All of us who have faith have also had it challenged over and over. It is painful.myer, as the saying goes, “no pain, no gain.” The gain is a deeper, abiding trust. If I may, here are two links for you: TheJourneysProject.com may help you to see the relevance of Jesus in your life. And here is a sermon from 1869 that should touch your heart, It I’d mine: http://www.gracegems.org/SERMONS2/wait_on_the_lord.htm

    • hello Anna,

      i have just said a prayer for you… i am also in a very dark time in my life. mu husband has hurt me very badly by his infidelity that has been going on for sometime now. i also am clinging to God for dear life. it feels that i can’t go on but i have to be strong because I am 7 months pregnant. Be strong in faith with the Lord Anna…he knows whats best for us…i know that the silence is hard to bear but just believe and hold on to His promises. God hears us all the time. Please also say a little prayer for me.

  240. Great testimonies, love the greatness of how your obedience produced the power of the holy spirit in all that transpired. Your transformation is apparent. You are blessed

  241. Many thanks to you for sharing your story and these verses on here. I also am trying to give EVERYTHING to Christ… I’ve lived for myself far too long and I only seem to mess things up and make them worse. Death to myself and my will. ALIVE in Christ and His perfect will for my life. I’m giving it ALL to Him! I’m so grateful to have a compassionate and patient God!!!!

  242. Thank you for the scripture somes that you qoated. Its given me the strength to live though I dont know how. My kids think that I am too soft and let people trump and do what ever they want to me. I have helped a lot of people giving them shelter and food especialy my sisters. I am the eldest from a family of 8. I have been separated from my husband for almost twelve years. I moved out with my 5 kids who are all girls. I thank God
    for they have been my pillar of strength. I live in South Africa though from Zimbabwe. 7yrs ago my 5 of my sisters some with their children came to South Africa because of the economic situation in Zimbabwe I took them in remember I still had my own children to look after without a husband. To cut a long story short I ran into big debt looking after this big debt while they were finding their feet. They all now have their own places and doing quite well and you know what happened to me. I lost my home had to sell all my furniture and I am left with nothing. None of my sister could help me with anything instead they are laughing saying that I am cursed that is why I am in this situation. I am currently staying with my second daughter and her husband. Three of my daughters are still at vasity they cannot not help me but instead still need my support. To make matters worse one of my sisters is mentaly and physically challenged I was staying with her but when I lost my home one of my daughters took her to one of my sisters who now wants money from me for her upkeep. My prayer is God gives me strength to recover so that I can be able to fend for myself my kids and the disabled sister so that we again have a home of our where we can sing and praise the Lord as we used to do. I thank you for your prayers because I know you will pray for me. Thank you may God bless you. Amen

    • Charity Maphosa I just prayed for you and your family. I love you my sister in Christ and Jesus Loves you more!

      Isaiah 41:10 fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.


      • Thank you for that quote

  243. It has been awhile since I have posted but I check in here routinely and really enjoy the nice discussions – and thanks Arden also for your kind words. I wanted to point out something our church participates in – “the souper bowl of caring.” With the football Super Bowl coming up this is an annual event in the US. Over 20 years ago a single youth group started this drive with a prayer – “Lord as we enjoy the Super Bowl help us be mindful of those without even a bowl of soup to eat.” $60 million USD has been raised in gifts and donated food items in these 20 years for all types of charities and food banks. From I Peter 4:8. “And above all things have fervent charity among yourselves: for charity shall cover the multitude of sins.” I am a sinner and I thank Jesus for paying for my sins in full. I ask each of you who read this to put charity in your heart and act as a brother or sister in Christ for someone else. May God bless you all.


    • there is no john17:33, john chapter 17 only goes to verse 26. i hope that you are reading out of the same bible I am. and i also hope that this is legit what you are sharing.

      • Hey Kenny Hawk, Just goes to show that I am human and make mistakes! It should be John 16:33 (thanks for pointing it out!). It is Jesus speaking in this verse,

        ‘These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.’ Jn 16:33

        Hope that’s good enough for you! The Bible I read is the King James Bible – the others are corrupted and when the Lord showed me this I threw my NIV Bible on the fire. See the link on the right under Blogroll, ‘Is your Bible counterfeit?’.

      • I wouldn’t normally comment to responses i read however when was reading yours it irritated me. The reasons that you are very quick to judge and it comes in a very cold manner.
        so here is your proof –

        John 7:33
        New American Standard Bible (NASB)

        33 Therefore Jesus said, “(A)For a little while longer I am with you, then (B)I go to Him who sent Me.
        Cross references:
        A.John 7:33 : John 12:35; 13:33; 14:19; 16:16-19
        B.John 7:33 : John 14:12, 28; 16:5, 10, 17, 28; 20:17

        My prayer for you is that you rebuke that spirit of confustion.


      • Pat, why do you say he is quick to judge? I just didn’t see that, sorry. As far as certain versions of the Bible being corrupt, I have to agree. Each time the Bible is translated to a newer version, the text becomes a watered down version. And even the King James Version is not entirely accurate as there are many words that cannot be translated into English. But how many of us know Hebrew?

  244. Im really thankful that you wrote this, I was reading it and had tears of joy, the lord is so good to us everyday. All I can say is praise god!

  245. I needed to here this. Thank You.

  246. Excellent RC!

  247. I wanted to add for Anon and Arden expressed this well but another way to look at it is to let the game come to you – which is a basketball expression. Don’t force it! You don’t need to start an orphanage or donate millions of dollars to be a working member of the body of Christ. Maybe you build up to that in 20 years, but you don’t have to. Rome was not built in a day. That is how I look at it – can I help someone with Christian brotherly love? It is like basketball in that it helps to be in the right position. If you attend a church, which I hope you do, there are countless ways you can help people without having to spend any money. Elderly people in the church might need help raking leaves or with other chores around their home or help them by getting a ride to church. Youth groups need young adults to help with activities. Churches are needing people like you Anon to help with little things. Visiting elderly people at nursing homes who are lonely. Teaching bible school, sunday school. If you put yourself in position, God will send people your way. You can perform as a member of the body of Christ. You don’t have to be a superstar from day 1. Don’t feel like if you’re not Billy Graham baptizing thousands upon thousands of people that you can’t work for Christ. Start small and the Lord will work through you and “promote” you as your abilities allow.

    The other part of your message was that you believe others are living a more material life and not as concerned with their spiritual lives. That is probably true but don’t judge, help. If it is a rich guy driving the old widow to church or a poor college student, do you think the Lord cares? I think if he looks into the heart of either that he likes what he sees. King David had all the riches of the world as well as true and faithful heart and served God well.

    Anna – we are blessed to hear of your committment to the mission work. Thank you.


    • Yes, I think you have to always be watching and waiting for the opportunity God puts in front of you. As long as you are Praying constantly without ceasing(I Thessalonians 5:17 any version) you will be ready and willing when the time comes… On the other side of that coin you have to always be vigilant for the devil is like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. He attacks those doing God’s will the most. Satan influences anyone not for God to entrap those who are for God. Prepare with the full Armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-17)….
      Btw.. I really liked this “ok Lord, what do you want me to do?”. I actually typed something really similiar to that into my web browser.

    • Do you think it right that a man has more than his need,remembering that all things come from God? That a man has millions in satans currency the same currency that judas sold Jesus for? while his brother starves to death,and his children go with-out?The Lord does not tell lies,He said It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle,than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven,The Lord is not talking about some hole in a wall as perpetuated by the liars within the church,you are here in the valley of the shadow of death for a very short time,That some want to use that time accumulating material wealth,wealth that is not wealth in the eyes of the Lord,and still lay claim to being christian is madness.and madness is of the enemy.Life is not about self,life is about repentance,and learning to love,when you have learnt your lesson,and the lord is happy that you have done so then may you “return home”.Money is an evil thing,it brings out the worst in men,But the Lord makes use of bad things for good,so should we.

  248. Thank you so much for writing this… I have been so worried about what God has next for my life. I know that God has called me to spend my life on the missions field. I have been home for a month and as of yet don’t know what God has planned next.. I was running low on faith when i literally typed “Lord, what do you want me to do with my life” into google. This blog was the first thing to pop up and it really put me at ease. I know He has a plan!! I will rest in that! Thank you!

    • We are here to do Gods will,to love one another {espescially our enemies}selflessy and unconditionally,as the Lord Jesus and the Heavenly Father love us,even still.In heaven there is no room for anything else.Jesus did not preach christianity,Jesus preached love.Men preach christianity,men are not to be trusted,for not one of them is good,only God is good.

      • Well said. Would more have your depth of understanding into the love of God in Christ Jesus, who is reconciling all things unto the Father in heaven, … Who subjected all things unto Christ Jesus, that by the grace of God, all of creation might be made at-one-again through God’s will, and ONLY through God’s will, in Christ Jesus and the church–Christ’s body–of elect believers.

  249. This is for Arden:

    • Thank you Liz for sharing. Always nice to be encouraged. My walk with God grows stronger every day and my joy overflows. I love the gentle guiding of the Holy Spirit and Jesus has shown me He is here with me daily. I walk in blessings because I walk in obedience. I traded away blessings for many years because I did not understand the balance of repentance, grace, and obedience but now the balance of His word has smoothed the rough edges and miracles flow through humility and faith. I have never known love like this. Praise be God’s Holy name.

  250. Dear ANON, sloooow down, lol. I am an author of a Christian book entitled “SPEAK PLAINLY GOD” . All Christians struggle with the same concerns you have at one time or another. Being a Christian means committed to Jesus Christ and to be obedient to His word. Jesus said: “If you will truly be a disciple of mine (a follower) you will abide in My word (abide means live in it daily) and My word is truth and the Truth will set you free”.

    Salvation is misrepresented by many churches and people in authority. They will tell you that grace is a free gift and if you just believe that Jesus is Messiah you are saved. The problem is that grace only comes after true repentance. Repentance means don’t repeat! Your heart must be committed to Righteouness, (right standing with God) and Holiness, (a seperation from sin).

    God honors the committment and offers grace for all your past sins and sends The Holy Spirit to you to guide you and stregthen you from continued sin. You will be committed to never Pre- Meditate sin in your life although you may unknowingly sin from time to time God’s grace protects pure motives. Jesus only cares about where your heart is, He forgives us like we forgive others when they wrong us. Our relationship with God is that of Father and child. I love my children unconditionally but there are always consequences for our actions. The Bible says God chastises, (punishes) those He loves until they repent, learn, and do right. Not because of laws; but because of love. I choose not to sin because I love Jesus and fear God’s wrath and final judgment. Wisdom begins with fear of our creator but is completed and fulfilled in LOVE.

    The Holy Spirit was a gift from Jesus when He died on the cross. In your mind and heart you know right from wrong. That is The Holy Spirit speaking to you. The Apostle Paul said: “I do not share these truths with you because you don’t know truth but because you do know truth when you hear it.

    It is The Holy Spirit that told you to get on this website just like it is The Holy Spirit that told me to answer you.

    I am a United States Ballroom Professional Dance Champion. I have choreographed for TV, Cruise Lines, Disney etc . . . God needs warriors of truth to represent Him in every area. Your talents are a gift and must be used. Many churches do not allow dancing even though it is all throughout The Bible. That is their dirty minds that reject it. David danced before The Lord in an ephod which is like underwear. King Sauls daughter tried to humiliate him and scorned him for dancing that way in front of others but David said what he did blessed all those around him because he danced for the glory of the Lord. Sauls daughter was cursed by God for her attitude and she would never be able to bear children! This was not a random curse but very specific because God is a God of justice. God did not want her condemnation of Davids dancing to pass onto another generation and so it was stopped right there.

    Whatever you do truthfully for The Glory of God; God will bless, just like He has done with my life. We need normal everyday people to work normal jobs and take Christ with you where ever you go. If you are called to be a missionary so be it. If you are called to use your talents and can succeed giving Him the glory then so be it. The message of the gospel goes forward no matter what you do as long as you are humble with your successes and your failures.

    So my advice to you is calm your spirit and stay in The Word daily and prepare yourself for the good and the bad because Jesus said we are not exempt from trials and tribulation but are prone to them just for the sake of His name. So love God and your fellowmwn and demonstrate Christ in all you do and your Father who art in Heaven will one day hold you tight and say: “GOOD JOB, GOOD AND FAITHFUL CHILD.”

  251. Ok i pray that you actually get this…….i feel so alone right now. I just……I feel convicted. When Jesus tells us to love him with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength…….THAT’S EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!! THAT’S EVERYTHING!!!!!!! How do i do that??? My interpretation is basically go and live like first century christians….go and be a missionary….like paul….or more recently like George Muller……just basically sell your stuff and go out and do things for people. Be the body of Christ. I dont get it when people say we dont have to do anything to be saved except believe in Him because he already died for us. He asked us to take our cross up as well. WHAT DOES THAT MEANNNN!!!!! I really dont want to look down on others but when i hear other christians preaching and talking about how we need to love Him with everything…and they come in wearing American Eagle Jeans and Scarves that are about the size of sweat shirts….and its just like…..Whatttttt????? Ok ok ok….here’s another thing…..If you really believe in God…..that in itself should drive you to an extreme lifestyle!!!!!!!! How can Christians be like “oh yeah i believe in God, and then go home and play video games or go out and blow money on movies or even throw parties…..and its just like….WHATTTTTT!!!!!! How the hell can you believe in God who remember created everything?!?! His power is unmatched. His will cannot be contested. But on top of all that…He is an all powerful God WHO LOVES USSSS……….If you believe in something so big….how can you lead such a apathetic small life? How can you not be overwhelmed?? How can you not fear Him..????? How can you not desire to live every single second for Him?? How can you reject Him?? I dont get it….How can you casually love the God of the universe? Believing in a God that powerful is in itself overwhelming but to say you believe in Him and then not even desire to Read you Bible…..I just don’t understanddddddd…..I donnttttttttt……..I just want to know how to be saved…….i want to be sure of my salvation……and then i want to lead as many people to Christ as possible! But i dont want to do it wrong. I dont want to misinterpret the Bible. I DONT KNOW I DONT KNOW IDONT KNOW and its driving ME CRAZY!!!!!!! If there is a God there…..my breath is taken away…my legs are weak. And i just want to worship Him. What else could i possibly do if he is real?? My parents want me to go to college….but did God say go and get a college degree and then go drive out demons in His name and heal people and serve him…..Noooo. I feeel like thats a waste of time. I feel like all we need in this life is Jesus….literalyyy…..idk…I ges im just confused when people say we are supposed to love a God with everthing we have and then they turn around and dont do anything because Jesus did everything for us by dying on the cross.

    Im also struggling with listenning to the Holy Spirit. At one point i thought i could here the spirit loud and clear. If i felt at all that i should do something then i would do it. Whether it was just saying high to a stranger or telling my parents how much i appreciated them and loved them, i did it. but after talking with my humanities teacher, he clames to not be a christian but he also feels that he is led by a “holy spirit” and he desires to live a righteous and loving life just as I do. After talking with him i started to have doubts about whether or not the holy spirit was really speaking to me or if it was just voices in my head and i was doing simply what i believed was right. I dont know which is more genuine love, thinking and trying to figure out how you can help others and lead them to Christ or not thinking and letting your convictions (which my be as weird as calling a family meeting and talking about God and right now) rule you and you become a slave to what your heart tells you to do. In the proverbs it says to think before you speak but the Christ comes around and says dont worry about what to say because i will give you the words……

    Aother thing…because i am not totally convinced there is a God….though i cannot Deny Him either, I have a passion for entertaining people…and i could seriously see myself being very successful. So a part of me right now is thinking that i’ll pursue my passion in life and then whatever money i make ill just give it to orphanages and when people ask me why ill tell them because of Jesus and that my treasures are not of this world. HOWEVER….at the same time i feel that that is compromise and that total love for Christ is putting assid’e any other passions which might as well be idols, and instead of trying to pull a Tim Tebow and use my talents to be an example to others……just love…on one hand i think “yeah you know what i will use my entertainment talents to reach out to millions of people and inspire them to follow Christ”……but on the other hand its like…No….i dont need to be an NFL superstar, a Hollywood actor, film producer, ect…to inspire others….no…all i have to do is love. love, love, love, love. And any time i try and pursue my passions..i feel guilty..i feel convicted…because its like if I really am a Christian how could i have any other passion at all than loving Christ. Idk…i feel guilty on one hand if i try to do what i want and write songs, movies, books, etc…..but then i also think if i dont do those things and if i dont use my talents somehow, then am i the man in the parable who took his treasure and burried it in a field instead of making the most out of it like the other servants did?

    Idk…sorry for the long and probably confusing and random letter. but this is what ive been struggling with and if you can help me in any way…thatd be amazing!!!!!

    • Look at Mother Theresa, very good example of living for God. She had so many struggles. Catholic nun but never forced her religion on anyone, she just loved. Thats what will get you into heaven and have a piece of mind with the Lord, just LOVE!!!

      • Mother Thresa was know for her work. Should she be in heaven it would not be for what she did. I am not saying she is not in heaven. We are saved by grace not by our works. The only way is for what Jesus did. To think we could do it on our own would be to say Jesus died for nothing.

        I never knew love so true
        Till I knew love from You
        It’s a gift given
        Not for what I do
        It’s the gift of grace
        That comes from You
        Thank You Lord

    • anon,
      I am also struggling with the same thing. I have been for quite some time now. Since my summer of high school graduation I’ve travel abroad twice alone, chased a amateur boxing in hopes of becoming a professional,worked 2 jobs to pay back loans,went to college failed classes and passed classes,moved to another city,moved back home. and I am struggling now with school… I could write a book..lol.
      Here is a prayer to you. Also the fellow above, Mr.Arden makes good sense. Wish we could communicate.
      Take care.

      any suggestions Mr. Arden?.

    • Hi Anon! 🙂

      This post might give you some answers. 🙂


      I hope you are doing well!

  252. I also believe God has callen upon me. We are discussing the same topis in our blogs. Thats awesome. 4un4m3.wordpress.com

  253. That is a great saying – the Lord gives you what need not necessarily what you want. Thank God some prayers are not answered as we don’t often know what we need. I want to echo your sentiments about ajtony and his website. It is great to hear from other Christians. It may be a few days before I can check in again so all the best to the nice people out there. Praise be to God. And thank you Jesus for your tremendous sacrifice for all of us unworthy sinners.

  254. Arden – thank you for your response. I think all of us Christians in some form or another are curious about the mysteries of God and the universe he created. I believe God loves us all but to think that of all the billions of people he would talk directly to me seems like to much to ask. But I will share that one time when my business was having problems (which it always is) I happened to back into another vehicle leaving church on Sunday and I was very distraught and when I got home I just went for a walk in the woods. I was asking God why and what should I do and I was emotional. I sat on a log and what popped into my head was I just have to keep going forward one step at a time – all that I can do. There was no particular voice just the advice in my head. I believe God put that in my head. Like Billy Graham said when you read the Bible God can talk to you and when you pray you talk to him. So I try to do that each day. I appreciate the people who post here and share their experiences.

    • Thanks R.C. I think God gives each of us what we need more so than what we want. I do not know why God talked to me outloud other than I was completely broken hearted and really needed His love and attention. The Bible does say if you seek Him with all your heart and soul He will reveal Himsef to you and I believe He kept His promise. He has asked nothing of me that He does not ask of all believers. The summer of 2007 was my turning point and I went through a transformation that continues to grow stronger each day. I believe as a youth I was on fire for God but at some point the world took hold and I lost my deep connection I had once had. God has restored that because of my heartfelt repentance to sin. He is Father Abba, (Daddy) if you will, and my love now overflows for all of humanity. I long for everyone to know of His perfect plan for mankind and the great love He has for all His children. I have learned not to put God in a box but to pray constantly for others who need healing and miracles seem to continue to flow when faith and humility align with reverence and thanksgiving.
      Thank you RC for havining a site that Gods love can be shared and others encouraged.

  255. Great question! His voice was calm and soothing at first and then strong and authoritative when I did not respond right away. I knew who it was and was in shock at first and when He repeated get up and go outside strongly I did so as fast as I could and was a little frightened.

    My dad was outside when I went out there at 4am the first time and he to was led to go outside. We talked for the first time about matters that led to some much needed healing and we watched the sun come up together. This is now one of my most loving memories of my father.

    The second time His voice was extremely loving and gentle and I was overwhelmed with His essence around me. I actually “felt” His love going through me. I truly felt like His son.

    I have not heard His voice since that time but have trained my heart to interact with The Holy Spirit and pay attention to the Spirits teaching and guiding.

    I have learned that we are all in the same boat here on earth and that much compassion and encouragement is needed by believers to help each other along the way. Church or no church is not as important as individuals seeking God with all their heart. We have all made wrong assessments of what God wants from us at sometime or another and so we must be patient and loving with each other in order for truth to be seen and heard.

    All Christians are standing on a rung of a ladder and the further you move up the more you are inspired to reach down and lift someone else up. Jesus descended into Hell itself to reach those who otherwise might have been lost. Dying to self so that others might live is the example that Jesus lived litterally while on earth. We die to our old way of life putting self secondary to others needs which is the flame that spreads The Gospel to the four corners of the earth.

    It is with great love and encouragement that moves me to write on this blog site. Everyone here has asked the right question and so the answers flow like honey to the tongue and like water to the desert. Not by might but by Spirit is this victory won and so I encourage everyone on this site to speak with great love to each other as ambassadors of perfected love as shown by Jesus.

    • Arden Bruce Christiopherson, …
      I find your post, above, one of the wisest and most spirit-led posts that I’ve read, in a long, long while. Indeed, God desires us all to love Him by extending His compassionate, steadfast love to one-and-all, without regard to their sex or race or country or religion or any other attribute that might seem to devide us from one another. We all are, along with all creation, one in God through Christ Jesus–the Only Begotten Word of God. What we do unto our fellow man or unto any of God’s creation, we do unto ourselves, and because we are His children, unto God and His Only Begotten. In a very simple way, stated with compassionate wisdom, you have summed up this great mystery of the gospel of Jesus, our Christ.

  256. Arden – who did God sound like? My first thought was Samuel as a boy in the temple thinking it was the high priest calling him, but it was God. Then I thought of God telling Moses to remove his sandals because he was on holy ground in Ten Commandments. Sorry – Charlton Heston as Moses is a powerful image and who I think of when I am reading Exodus. At any rate, not trying to be a wise acre or anything, just curious.

    Serve each other and repent means don’t do it again – good messages.

    Angela and Pamela – I pray for you and hope for the best. Life sure is not easy sometimes. God bless you.

  257. Does God have a sense of humor or what? lol I see I am not the only one typing in google to see wha God wants me to do. 🙂 In 2007 God called me by name in the middle of the night. I finally recommitted to Him on July 4th 2007 a life of obedience instead of a life riding on the grace train. I finally figured out that true repentance means don’t repeat. The Hebrew word for Repent when translated litterally means return, as in, return to The Lord.

    God spoke to me on Sept 21st 2007 and gave me a date of Oct 3rd, 2007 to be the day He would show me glory in the Heavens. He told me to share that date with my father and a missionary friend in Florida, ( we live in Ohio), on that morning at 5am, the Lord woke me again and told me to go outside. I did and I was in awe. The Morning Star had aligned with Regulous and Saturn and created a light 50 times brighter in the Heavens than anything I had ever seen. I called my friend in Florida and she was watching it also. My father came outside and we together stood in awe. God said this; “When man meets God . . . Glory happens. My Father and I began searching scripture and discovered the PROMISE of The Morning Star given to those who overcome. There are 4 specific scriptures related to The Morning Star. I again was in awe. Since that time many miracles have taken place. Physical healings, prison ministries where men weep, a woman needing heart surgery getting up out of a hospital bed completely healed, and many other amazing events but none as important as many new souls devoted to Jesus. Even though God was doing all of this all around me I felt like I was suppose to be doing something much bigger but after reading this blog I realize God meets us right where we are and we are only limited by the amount of faith we have to make everyday a miracle.

    Jesus said, “Repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand” He also said “go and sin no more” The Holy Spirit is my guide and has helped overcome each sin within my life. Am I perfect? Far from it; but Jesus does say for us to be perfect even as He is perfect and to seek righteousness and holiness for He is Holy. Through His blood and the guiding of The Holy Spirit I have learned to love mankind again and do “good works” as this is what we were made for.

    We are joint heirs to the throne but we are servants to each other while we are here. Give and it shall be given back to you, love and you will be loved. Such is the call of man.

    Blessings to all who seek and share truth, hold fast to faith for Jesus is coming back soon to test The whole earth. Be ready!

  258. WOW

    • I’m sooooo gateful I was able to stumble across this website… I like many of you guys on here felt foolish, googling “what must I do Lord” But our God is very humorous.. He provides what you need when you need it! Thank you sooo much for writing this, My life suddenly changed over night I lost the father of my son. my best friend for 8yrs,& my husband to be Overnight!!! I didn’t know how I was going to make it… But GOD healed me sooo that people were asking me am I alright becasue I wasn’t hooping and hollering at the vewing.. I simply said GOD has given me peace on the inside that surpasses my own understanding…

      Know soon after that the next yr.. we lost my daughter’s father… I questioned GOD why???? I have tried my best to serv you.. You took my fianace’/son father now my daughters dad.. WHat have I done to deserve this PAIN!!!!! But little did I know God was working on me.. See we don’t know how strong we are until our FAITH has been TESTED!!!! I thank GOD because even through those times I know without a shadow of DOUBT GOD has a lan for MY LIFE and he has held my hand all the way through….

      I found myself on this page becasue it has been 3yrs now and I have almost patiently been waiting on the lord!! Built up frustration has surfaced etc.. WHat must I do lord… seems like such a simple question… lol and it is…we make it sooo hard… AND HE RESPONDS THROUGH THIS POST!!! TRUST IN THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE WILL SEE US THROUGH! THANKS AGAIN!

  259. I too actually thought it funny to google asking Jesus what I should do. I do not know what I really expected to find but I was amazed to see not only was I not the first but many had done this before me. It also appears that they received their answers. Thank you for obeying God and allowing yourself to be used. I do not have my answer as of yet but I believe I have encounter a few road signs as to His directions. May you walk fully bathed in His Joy and Peace as you continue to serve Him.
    God Bless

  260. Thank you for this post. I have been crying out to God asking Him for help and guidance, and this really spoke to me so clearly. Sometimes it is hard for me to see the direction God wants me to go in… I am a single mom raising my second group of children whose father is dying from liver disease so I am the sole provider. I am 51 years old and we have been forced to go on AFDC and I can’t find a job. I am feeling that God wants me to go back to school but I want to work in an area where I can use the giftings God has given me which are mercy and encouragement and wisdom. Thank you for posting this and reminding me what the works of God truly are… I posted Psalm 37 on my Facebook after reading it.

  261. i am 2006 come in Jesus Christ i am from Afghanistan but now living in pakistan.
    Was my old name Naqib Ullah father is name Hameed Ullah
    Origin in Afghanistan city of Faryab District Maymama villge there is my home khllbian

    • My brother in Christ, Naeem John, I’ve read many of what others have posted on this website-blog. And I’ve felt like responding to them, as well. But I’m most moved to respond to your brief post. … As I reflect on your being called to believe in Christ Jesus as your Lord and Saviour, while living in Afghanistan and Pakistan–where believers are routinly persecuted and put to death for their belief, witnessing Christ in their life, especially if they are converts from Islam–I think of how dangerous it is for you and how courageous you are in your faith, compared to myself and so many others posting on this site. I relate so painfully with the many living in the United States or other countries where we are (more-or-less) free to worship God, as His Holy Spirit leads us to. So many of us are depressed and dejected that we don’t clearly see what God wants us to be doing with our lives–how we should best be serving Him in Christ. Then there are people, like yourself, where just to mention Christ Jesus can result in your being tortured and put to death. It helps me to put into perspective my self-centered angst over not being clearly shown by God in how best to be serving Him in my walk of faith with Christ Jesus as my lord. When I compare my concerns to yours, they become trite and meaningless. … Brother, thank you for your post. Your witness in Christ has been, for me, the most helpful in sustaining me in my walk of faith with Christ Jesus as my Lord and Saviour.

      May God bless you and guide you and keep you in all your ways, filling you with a knowledge of His will in all understanding and wisdom of His holy way in Christ Jesus, that you might walk worthy of Him, pleasing Him with good works of compassionate love in all you do.

      I will endeavor to keep you in my prayers.

      Your brother in Christ.

  262. Mike – you seem lonely in your personal life as well as in practice of your Christian faith. Forgive me if this is not a correct assumption. My suggestion would be to join a church that has an adult social group. Share your thoughts about Christ and talk to others that are compassionate and can provide help. That was the problem with Job’s friends – they did not show compassion but tried to find what sin Job must have committed to bring down such utter destruction upon him. They did not know Jesus as he came later of course. I would also add that I might suggest you reconnect with family and friends and plan to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas with them. Sometimes you have to make the first and second move. I too would like to have a dream where God or Jesus talked to me – but I can tell you that I have had times where I know God is at work in my life. I think I listen and see signs better than I used to. My heart goes out to you as a brother in Christ. God’s time is different than ours and sometimes it is good he does not give us what we pray for. Old saying – the Lord doesn’t always give you what you want, but he gives you what you need. I hope this helps.

  263. I drove to a park last night and sat in the dark. I broke down and let the words I have fought to contain come out. “I don’t trust you Lord, I don’t believe you will help me.” The convulsions of desperate pain that followed, both emotional and mental triggered my mind to seek multiple solutions of escape. Just saying those words out loud caused me to wonder if God would kill me for speaking such thoughts. Even though these silent, uninvited and unwanted words have lived in my heart for years their unspoken identity has not denigrated their power. In speaking them out loud there was a risk of an even greater abandonment.

    Today, the sun came up as it always does. I am still alive. However, I want to be more alive. I want to trust God everyday and I want to please God by a life well lived, that is rich in the depths of true love, mercy and grace. I understand the Gospel, the good news of salvation through Christ. I long for an experiential reality of the Holy Spirit to manifest in the world around me and within me. I am not being willfully disobedient in my thoughts or these word. I am just a man, broken and in need of the Father’s love. The apostles lived and worked with Jesus. They laughed, cried, labored and ate together and yet they struggled with their understanding and belief in Jesus, even after all their personal witness to his miracles and teachings.

    I know that there are many people, even Christians, who are longing to know God and to experience and understand the Lord’s gracious love through the senses He has designed and created within us. Certainly there is a time for discipline and study and rebuke and instruction and testing and learning. There is also a need for safety and security in silence and in the arms of good friends and God. Had Job been given a friend to just be with him in spirit, to walk the journey with him so to speak with out judging or trying to calculate a solution to the landscape of devastation all around him, I wonder what God would have thought of that friend?

    It is night again, after midnight. Thanksgiving has come and gone and now the the machine that has usurped the true meaning of the birth of our King is awaking once again to manipulate the masses. For many, including me this is such a difficult time of year. It has just become something that is so painful for so many. Again there is a longing to belong, to take part of and to experience the true essence and joy of a real Christmas. I hope one day to be reunited with to the joy, mystery, excitement of discovery and giving that are part of the celebration we have commonly shared with one another for ages. I am truly great full for those who experience the wonder of God’s gift on Christmas, just knowing that there are some who still get it leaves me with hope.

    I have never left an imprint of my thoughts like this before….

  264. Sometimes I wish that I could inquire of the Lord as the Kings of Israel did – they would ask the prophet – ‘shall I go up against my foes’ will the Lord be with me? It seems in my business daily I have needs to bring before God and all the struggle does not seem worth it. I am blessed with a great family life and health and my business problems are not much compared to others. My faith is strong and becoming stronger – sometimes you want to know how it is all going to turn out. I guess I have to wait in God’s time. I thought I was going to make a lot of money 4 years ago when I started this business and instead have lost a lot and worked very hard. My business might still make it but making a lot of money sounds like a far off fanstasy. The pride and envy are gone. The journey has provided a lot of lessons for me. I don’t want the business to fail but at some point you want to know is this my life’s work? I think I have realized that my life’s work is my kids. A lot of great people have helped me – friends, family, strangers, other entrepreneurs. They tell me to stick with it. The pastor’s sermon about just keep treading water comes to mind. It would be easy to take a swallow of salt water and go to the bottom. But no, keep going. Every day it is a new challenge. God is good. Whether the business ultimately make it or not, I know I am saved. Thanks for this forum to share my thoughts. May God bless you all.

  265. I have learned over the 27 years I’ve been a Believer that God is always speaking and He is usually brief in His answer. I have also learned that the tell-tale sign that God is in it is if you have peace about the situation. If you do not have peace about a situation then it is not of God. All hell can be breaking out all around and one can still have the peace of God that transcends all understanding. This is what I am talking about. It has nothing to do with feelings.The peace is from within.

  266. I have never written anything like this and have read through the blog as I am also like many people questioning and trying to find my path if you like. I finished my degree and was excitied when I received my first job. At first I hated it and could not believe the lord sent me down this path. I then moved up and found it was better, however it was not at all what I thought it would be and wondered it this truelly your will lord for me? To cut a long story short due to short contracts as I could not seem to fine permenant work, I moved on and found things tough each time, I just didn`t seem to settle. Finally I began on a new 18 month contract which I absolutely loved in the child mental health sector. My contract ended and I could not find another position within my specialised area and found myself applying for a teaching course, PGCE to teach my subject in further education. I tried to do this in the past aroubd my work as honestly thought god was pushing me into this direction, however It did not work out. I swore to myself that this is not the direction for me and it is the devil, however somehow fell across the course again once my job ended and despite me resisiting and not having much luck at gaining another job felt god wanted me to appy, which I did and was excepted. I have started the course and still feel Lord are you sure because I dont get it? Im doing the work ok, however I am not quite happy here and only doing it because I feel god wants me to not because I do, I enjoy the subject area but teaching Im not sure it`s for me. If I am honest I would love to gain my registration and complete a MA in social work as I loved my last job and would allow me to have more scope. I am aware god has the bigger picture, however will he send you to do something you are not that passionate about because I truely believe he sent me to do the PGCE despite me wishing to obtain my MA? In hindsight, when I look back at my career, at the time I was upset that I could not find permenant work at the time or find my niche until the last post, but It gave me so much experience within the subject area and am thankful for the different opportunities and beleive it was all part of the plan for me to gain experience, however I sometimes feel lately did the devil want me to do the PGCE and throw me off track or is it the Lord? It has made me doubt and very confused about a lot of things. I feel distant from the lord which is not at all good. I sometimes wish it was right in front of me tand either say yes it is the right thing and I will just carry on or no its not. I love reading proverbs which helps and read proverb 3 which says to trust in the lord and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your paths (have I just answered my own question?) Sorry for the long long description, I simply felt drawn to type.

    • Joe,
      You are not alone in that when you get out of college you are still figuring out what you want to do and what you can do and what people will pay you to do. Those are three different areas of question and if you can find the nexus where you are paid to do something you are good at, then as the ancient Chinese proverb goes – “find job you love, never work a day of your life.” As you move forward there are times when you have to do jobs that are not glorious in any way and that is part of eating your peas and carrots before you get to the apple pie and ice cream. That is normal. It’s Ok not to like your job as long as you are still doing your best to perform well each day. It sounds like you should look into the finances part and how you might manage graduate school in the field you like. It might be worthwhile to seek someone out who is doing the type of work you think you are interested in and ask lots of questions. I watch all those survival shows on TV and what Bear Grylls, Dave and Cody etc – they take care to get direction before they take off. Go to a high point, take a compass reading, take some care to make sure you go in the right direction. The Lord will bring you people and opportunities to help. Ask Him in prayer.

  267. Thanks!!! I needed this.

  268. Bless you, I pray and will continue to pray for the Lord to strengthen you in the trials you are facing presently. I think this is a time to rejoice….. the Lord finds you worthy for such. Your relationship with Him has never failed you and will continue strengthen your journey.


    • Thank you Peter for your response. I want to encourage everyone that when you get into a sticky situation—-persevere in faith. Paul said in 1 Thessalonians 5:11 “Wherfore comfort yourselves together, and edify one another even as also ye do.”. I believe this blog enables us to do this, especially if we feel isolated- encourage one another and hopefully we can say as Paul did in 2 Timothy 4:7 : I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith:”.


  269. I have been a Christian for 27 years, have trusted the Lord through many trials and tribulations knowing that he was by my side and that through Him I would overcome as He is my strength, He is Sovereign, yet, at 63 years of age I had a need to type in ‘where to Lord?’ and found this blog. I am on the horns of a dilemma yet again and know that I need to meditate upon the Lord and seek His will for my life. It doesn’t get easier, we are always contending with the powers of this world but I am assured by scripture that Jesus knows our situation;there is a purpose in the experience and that we are not tested beyony our means.

    Praise be the name of the Lord
    His love endures forever

  270. Something that really jumps in me is when I hear Christians referring to the church as a building. The Christians in the bible met in houses there was no overhead for the expenses that were incurred for church activities. There were no rummage or bake sales. They did not need a band for entertainment. they were meeting for prayer praise and worship. I think it to be demeaning to the Lord when He is not enough when they desire other things besides edifying Him. The church is the people (Christians). Nowhere in the bible can I remember children of God preaching the Gospel for money. I think when Jesus sent out His apostles to proclaim the gospel throughout the land they were to take nothing of value with them. They were all provided for. Paul worked for what sustained Him. I think when a preacher/ minister or whatever………. works for a salary he is working for himself and not God. How much faith in God does one have when he must negotiate his income before agreeing to pastor a church and how can he lead people to God when he does not trust Him himself. I believe that it is in peter 2 where he speaks of the wolves he speaks of those that merchandise the word of God. WoW! That is tough stuff. What is the price for the gospel? …….. no man of God would ever put a price on preaching a gospel and leading people to salvation…………..that had already been paid for by our lord and savior on the stake at Calvary.
    Thank you Jesus!

    • @Peter Stewart
      I believe that “church” is good and is for God. Anything that is for Jesus can not be against Jesus. (Mark 3:25 any version) “A house divided against its self” ect…***i.e.>In the same way I see you constantly making excuses to deter or to not go to church; and yet you claim to be only speaking the Truth you have learned from God’s word through His Holy Spirit. >vs40 any version)Jesus specifically told His Disciples to leave the others alone that were casting demons out in His name. It would seem prudent for you to leave the others alone who are just as saved and inspired as you too, wouldn’t you think?
      Alan Byrd

      • Mark 9:38>40*** and my post had the middle removed from it for some reason…I do not think I made it too long.
        Alan Byrd

      • Alan….brother,
        The church is the people; we were created to worship praise and fellowship with our creator. All the things I mentioned are not part of our purpose. Jesus’s response to these kinds of things was anger making a whip and driving them out. I do not believe there was a building built for Christian worship until 300 ad. Meeting places are fine but when the meeting place is run as a business to stay afloat again we are drawn from our purpose…refer back to line 1. Where did you ascertain I do not go to church……………….I do not go to a building we meet in homes groups as many as 30 and as few as 2. Wherever 2 or more are gathered in His name He is present. I do not know where God wants you to be. God delivered me in the body of believers I worship with. I know this is where He wants me. Please forgive me if I have offended you in any way


      • I am thinking back to when the apostles pooled their money together
        heres a web link http://www.theexaminer.org/volume8/number3/treasury.htm
        also I was not offended.
        It seemed to me that the way you typed out your opinion of people refering to a church as a building was very negative. I know we are the church. I also know that a gathering building to worship God with a bunch of other churches(Christians) does not miraculously keep its lights on and running water. Nothing against Amish or anything but people like me have small babies and running water is almost necesity. Having a seperated building other then your own homes to worship God is pleasing to God I would think. It draws the community together and can attract unbelievers who are lost. If you only meet in private houses then how can the lost find you to come to you. God may call them and they don’t have a clue where to go because all the Christians didn’t want to pay for a mutual place of worship that allowed anyone to come. I think people get online and get all “end of the world” conspiracy theoristic and forget we are told to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Hide it under a bush? Oh NO!

      • Alan,

        You are right. I am sorry.
        I pray you find peace.


      • Small is the gate and narrow is the path and few are those who find it,…..not every-one who cries Lord Lord! will see the kingdom of heaven. Get away from me! I never knew you!……Few people understand and even fewer pastors,I have yet to meet one man of God who teaches in church,If they understood the words they say, then they would not do the awful things they do.They would have the healing that never seems to come,they would run and never tire,lies are hard to sustain lies take their toll.,let the holy spirit be your guide,men will lead you into the ditch.

  271. I just want to thank you for this publishing. I have had a hard time lately and this spoke to me in more ways than one. For example; I need to be happy where I am at in my life and be thankful for what I have, I need to stop saying “what shall I do next”? And just wait for him to give me circumstances/tests for me to excellent at. I was very blessed as a child in that God lent me to a wonderful christian woman as my mother. She told me as a child that if things are hard that I should have faith in God and that after the hard times I will be blessed more than I ever had. This got me through many tough life lessons. My earthly father passed away when I was seven and God blessed me with all the good in both parents but none of the bad. I love my Lord and I pray for all of you and hope that you see the good in all things and none of the bad.

  272. Igor,
    You, like most of us when we were your age think because we have passion for Christ that He should do something to get us what we want. You are MISTAKEN. You have zeal without knowledge. You are a babe in Christ. Go look at how old Moses & Noah were when they were Finally used of God in a big way. As Paul says, be content where you are and in what you’re doing. Don’t let the devil steal your joy because of your impatience. Remember God knows what’s necessary for your life and sometimes it’s not what we think it is or should be. You will also see as you continue in your walk with the Lord that the path will get narrower & narrower to the point that it’s not your will but thine be done. You’ll also see that the fragrance of a rose is more beautifully released when it is crushed. That’s exactly what the Lord does to all of us to release His sweet fragrance of ONLY HIM in our lives. Jesus + nothing is what He’s looking for in all our lives. BE STILL AND KNOW I’M GOD.

  273. Hello!! I have been struggling for couple of years looking for God’s will where He wants me. I have a desire to work for UPS, and I am Praying about it day and night. It is my dream that one day I will get married and when I do, I want my wife to be home full time with my kids. Its a dream come true, and I know that with God’s will it is possible. I read this article and wrote down things for myself to read when I feel down. I just don’t know what steps to take to get the position. I mean I am working seasonal driver helper and hoping to get full time driver position when i am 21. I at 19 right now. It is really hard to get in but with God’s will, anything is possible. I just know its a great way to witness Jesus to others by being a UPS driver because I will be interfering with people all the time. I just really hope to get Full time job by age 21. I just don’t know what else to do?? There are times when i am REALLY worried about my future. Right now I am focusing on Church and serving there. I just hope that with God’s will, He can give the desires of my heart, i hope its not too much to ask for. I have a passion for this, and wondering, what if it does not work out? Should i be thinking of plan b. even if i still have a passion for a UPS Package delivery driver? I believe it is what He wants me to do since I have a passion for it. Please help….

    • Personally I say go for your passion, the worse that can happen is that you end up finding out that you aren’t meant to be a UPS man and by that time you probably wouldn’t want to be one anyways. However, by pursuing your passion you will know when you have actually pursued it whether this is really your calling. I wanted to be a writer and it turned out to be a horrible occupation for me which of course I learned the hard way but because I prepared for that worse case catastrophe I recieved a Business Management Degree and am actually going to pursue a Psychology degree before I am finally through which will give me the right credentials for what I want to be. God gave you the passion to pursue it not to question it. If it’s not the perfect career or it doesn’t turn out to be for you then you will find a new love a new career but if you don’t pursue your passion trust me you will always ask why. You don’t want to live with that regret.

    • I just hope that with God’s will, He can give the desires of my heart!

      Who gives a passion for anything? Who can take away a passion? Answer to both questions? You AND God. The question is … Do you want YOUR passion or do you want God’s will for your life for passion? HIS will, will always be the best for you, just trust HIM, not yourself.

      If God is the one who placed that passion in your heart, because you like to witness Christ. I beleive you will get that position, but don’t fret about it, don’t worry about it, if it’s God’s will you will, if not you won’t. God may be preparing you for better. Just be calm and trust HIM for that is where you will be strong … in HIM. Your passion comes last, for HIS will is better. Why content yourself for good, when you can have the best … HIS will.

  274. Thanks for this site. One conclusion I come to is that when we do not know exactly what God wants us to do in a specific situation, especially when we are praying about it….just leave it in His hands AND TRUST HIM! He sees our hearts of submission and our search for His wil in it….TRUST HIM and EXPECT HIM to intervene and work things out according to His Wil and for our good. Whatever the outcome then is, trust HIM that HE IS 100% in control and will / have worked it out according to His wil. Rejoice, rejoice – already now and praise Him for His intervention! HE LOVES US ALL! Thank you Jesus!

    • Simone,
      You are already blessed. Everything you have is within you because Christ is IN you – the hope of glory! Just believe His word and quit looking for signs. Jesus rebuked the religious leaders for that very thing. Be content in just BEING. God loves you when you’re still and you’re in His perfect will that way. If He wants you to do something – He’ll let you know. He doesn’t need your impatience to move Him along…

  275. For many days now i have been repeatedly asking God to show me a sign. Show me what to do or where to start. There are many area’s of my life that need some work. I have many goals and aspirations and i have just been feeling like im stuck in a rut, like i just cant jumpstart myself. Eagerly searching for a sign i went to google and typed in “Lord what to do” I came across this site and it has really helped. i feel a sense of peace. praying he blesses me soon

  276. interesting. Marya…the same thing happened to me. I typed in “Where do you want me god” and came to this sight. The Lord really used this to get my attention. I will pray you find the house situation you are looking for. Please pray for me.

  277. This is just what I needed ti hear. Looking to move within the next and desire a yr round warm climate near water that is affordable for my family. So watching HGTV is Not helpful as i watch people spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on “vacation homes” when all i want is a 3 bedroom apt my family can be safe n comfortable in as we reach out and embrace our destiny in ministering to peoples needs specifically children… as i began to get overwhelmed w statistics n cost of living charts i simoly typed in google search God where should I move?…. I found this encouraging word. Thank you.

  278. Hello again Beth, sorry it took me this long to reply

    Yes you are spot on with respect to the issues with your job as well as your dad. But keeping him with you as long as it is monetarily feasible is not enough, it has to come from the heart.

    And as ironic as it may sound, i am planning to change my job and when i followed the same thought cycle of asking lord what he wanted me to do i was led back here. praise God.

    • Hi again Emmanuel, I do love my dad and want the best for him. It is not about money it is about his care. Am I taking care of him better than a nursing home would. He has his full mind but he is getting feable. I think maybe I am supposed to make him my full time job until he passes away and just take some classes to keep my mind occupied and not have self pity on myself. Of course he would rather be here than in a nursing home but it takes alot out of a person and constantly worrying if he is going to fall and hurt himself, things of that sort. I have to become selfless and do what the Lord wants me to do at this time I think, don’t you. Best wishes on your new job. I hope it is exactly what you are looking for. I think God gives us a destiny in life and it can be in a certain field or it can be to help others and to sacrifice your own ambitions at the time. God Bless. Any other thoughts are appreciated.

      • Hello Beth,

        Yes, i completely agree with you. I dont know why but the Lord is giving me the thought that you can use this time for your spiritual growth and transformation aswell…just like He broke the loaves of bread and fish before he used it to feed multitudes with them… i feel like you have been blessed with this time…to slam hard on the brakes and slow down the pace…im sure this will be more like an exploration into yourself and your relationship with God.

        PS: my email id is napster336@gmail.com please add me up on facebook or email me your id so that we can communicate frequently

        God Bless.

      • Hello Beth,

        Yes, i completely agree with you. I dont know why but the Lord is giving me the thought that you can use this time for your spiritual growth and transformation aswell…just like He broke the loaves of bread and fish before he used it to feed multitudes with them… i feel like you have been blessed with this time…to slam hard on the brakes and slow down the pace…im sure this will be more like an exploration into yourself and your relationship with God.

        PS: my email id is napster336@gmail.com please add me up on facebook or email me your id so that we can communicate frequently

        God Bless.

  279. I have struggled with depression every time a big event was about to happen in my life. I woke up with rage all over me last month and put myself in the hospital (for 2 weeks). I am on all kinds of medication. The devil has put all kinds of evil in my mind of killing people, etc. I am a Spirit filled Christian – professed Jesus as Lord 28 years ago. I keep seeing the devil in my minds eye and I cannot get rid of him permanently. There must be something in me that keeps holding on to him – but I don’t know what it is. Please pray for me to get to the root of this because I have been in torment for a long time. I don’t want to go to hell.

    • Liz I WILL pray for you. If God be FOR YOU who can be against you? GREATER IS HE that is in YIU then he that is in the world. Sounds as if you have a call on your life and the enemy is pulling out all the stops to block you. You need to seek spiritual counsel ( help/ reinforcments) as demonic strongholds are nothing to play w or take lightly. seek out RTF Ministries on the web. Until then fast and pray God WILL DELIVER YOU! CAST DOWN EVERY THOUGHT THAT SAYS otherwise!

      • Marya,
        Thank you so much for your prayer support.
        Please give me the web address of that ministry because there are a few of them. Thank you so much!

    • When the Devil torments you , that means you have something he wants really bad, Pray always. The prayer I like when he trys to get at me, is the Saint Michael prayer.

      • John 14:6
        Jesus said unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man comes unto the Father, but by me.

        John 14:14
        If you shall ask anything in my name, I will do

        Acts 4:12
        Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is no other name under heaven given among men, by which we must be saved.

  280. Hi Sonja, I can’t even imagine the pain that you are going through right now. I pray for you that the Lord surrounds you with his love and wisdom to get through this tragic thing that has happened. I have 3 children so I know the love that you have for your child is undescribable but in the same way I know the Lord loves us the same exact way. Be sure to surround yourself with good Christian folk and family that will wrap their arms around you and be with you in this time. May you feel the Lords love for he does love you! I wish I had more words to say but just know I am praying for you!

  281. My little boy died (10yold) his name is Ezekiel. I love him and ache like I have never known pain before. He was healthy, we had no warning, I went to wake him up for school and he was dead. Why did God do this? What does he want me to learn from this? What as a Christian woman am I to do with this tremendous pain?

    • O Sonja my heart goes out to you. I hv one child, i cannot imagine what u are going thru n how u must feel. I will definetly pray for you. All I know is tho u dont understand God has a plan for your son whom he took to be w Him as well as for you. He loves you more than you can imagine He needs you to trust Him. To pUSH in and Lean in to Him….after all He is where your son is… go after God in His presence is fullness of joy. As u do this there will you be near your son worshiping almighty God as does Ezekiel. Gods plans for YOU are GOOD n NOT evil to give u a FUTUREand HOPE! HE LOVE U GIRL. So much infact that HE offered HIS ONLY SON so that yours could live…. so that u could live w him forever in eternity. Seek God….. obey Him one day u will worship Him w Ezekiel forever! Goodbless you always.

  282. I have tears in my eyes as I read this post and these comments. I have been dealing with the spirit of fear which manifests itself through the forms of worry and anxiety. I feared making wrong decisions in life and missing out on Gods best. Its hard for me to release my own vision for my life and a little scary. I want to truly know Gods heart because if I can get a true revelation on how much He really loves me and cares about me, then I could truly rest in Him and not be so anxious all the time.
    God and His methods sort of make me nervous. I think about characters in the Bible and the trials they went through. I know Gods word. Been saved for a long time and grew up in church, but I want to truly have a peace that passes all understanding and my heart to really be glad in the Lord.
    They enemy is constantly trying to defame Gods character. Thats why Psalms said to “forget not HIs benefits.” We have to think about all He has already done. He already gave his Son…everything else pales in comparison.

    • Hi Alias,
      Have faith our God uses our trials to shape us into what He wants us to be,(Rom. 5:3-5) It is at these times we should run to Jesus fear and faith cannot occupy the same place at the same time. Knowing our God is sovereign we must trust His word,(Num 23:19) The words “fear not” are mentioned many times as assurance of His sovereignty. ( Isa 41:10) He says fear not for I am with you are to comfort.<I said that wrong) He tells us to rejoice in our trials (1Peter 1:6-9) He also says these trials will not be too much for you(1 Cor 10:13 ) The greatest thing that when looking at all this is that you belong to Him if not He would not waste His time.(Heb 12:5-8)

      your brother in Christ,

  283. Amen! Me too… Frustrated to the point of trying to force some action and to give up waiting for his perfect timing. I don’t know where I am going or what I will be called to do but in the mean time Have peace in knowing that the Lord Knows and he will let me know.

  284. Jesus did NOT do it all for us. Yes. He died for us and paid a heavy price. He owns us. But for us to do what we want is a huge misconception or lie. Going to church once or twice a week and then continuing to live a life of worldly happiness is NOT what is intended here. Sacrifice of our worldly life is still eminent.


  286. Dear bro,

    I’m so much frustrated about my life now.
    I had gone through many trials and our Lord helped me come out well.

    But for last few months, i finished my MBA and i’m on job hunt. sent many applications to all those companies i want to work. all doors seems to be closed. everyone around me are questioning me. without a job and earning, i cant do anything here.

    though everyone says the industry is growing and lots of scope is there, i’m not getting a job.

    i’m not able to be with my mom. its been long i saw her smile. there has not been a single day she dint cry thinking about me.
    I’m not able to meet my girl that i love. her parents made us not be in contact. but our Lord helps me to talk to her. I thank Him for that.

    But this joblessness has made my life stagnate and people questions me about my Job and why i’m sitting idle.

    Please bro, please pray for me.


    • I am in the same boat as you. I have to ask though what job would you have fun doing if you were guaranteed you would be hired for any job and what education or certificates would you need to get that job? Don’t just go for the job you are qualified for I made that mistake many times myself go for the job you love even if it means going for another degree. In the meantime you can do workstudy if you live in USA while you go for your degree. However, I understand the hell that comes from searching and searching for a job only to end up with a job you really hate. What I am starting to learn is that is the time you need to figure out what you wouldl love to do and go for that and I promise you when people hear your enthusiasm for it they may hire you anyways. Got any hobbies? How long have you been doing this? There is a way out. Just keep trying

  287. I have a long story but won’t go into details. I have so been wondering why I am going through a lot of jobs and was wondering am I supposed to go back to schoo?. I am definately not a lazy person but every job that I get I don’t like and can find something wrong with it. I have been taking care of my dad since 2006 and now it is 2011 and he is still with me which is great, but I almost feel trapped. I finally finished raising my kids and now I have my dad to tend to. I started having my 3 children at 18 so I didn’t finish my schooling. Just highschool and some vo-tech. I thought maybe this was my chance to do something for myself which sounds a little selfish but I can’t help but feeling smothered and sometimes want to run away. I always have to think about what I would want if it was me that was old and needed someone other than a nursing home to take care of me. My dad was not around as I grew up so there could be a little resentment there. He waited until like a couple weeks after my mom passed away from cancer and then showed up on our front door. The first time that I had ever met him. I took him in with open arms because I had always wondered who my dad was. I am the youngest of 6 children and the only girl so I was left with the one to take care of him. No one else seems to want to take him in with them or even have him over for the weekend. I did put him in the nursing home in February but by July 1st I had already pulled him out because of guilt. I am just wondering if this is supposed to be my calling right now and if so I need to have peace about this decision. What do you think? I said I wouldn’t go into details, seems like I did but really that was the sooooo short version, lol.

    • Hey Beth,

      I just went through your reply, and the only feeling that i had while reading the article was that you have gotten used to it, and are boughed down by things…and its the process thats tiring not the principle of taking care of your dad.

      Now by what i understand your main concerns are:

      1)your Dad
      2)Your job and stability in life

      Let me tell you a small piece of my story..

      Im from a middle class background and my dad and mom were struggling to make ends meet…we pretty much had sufficient money to bring decent food on the table..but my dad (by gods grace i suppose) put me in a very good school thats run by a christian missionary. Because down here in india the education system is not that great…the government run institutions are pathetic and the children who study there are qualified only for labour jobs..now when i say labour jobs im talking about $.5 a day!.

      I was put in a private school where the fee was something like $500 – $700 (todays worth) and that was not even 1yr of my dad’s income and it so happened that when i was in 7th grade my younger brother was in 2nd grade in the same school..and my dad..who was running into losses at business was obviously not able to pay the fee.

      we were thrown out of the institution and i stayed at home for nearly 2years. until i was old enough to write the the exams for the 10th grade based on my age (rules 🙂 ) and at that point God helped me with the required money to pay the tuition fee for the subjects…i passed out with some good figures like..95% in english..thats like an A+ according to you guys..and 87% in science. etc years later when i was thinking about this i realised that god helped me take a shortcut and diverted the school fee of the 7th grade to the tuition of the 10th grade..

      After i was done with the schooling i had to go to 11th and 12th grade (which is pretty much called college..and then come the graduations which is college again)…when i was in 12th grade i forsaked the Lord and followed my hearts desires..adn ended up failing in my board exams…and when you fail in 12th grade..youre doomed..you’re on noman’s land..i didnt know where my next meal would come from…there have been days when i was not able to control the hunger and walk into the kitchen and search for some leftovers, would find none..and would just quietly come back out..i was mentally prepared to do any job for money…even prostitution or murder for that matter..anything that could keep hunger away from the family..at this point i let the lord take control of my life..when i repented and came back to the lord he blessed me abundantly…with sufficient money and also as a person in a society i have been able to earn my own bread and butter ever since i let him take the wheel..and thats all is important for me right now…im working in the BPO industry…amidst cut throat competiton..today even today if im terminated there will be 10 people waiting to do the work for half the salary that im taking…and trust me the people in my office look upto me for many things..i was hired for an entry level job..and within 9 months ive been made the Assistant Operations Manager… normally it would take someone like 5-8 years of experience to get this designation…

      at times i relate a lot to how the lord blessed joseph and his master through him…because i thrive at anything thats assigned to me…not out of my intelligence but because of Gods continuous grace in my life and my work…with in three months of my joining i was assigned as a trainer, a moth later Business Developer, then a team leader, and now an Assistant Manager….even i couldnt have scripted a better future for myself..

      The thing is..i always wait on the lord to lead me.there were offers form other organizations who were ready to pay me Double the amount of my current salary..but i stuck to the lord and let him guide me..

      Im not saying that all my troubles have vanished and that im completely out of worry..but i have an sense of peace in my life that im happy with…and as a matter of fact..im typing this piece of article during my working hoursr..i donno how i got into replying to this post, this is actually the first time im doing it..ive got 6 people waiting on me to reply to their mails and stuff like that but here i am putting this up for you to read…

      all im trying to say is…just give up and stop resisting what the lord wants to do to you…stick to one job and let god bless you in that office..but make sure you pray fervently before going to that ever elusive job that job wantsto bless you with… for howlong do you think you can go on like this? .. Our ways are not gods ways..and none of us can add a single cubit to ourselves by worrying about things..and like the author of this post says..have faith in little things and the Lord will take care of the rest..because thats all the Lord wants you to do..

      As for your dad ( and your concern about your retirement) : the lord says…love thy neighbor as thy self…do you not think that the lord who takes care of the birds and the grass can take care of you?? are you not of much more value to him??
      Just think over it and pray Dear sister..im sure hes got a great lan for you..

      PS: i know that ive made a LOT of grammatical mistakes and stuff..but im typing this in a hurry so please pardon me ..:P
      thanks for this great article tony..

      • Thank you Emmanuel for your words of encouragement. They really mean alot to me and thank you for your time in replying. Basically I need to surrender all areas of my life to the Lord and pray about jobs before accepting them and the one the Lord gives me peace about then I need to stick with that one and let the Lord bless me in that office. Thank you so much and as far as my dad goes I am not sure what your thinking was on that. Basically to keep my dad with me as long as possible and feasible. Like you said How long can I go on like this? Please let me know if I am understanding you correctly. I really appreciate it. Thank you.

    • Can I ask you a personal question that could help you? If your father died today would you resent your father because you couldn’t go to school or would you resent yourself because you didn’t take care of your father or would you find some happiness in what you have been doing? Would you be able to say if he was in a nursing home I did all that I could do or would you be able to say if he was at home I did all that I could do? If you did all that you could do to keep him alive then the answer to your question becomes a bit more simple? Yes you should do all that you can do to help your father stay alive. Would putting him in a nursing home be best for your father or would keeping him home be best for your father? In terms of schools there are alot of online schools or even alot of schools now that will let you take one course at a time -some are even required to have their students take one course at a time so don’t let the situation with your father stop you in that regard trust me you aren’t the only one in this situation with a parent. However, still do what is best for your father. Since you put him in a nursing home already ask yourself this: Was he healthier living with you versus the nursing home? How many times did you have to take him to the hospital when he was at home? How many times did you take him to the hospital at the nursing home? Was he happy both at home and at the nursing home after he adjusted? Do what is best for your father but please don’t stop living your life because of this decision. There are people right now who are in thier twenties and thirties taking care of both thier children and thier parents. You will be okay

  288. I find myself on line typing questions from my heart into the google search bar, and a list of simmilar questions we there for me to choose from. Not quite knowing what answers or peace i am seeking , i type the words “What Do I Do Next” . Of cource numerous christian references were in front of me. I clicked the third one from the top, not so much desperate but just tired. Tired of not knowing! What is my purpose ? What is yours? Who am I? Who are you? Just many question of myself my faith and my meaning of exsistance.
    Instantly, I was intureged by your story , or continuous walk beside God if you will. It was very relavent to my life right at this very moment… I want to serve him so much , but yet i dont serve myself .. Its almost as if i serve to recieve recognition. I find this extreamly exahsting. Im constantlly pulling from a weaker power, Me. I forget so many times about wwjd. HE wouldn’t do something to be viewed or to be loved he wold do it just because its right. I find my self getting so let down when I don’t recieve the same in return as i give out , and it is sympily because i am doing it for the wrong reasons. I have learned this about myself only recently. So as you can imagine i have built alot of resentment toward others myself and god even sometimes… but im still learning and will always learn.. I really did appreciate your testimony, if all we DO is help one person , i beleive we are BEING christ like, and you have seemed to have helped allot of individualls.. Feel privlaged and thankfull to be nominated into such a trusted position.. Thank you again so mush -Stefan Craig

  289. Thank you for writing this. It was just what I needed today. May the Peace of Christ be with you always.

  290. Thank you for this article. I was reading it at work this morning. I decided just for fun to type in google… Lord what do you want for me to do.. and this article came about. I am so very grateful for our Lord’s word and for fellow Christians that shine His light in their lives. What salt what light… thank you. and God bless. Jumana

  291. Thanks and may our Lord Jesus Christ bless you all.

  292. thank you for this post. i am in a place where i am really asking God what to do with my business. this post provided some good perspective for me and i will be seeking his direction via his written word tonight. thank you again


  293. I thank God for all the good comments made. As I googled the words “God what do you want me to do?” i had no idea what to expect . I have found such fulfilling and encouraging verses that have guided me on what to do. 1st Thessalonians 5:16-18 says it all. It has given me insight of what I should do when I don’t know what to do.

    I have resigned from my current job and am serving 21 days of notice as required by the organization. I tendered my resignation after along struggle of obeying Gods command to let go of this job and trust in Him. I must say this was one of the greatest risk I have taken in life. I have chosen to trust God with all I have and all I am. I thought to myself you mean you are seated here and you have no idea of what you will be doing with your life after a couple of days? . Am gland that I have known what to do and I should not be troubled for my life is in his hands and he has good and perfect plans over my life.

    • Wow, I am so inspired to find that another person actually did the same. God bless you.

  294. I love God alot, but I need to have patience. You see I will soon be 69 years old and I feel I’m running out of time.
    How do I change this attitude and do the things I’m suppose to do?
    My bigger problem in life is patience and I don’t have any.
    I want God in my life and his son Jesus and the Holy Spirit and I don’t know what to do. Please help me and show me what I need.
    Juan R. Ortiz


  296. I just received the latest comments on this blog and wanted you all to know that God is Good and knows all your troubles and challenges. Whenever I ask the question “What do you want me to do, God?”, the Holy Spirit reminds me of 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 “Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” I am learning to trust the Lord more and more for the big challenges as well as the seemingly small. Trusting and Thanking are at times the most difficult thing to do but I believe that when I choose to obey the Lord in favor of what I think I should be doing, I experience peace and security. May God bless each and every one of you. Thank you for sharing your struggles so that we can all pray for you.


    • Hi Leslie, You are so right when you quote 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 “Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” It reminds me of when I was very ill a couple of years with Lymes disease and feeling pretty bad. I just had to accept, that for whatever reason, it was God’s will for me at the time, so I just praised Him all the same, spoke to Him continually and gave thanks for His eternal promises and provision. He didn’t heal me instantly but I just new He was with me and I would recover. And hallelujah! I have, Praise the Lord. His ways are not our ways, and you are also right in that he has plans for us that may be contrary to our own, and we just have to accept His will in our lives, even if they are not what we asked for, wanted or expected! Love in Jesus!

  297. God,
    This is the umpteenth time I tried to go for a career. My family thinks I’m a loser and I’m almost inclined to believe them. I want to be doctor Lord, that’s why I went to school but didn’t keep trying to go on because my grades were not up to par. I really want to become a caring, sympathetic but excellent doctor.
    Lord Im 40 years old and I have no more time to be playin’ games and trying to find myself. Lord just direct my steps. I can’t take another let down.

  298. Hi Ajtony

    How can you hear god through everyone advice. I am in a hard place right now and have to make a life change decsion. I am in a very bad and dangeruos relationship with my husband. He has moved out of the house recently and we are trying to get help with the problems. It is not getting better at this time. I have two small children 1 and 2 that having him in my life as a husband or not will make a big impact. It is hard to hear what god wants me to do and not all the advise of all that are around me. I just don’t want to be hurt anymore that is all I desire.

  299. I like one of the above, googled, what does God want me to do, and was sent here, this helped me to understand alot, i’m not a regular church goer, i have been saved, and baptized, but sometimes i feel like i’m just not good enough for God to ever accept me, i have sinned, and i’m trying really hard to not sin again, even though i know no one is perfect, i have prayed for forgiveness of those sins, and just don’t feel like i can’t pray enough! I feel like they will never be forgiven!

  300. There is on emore thing I believe, God has us go through challenge and the greater the challenge is, the greater your mission may be… a training almost, a boot camp by God, not to hurt us, not to sadden us but to know what evilmay look like and to be armed when it comes around…from a human perspective though , I hope there is a turn around soon, I need you God to not let my hopes die, praise you, Lord for keeping my spirits up this long!

  301. Thank you! I just had a deep, deep prayer, trying to find answers. Trying to make sense of it all. trying to get foresight and being prepared and then I realized, God just does have his own time line, as I have said many times, he wants us to not be intimidated by a challenge but believe that the opposition might be great but the ones who are with me/us are much greater. God wants us to succeed and not break under a challenge but rather resurrect from the “death”. You see, God has spared my husbands life many times, beginning at birth and last in the war in Iraq, now he is suffering soo very muchphysically and more so emotional/spiritual, he is sick, he is bound to a wheelchair and yet I know he can be free, if he could just let got make it happen/handle, him justt go with the plan…It’s so hard, the potential is there but boy this is tough. I BELIEVE, I really do, my husband does too but this challenge is HARD VERY HARD! Please, just pray for us, just let God know, we are willing, but keep our spirits stronger then ever… Thank you and Thank GOd, Thank Jesus his only begotten son, have Mercy on us, for we are sinners! Amen!

  302. Wow! God totally ROCKS! I praise God for whoever wrote this personal article. It is exactly what I needed to read. God’s timing IS perfect! Glory to God in the highest!

    • Hey Michelle, Glory to God in the highest! Yes! Amen! But remember, we have no access to Him except through the Lord Jesus, the God-Man and our Saviour! So use the name of Jesus lots and give glory to Jesus. He told us, ‘no one comes to the father except through me’. That’s what is different about all others who praise God. If they do not know the Son (Jesus), they do not know the Father! Love in Jesus, Tony

  303. Well said! I, too, put the phrase “Lord what do you want me to do?” to be funny and see what was out there. I am not laden w/ heavy burdens, I just do this some times. What a great reminder of how hard we make this life vs. God’s heart on the topic. May the Lord bless you as you continue to write your thoughts for those of us who stumble upon them.


  304. What a blessing I found this site! I too thought I’d just go ahead and give Google a try by typing in “the job the lord wants me to do”. Obviously, I’m not the only one.

    I am getting weary as well. My husband left his job almost 3 years ago … right before the economy took a nose dive. I was supporting our household with my income from a sales job that I have never really felt confident doing. Another sales opportunity came along and I was so certain that it was the will of God (I had been praying to him during my entire decision-making process). It seemed ideal and the doors just swung open. Well, I have not been very successful and ended up losing my primary sales job in the meantime. Now, for the first time in over 15 years, I’m looking for a job and questioning what I should be doing. I’ve been torn down by my failures while at the same time questioning all my skills and abilities which I find to be lacking. We are in debt and both our mortgage and insurance premiums have increased during the past 6 months.

    I don’t mean to spill my guts but I was so grateful to hear the thoughts of others struggling with similar situations that I just wanted to put my situation out there. I’m not much of a blogger so please forgive my ramblings.

    I am trying to stay in constant contact with my Lord, my bible study group, and my church during this trying time. I know that the Lord is my rock and that he will love me through all the trials I face now and in the future. My greatest enemies are depression and discouragement. I have a tendency to do mindless things like watch TV, do crosswords, play solitaire, etc. when I’m feeling this way and it only leads to my feeling guilty and thinking that I should be doing something. It’s as if my mind and body wants to shut down and just escape.

    While I am in the valley of indecision, I have to remember to trust in the Lord. One of my favorite scriptures is Psalm 32″8 “I will instruct you and teach you the way you should go; I will counsel and watch over you.” Another is: Philippians 4:8 “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”

    May God Bless each and every one of you with His Peace, Power and Love.


    • Hi Leslie, thank you for posting a comment on my blog! ALL things happen for good for those who love the Lord’ so do not be discouraged. He is in control and if things go pear shaped in your life, He is allowing it. But after times of testing comes a ‘harvest of righteousness’. Trust in Jesus and He won’t let you down. By the way, there is nothing wrong in watching tv, doing crosswords etc as long as you are not watching the wrong sort of programmes or as long as tv isn’t central to your life. Feeling guilty is a ploy of the enemy so don’t fall for it. If the Lord wants you to do something specific He is well capable of telling you! Rejoice in the total victory won for you and me by Jesus, as He bled and died on the cross. Do not feel guilty rather rejoice that you are a child of God! Love in Jesus, Tony

  305. I am sitting in a hospital with my oldest son. I just left this hospital with my youngest and only other child just two weeks ago. I am sittin here as I have done for fifteen years. Over those years I have never asked why of God or to change the events of our lives. I have asked that his will be done and that my children can remain happy and hopeful. I think that they have. Both of my boys are wonderful and a blessing. They both also happen to have an illness that brings them back to this hospital time and time again. I am a single parent and also work full time. I have often worried about how I will care for my boys when my employeer has had enough. Until very recently the work I was doing seemed to be a good fit for my time away. That has changed and I have been so very worried. I found your site when praying and searching. I knew the answer before reading your page but now have an extra boost to my thoughts and prayers. Thank you

  306. Thank you so much for this. Exactly what I needed. Keep asking and asking, and worrying I’m missing the boat – but actually, no! You’re right – Human Being not Human Doing. Thank you and God bless you for a wonderful message.

  307. i for one do not like the old KJV. not for the thee/thou old english reasons but for something i read once after i started getting strange doctrines from KJV in an intense
    spiritual battle i went thru not long after my new (real) birthday back in 1987.

    i read of a letter from King James’ scholar/printer(?) to the King saying basically that
    he hoped that the King’s mind would be at ease with this newer english version
    (paraphased by me). v.s. the latin vulgate and earlier 2 english versions which included
    such troubling word-pictures as vultures, wild beasts, as well as the Geneva bibles
    side/margin notes implying/challenging earthly Kings’ soverignty.

    these are not the reasons, motivations, methinks for upgrading The Holy Bible.
    for they are humanistic, self-centered, political reasons, to put it politely at best.

    Yet, i do know from personal experience that the Holy Spirit can do, use, overcome
    just bout anything man seems to wanna muck up. The HSpirit can use billboards,
    neon signs, other peoples words/writings etc-etc, to reach/teach us something or
    anything, be it big or small.

    such can be the case with a 90+% accurate KJV bible too. but if errors trouble u, then
    i’d say KJV has enough of ’em to warrant u looking elsewhere. The HSpirit will lead
    you to which one, i do believe, perhaps even the KJV itself.


  308. I am in full agreement to all you have said,so many of us live in such deception and think as the world thinks, we are so programed by the system of this world,the Lord has stripped us of much in the things of this world. but I was wondering I have a new king james and have found the scriptures as you have spoken what then is the correct word to have (bible) Dawney

    • Dawn, I am no bible scholar but truly believe that the Old King James is as close to what the Lord desires us to have as possible. There are many variations but every time something gets changed there is more chance for error..
      The Old King James can be somewhat hard to read from time to time, but trust in the Spirit to lead and guide, I have been truly blest by the Lord not by what I have done but what He has done.. I know in some versions of bible Meat is referred to as food, well yes meat is food but there is quiet some difference in a ribeye steak and a bowl of rice now isn’t there.. I am sure the men that wrote these other versions had good intentions and a person can get insight from them. The Lord shed His Blood he didn’t sacrifice the spotless calf for us. To many things are watered down and we live in the microwave generation.. It doesn’t seem to be working too well now does it.. Trust in the Lord to lead you. We are tried in the fire but the Lord will not leave His precious gold unattended.. When we are refined by God we will be shinny beautiful.. Hebrew 13:9 Be not carried about with divers and strange doctrines. For it is a good thing that the heart be established with grace : not with meats, which have not profited them that have been occupied therein. Merry Christmas.

  309. to anyone:

    “Bless the Lord o’ my soul and forget not his benefits!” Ps 103.

    This was/is my fav Ps since my born again days of 1987. for me it was
    a Ps of praise, gratitude, acknowledgement, to the “one who took my place…”
    (Mercy Me).

    many of us have gone thru tough economic times these past 4 or more yrs but,
    with Gods peace, a peace with passes all understanding (Ph 4:7), we are the
    better for it dare we say it, in HIS minds eye. we have learned many a lesson
    we could’ve not learnt otherwise. we are humbled. we have at least one ear
    (now) to listen. we seek him earnestly for we have need of him daily.

    while i dont wish to belittle economic needs, they pale in comparison to our
    spiritual needs from our Father. selah.

    i like this site for it tells me how God is working both similarly and dissimilarly
    with other fellow believers, and that I (and We) are not alone in our “walk with
    HIM.” this is an important point to many of us, for many reasons.

    I’ll sign off now, tho’ theres much i like to share/discuss/inquire of u, aj, et al.



  310. P.S. I am 50 years old and a single mother to two children still at home, ages 12 and 10. I am so very tired… weary is more like it. I have been going back to school for four semesters but have lost interest and desire in what I first went back to school for … accounting… found out I’m not much good at it. I have no desire to do it anymore and don’t know which way to turn. I have prayed and nothing seems to work. I can’t seem to know what God wants me to do. Feeling desperate as today I have to register for next term. I have no desire to press on nor to find another job.

    • Pamela, I could go on and on about trusting in Jesus, and give many scriptures but you probably know them. I will give you just one. It’s in Romans 8:28, ‘And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose’.

      That’s ALL things Pamela! We simply have to trust Him and His promises! We are just pilgrims passing through this fallen world. Our future is with Jesus in heaven and in the new earth! Focus on Jesus! Live one day at a time! Count your blessings! And look heavenwards every day as we await the Lord to descend from ther clouds to take us, His church, with him!

      I too am weary of this world. paul was weary of the world wanting to depart, to be with the Lord. i think it is part of the deal when you are truly a child of God. But remember the blessed hope! All this is just temporary. our future is heavenwards. Love in Jesus, Tony

  311. Thank you for your message. It is exactly where I am at right now… all of it…. please pray that God would show me what direction to take and that He will give me the strength to endure my present afflications – for me and my family. My heart has become bitter, both toward others and toward God. I am so very unhappy. I am also judgmental toward others. I need God’s help.

    Thank you.

  312. Just want to say that I like what I’ve been able to see on your site so far. Its good to see a brother in Christ that seeks to understand the Word according to a relationship in Christ (not how it’s presented according to each denominational structure. If you care to see more scripture reference about how we now give in place of tithing, check the foundation page of my site (www.BeTheTemple.com). The exact page is (foundation Page 2) and there’s a post called Giving not Tithing.

  313. i am actully in a confused state as to what the Lord want me do concerning my present situation, but i know that every problem has an expairing date God bless you

  314. Thank you for maintaining this site! I am amazed by its popularity over time. It is so enjoyable and informative to wait on the Lord with such good company.

  315. I too typed in the same question as all the others. But,before hand I had a chat with my LORD.Unlike most of the responses here I KNEW God would answer me,because I simple believed.I informed him that I would only trust or follow any response that addressed me by name.That way I would know that this exact response was for me. I am bold with my father like that and he love’s for me to CALL HIM OUT.It’s in that bold FAITH that moves him to respond.So,there it is in black and white…. when the “PENNY” dropped, typed by Tony over three years ago. FAITH is so powerful. My lord knew I would addressing this issue three years earlier.I am exactly were I am suppose to be and so are YOU.It may not be pleasing, but it is his plan….HOLD ON.Our lord know each of us by name and he is aware of our struggles,hurts,pains and confusions.I am fully convinced in his promises for my life and I am going to follow Tony’s advice and just wait on the the lord.God wants each of us blessed, that why he sent JESUS. If you believe that Jesus died for you, than that IT, start living to day.It’s all in the BELIEVING that you activate the RECEIVING. DON’T DOUBT.just trust in God.Thanks, Tony for passing on to me that timely bible truth. As for me , I’m climbing into the back seat of this big life bus,sitting down in peace and having a cold ice tea, not even going to buckle up….no need for that ,when JESUS is driving. I KNOW I am going to arrive safely,on time and at (my) assigned destination. Cost of bus fare, FREE to BELIEVERS.

  316. Tony, I just typed in “What do you want me to do, Lord,” and I was truly blessed to find your initial post. Knowing Him is truly eternal life. I am so glad to find many young people like yourself who are running after God with their whole hearts. (I am 51, no longer young, but not ready to give up the race.) God is good. Blessing to you.

    • Hey Shaun, I guess I will have to put a more up to date photo on this blog as I am 50 myself in a few months. Still young at heart though, ha, ha!! Love in Jesus, Tony

  317. thank you for posting this message. I am 40 years old and was sooo frustrated wondering why Im not fulfilling my destiny of “Gods will”. I would feel so guilty about not knowing what to “do” or not “doing” something for God. Or thinking that what I must do would be monumental or this big thing. I just pray that God gives me the grace I need to be content while waiting. I feel like I have been in a place of pressure waiting for some relief. I am sooo grateful though at the end of the day I know Jesus and love him and am sooo blessed to be alive pressure or not.
    Thanks again it was nice seeing that im not the only one who is desperately wondering what to do.
    Blessings on you and yours!!!

  318. I too typed the same question, word for word!!

    I am so glad to see the desire within the hearts of so many others that want to find their purpose and live for the Lord. What a blessing!!

    This post has reminded me to have patients. Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord. Psalms 27:14.

    Stay Blessed

    • Faith bought us all here by our faith that God will answer us somehow and he did. 4un4m3.wordpress.com

  319. Wow! Written 3 years ago and still blessing and encouraging Brothers and Sisters in Christ… What an amazing thing! God is able to use the internet for so much GOOD, too!! Praise the LORD!

    Like many others…I was desperate for an answer (one that I could accept) and I typed into Google “What do you want me to do, Lord?” thinking I had probably lost my mind and wondering if it was sinful to in any form “Ask Google” a question as tho’ it could give me MY LORD’s answer… I really did not expect others to have done such a crazy thing!! Ha!! I thought maybe it would leadme to something that would lead me in a certain direction…it did. But, not at all what I expected!!! Thank you,Lord! And thank you not only Tony, but everyone else that felt led to respond and share their story. I was blessed by each one and reminded that I am not alone…

  320. I was struck by how many people had a similar story to myself. The Devil seems to try to make Christians feel they are the only one dealing with a particular issue, when in reality the experiences of most are quite similar.

    Jesus tells us that “my sheep hear my voice”, I sometimes wonder when we don’t appear to clearly hear if it is because we are so focussed on our “agenda” that we lose our peace and are not prepared to be still before the Lord as He quietly whispers to our heart, when we are not still the nagging of the Devil can prevail.

    Some years ago I was offered a job in another state and could not seem to get any clear direction on the matter from the Lord. It reached the stage where I could delay my decision no longer and I went for a walk to discuss the matter with our Lord. It suddenly came to me that the problem was that I had been approaching the issue the wrong way. Rather than ask Jesus where he wanted me to work I instead changed my prayer and asked Him where I would be closer to Him. Immediately then the answer became clear. It was a matter of seeing the matter from God’s perspective not my own, He is first and foremost concerned about us becoming more like Jesus, where we live and work is secondary to that.

    Whilst these matters can become clear in retrospect, as I face another decision about my future employment, I can feel myself repeating the mistakes of the past. The Lord has given me the verse: “Trust in the Lord with all year heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him and he will make your paths straight ” Proverbs 3:5-6. However often we want an answer on our terms, which really just betrays that we are not prepared sufficiently to wait and trust. I hope and pray I can learn my own lesson.

    “When God acts in an impossible situation, He beomes greater to us. The more impossible the situation, the more honour is given to Him. Therefore in spite of prevailing prayer, He often waits until the last minute before He intervenes. Thus He teaches us to hold on in faith.” – Basilea Schlink

    Thank you for the website Ajtony. It has been a blessing to me and to many others.
    God bless you



  321. May the Lord bless you , for you have moved me today.

  322. Amen, Thank You Lord!

  323. Thanks for the blessing and encouragement.

  324. Praise God for this Website… After reading these encouraging words & scripture… I feel in my heart that despite all the problems we all face in everyday life whether it be to do with Work, family, finances etc.. that God will never leave or forsake us… He is our Jehovah Jireh – Our Provider, no matter what answers we’re waiting on God for… we just have to STOP and just TOTALLY SURRENDER ALL to GOD… We need to TRUST that GODs hand is working on our situation and that HE will take care of us… I think simply.. thats what he wants us to do… To Surrender all & Trust that hes GOT OUR BACKS! Thank you JESUS!!.. I know randomly coming across this website was no accident!

    God Bless you ajtony & May God continue to Annoint & Pour his Spirit over you & everything that you do! 🙂

  325. This blog really blessed me. My husband has an opportunity on his job which means I will have to leave my job and my so his school. We are going to have to leave our church where we are very COMFORTABLE. I know it is not about being comfortable but about being obedient. I am a minister of the gospel and I just want to be sure we are chasing GOD not careers. I feel God saying submit because I have work in him to do and I need to separate him from family, friends, and even some co-workers so that he may walk in his destiny. Please pray for our family.

  326. Thank you for your writing. I have been a Christian since 1991. Today, I am so reminded of waiting upon the Lord. The Lord’s timing is perfect. What an awesome God we love. And that our duty is to be faithful to Him.

  327. And here I thought I was being unique and perhaps a bit silly when I googled “Lord, what do you want me to do?” and hit the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button. Boy oh boy, does Jesus have a sense of humor!

    We are NOT alone in our confusion, our pain, our impatience. Praise Him, oh Praise Him! His mercies are new every morning…

    Thank you, Tony, and thank you, Jesus, for putting the words on Tony’s heart to share with your Children in need!

  328. I really am glad our Lord and Savior listens to our prayers. That’s why this website exist. We all are connected because we have a desire to please God. Which tells me that we are on the right path. I praise God everyday and ask for what I believe he put in my heart, so that I can do what he has planned for me. I am a giver so I ask God everyday to increase me in all areas of my life so I can give more if I have more. Go with whats in your heart. We have to remember that all good thoughts come from God so if you have a good thought then you need to pray for it to pass. God knows what will will ask for before we even ask he’s just waiting for us to ask. Well I’m signing off for now , I will keep this site and all it’s visitors in my heart of prayers. May God keep you and Bless you at all times. Your sister in Christ Keena

  329. Hi, my name is Karlene Grindley, i resided in Jamaica. I am a christian, I was not lacking of any thing in my life. I had my own business and was happily married. I am not married any more and I also lost my business, I have lost everything, I cant even maintain myself any more, also my daughter. I realize one has to go throught hardship when serving Jesus, I believe we all have to carry our cross to be rooted and prepared for the Kingdom of God. I know that we now have to live by faith. Cause of my business I am in debt with alot of loan companies, I am going through alot of shame and embarrassment which I have never face in my life. I now down to nothing but I humble myself in it. I told my daughter this too will pass. I am willing to go throught my trials but the bills are my problem. I am always holding on but for the pass few days I am getting weary and tired of my situation. I know I must LET GO AND LET GOD, thats always my encouraging words. I have read most of the comments and they are inspiring words to keep me going and holding on to my Jesus. By the grace of God I am not letting go because without him there’s no need for living. I am in the valley but in the valley he restoreth my soul, I need to exercise my patience towards God. Thanks for all of your comments that lifted my spirit. May the grace of Jesus Christ keep you all. BLESS YOU

    • great testimony!!!!

  330. I googled and found this site. My brokeness is complicated like so many others and I wonder why God’s timing is so long. I trust Him, I hope in Him yet I get moments of wondering if I did indeed leave my cares at the cross since they creep back and I have to shoo them away with more prayer. Belief is actions and words and a faith walk that is sometimes like running with joy and sometimes like a forced march. In the end, I know that my Lord cares for me. I know that if my husband doesn’t grieve his late wife’s death and cannot really love me in a oneness way, God’s love will be enough. The faith I have had to embrace in this marriage that God blessed me with has grown me in ways I have to thank my husband for. It has also brought me intense awareness of the pain my sweet husband has and wishes he didn’t….but he cannot let go of his missing his former wife….God’s perfect timing will walk Him though this. I have grown because of my husband and I know he will grow because of his loss. I took some sort of comfort in knowing that his late wife had his undivided attention the last 5 years of her life. He told me this and his wife wrote about it. She was going to leave him but she prayed and God gave her strength to stay…she was with him when she got ovarian cancer. He took care of her and I believe he was there to take care of her. I am glad she didn’t leave. I am glad she honored her vows. She is with the Lord now…no more cares of this earth. My dear one is a blessing to me. She is a blessing because she brought him to the Lord. Faith, HOPE, Belief, Trust, Humility. Is 55:6-9

  331. Thank you so much.It’s inspiring,we have been through that experience.(me & my husband)
    We have accepted Jesus 3years ago,we have been asking God what He wants us to do……God has answered us through your blog.Thank you .God Bless you more.

  332. Everything happens for a reason! I just want to humbly say Thank you God!

  333. WOW. God is really using you. Looking at all these responses just brought me to tears. So many people are at a dead end, they are worried and nothing makes sense. God tells us to not be afraid or discouraged, He says to be strong and courageous. Sometimes though, those two things just seem impossible to be. I am 25, I have four kids, single mom… I can’t afford to stay in my house anymore so I have to try to find something very cheap, very quick. I have $674 a month (my little baby with down syndrome’s disability check) that is my only income since I don’t work. Because of some speeding tickets my license was suspended so now I can’t drive- which makes no difference really because my van got re-possesed a couple weeks ago. I just started college for respiratory therapy and was so excited but I got dropped b/c I had no way to school once my van was repoed. I have to do community service b/c of the tickets and I have absolutely no clue how God is going to get me out of this. All I can do is trust Him and His promise to supply all of my needs. I have grown so close to God over the past 6 months & also rededicated my life to him, so His word is my strength every day. I can honestly say I am not afraid, I know my God will take care of me. I’m just ready for God to use me. I have this dream of one day building a home for battered women and their children and also a drug/alcohol rehab. I want to open an orphanage for disabled children in the U.S. and also from other countries. I typed in “show me where you want me to go” and I found your page. So thank you for reassuring me og God’s promises. And I admire your obedience to God, for we are only here for a short time to spread the word. Praise God for people like you! Thanks.

    • Hey Larramie, When everything goes wrong, it is sometimes our own doing! It is sometimes God who is testing us or even breaking us! Or it is sometimes the evil one having permission of God to come against us! It is at this time that our faith is truly tested. It is easy to trust in the Lord when all is going well don’t you think? But when all seems against us and we come to the realisation that we can do absolutely nothing in our own strength, even in the most dire circumstances, when we truly trust in Him, He will provide!

      His name is Jesus by the way everyone. Using the word ‘God’ is fine but you have to realise the only way to ‘God’, our Father in heaven is through Jesus, and His shed blood for us. When we pray, we pray to the Father, in THE NAME OF JESUS! Please remember that! Many people use the name of ‘God’ and they are not Christians!

      Larramie, You need to let go of your dreams! You need to die to yourself and trust FULLY in Jesus to lead you on His path! His path for you may be totally different from what you would like to do. so let go of your own and surrender all to Jesus! He will care for you and provide all your needs, if you FULLY trust in Him!

      And remember also that we also have a responsibility to make decisions and behave in a way that is pleasing to the Lord.

      Stick close to Jesus and you will be fine.

      Love in Jesus, Tony

  334. Hi ajtony

    Thanks for sharing this. I did the same as others, Googled what the Lord has for me as way to express my wanting God perfect will in my life.


  335. Tell me Jesus what do you want me to do? I wrote these words to google after asking God many and many and many times this question…!
    ok, the only answer given always to me is *just wait, Jesus have a perfect plan for you* I’m praying and crying bcoz I can’t wait anymore …. maybe he’s giving me lot of signs, and i’m not understanding !!! I feel prisoner in this body! I’m just searching for a meaning for a reason for a cause …….. I know I’m silly cause God gave me much more than I deserve, but I’m just lost, I donno how to use everything, I’m stuck inside my anger, I’m guilty but I love you my Lord, just tell me what to do …. I’ll always pray until something happen.
    Thank you for this holy site,
    God bless,

  336. I just wanted to say thank you for writing this and posting your blogs. I literally typed “Lord,what do you want from me today?” in the google search and your site came up. I know this was from the Lord just to believe in Him and wait on Him instead of being anxious, trying to strive and “do” things myself. I have a hard time waiting and just “doing” nothing, so I strive a lot.

    Thank you for the honesty of your blog.
    Your Sister in Christ,

  337. That is so awesome and so true, I have been fustrated lately with my walk because I know that he has me learning all the things but I am anxious to see the picture. He has given me something very special and the aniticipation is tough. I know that I am at a level where I need to reach higher and overcome this obstacle so I can move forward but there are some things that have been on my mind this week and I feel so fustrated. I was listening to a sermon on the radio that said that comfort does not always come in a form or warm hugs but that God is strenghting us in him so that our comfort will be in the confidence we have in him. A lot of times trials can look so difficult but it is Gods way of perfecting us like you said. At times I know this but still feel like it can be difficult. Thank you for the words on this page because it is a resting place for me today, somewhere I can go and realize that God talks to me even when I am stubborn and he answers my prayers. LOL I googled the words God what do you want me to do and found you. God has given me much revelation today and as soon as he did the devil tried to rob me and test, but we are overcomers and we all need eachothers testimonies.Awesome, and God bless!

  338. Hey Larry, You are so right when you say ‘I just need to trust and wait’. If it is God’s will for you to move, He will open doors for you but it will be in His timing! Re you wanting to pray every day – You know the Lord’s Prayer is a really good way to pray, especially as Jesus told us to pray like this. .
    ‘Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our debts , as we forgive our debtors. And lead us not into temptaion, but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory. for ever. Amen’. Mathew 6:9-13
    We can sometimes take this prayer for granted but it really is awesome, and covers everything.
    Stick close to Jesus >Larry and you will be fine! And remember, He is coming back real soon!
    Love in Jesus, Tony

  339. The Lord I think has been telling me to move. My Dad wants me to move closer to him. They are strong in the Lord and active in their Church. Recently my faith has become that i am will to do whatever the Lord want, meaning anything including moving whith all its dangers and possile problems. We have started down that path, my wife has already gotten a job at more money than her one was here. As for me I have a tough Test to pass to recipicate my Pharmacy license to another state. Not to mention the difficulty of selling properties. I said in the beginning I would just trust the Lord, if things fall into place its meant to be if not, well maybe its not to be. So far i have found as many reasons to stay as to move. Perhaps you are right His timing is perfect I just need to Trust and wait and continue into what I originally thought was best. I Keep wanting to pray every day. Perhaps more Trust is what I should be doing.
    your brother in Christ, Larry

  340. I have found myself trying to discern what God’s will is for me. There has been several major feats I have been working on that are realistic and can be achieved. I have been impassioned to do his work for a people in my home city. Similar to the depiction of Nehemiah, I was absent from my city for years and was reluctantly, but relieved to be guided back here. The despair and deterioration of my community has been great.
    Although I feel impassioned to do a work it may not be that everyone I feel should, will carry the same burden as I do, even if it is expressed as such. I have become frustrated with my church and others for not having this in common with me and it has led to a lack of peace. I understand that we are all “human” and all deserving of love. My issue is “how do I express myself “in love”. I’ve realized I needed to get into the word more and learn how to minister more effectively. Perhaps then I will not become as frustrated. Perhaps then I will be more accepting of others as God is. “We realized that we have to stop striving and simply trust in God and His perfect timing” hit home with me. I do sometimes need my reigns pulled back even if my motives are to help and my intentions are good. Yes, trust the “process” and let God do His good work 🙂

  341. I, too was curious of what would come up when I Googled “Lord, what do you want me to do?”. After reading this I received some peace. Just prior to I was searching for further meaning of my child’s name. My son’s name is Fabian. I found there was a Pope and Saint named Fabian. His prayer reads “Pope Saint Fabian, it’s so easy to believe that peace means a life without conflict or suffering. Help us to see that the only true peace is the peace Christ brings. Never let us as a Church or as individual Christians choose to deny our beliefs simply to avoid an unpleasant situation. Amen”.

  342. I want to thank you dear friends in Jesus for your message. I just typed into the computer ” Lord what do you want me to do” and this blog popped up. I felt such relief at reading it because it ministered such truth to my heart. I’ve been going through such trials recently and yet I’ve been thinking ‘Just do the next right thing – just keep holding on to God’…and so ironically, the Lord let me to Psalm 37 as well as Matthew 6:25-34 this morning….In my case, I know there’s nothing I can bring to God; however, I’m struggling with being obedient in what is an abusive marriage. I pray for God to just help me as a navigate the road ahead for myself and children.

  343. Thank You…
    I’ve been searching for something i don’t even know. I’m a fresh graduate and currently looking for a job. I feel hopeless and jobless. I’ve been looking for a job on the internet and i decided to typing on Google search engine “Lord Jesus what do you want me to do?”, and i found this blog. I always willing to help others that’s why i hope to a find a job that related to it. This blog remind me something more important than a job..
    You really help me out..Thank You!

  344. I’m joining the group who laughed when they saw so many responses that said, “I thought I would be the only one to type in ‘Lord, what do you want me to do?'” I’m still smiling. Why do I always think everything I’m going through is so unique? But, I have to say, I get discouraged. I hear messages on the radio that grab my heart. I log on to this blog and God speaks through your words. But in my “Christian” reality…or better said…in my attempts to find my place in “church” I just find people “doing”church”. So much ambition, so much desire for titles and credentials. I feel so very discouraged. I’ve been a Christian for 10 years now and more and more I feel there’s no place for me. We started in a great big church and right now my husband who is a pastoral student, is interning at a very small church. But either way I hear about credentials and boards and all that…. and I feel more and more shut out of the whole deal. I know deep in my soul this is not the way God intended it…that He created each of us with a purpose in the Body Reading your blog was encouraging….but I defininely feel very lonely in it.

    • I feel what you’re feeling because I’ve been there. Gos showed me that his timing is the best. I started to attend a church after my conversion 20 some years ago. As I entered the church, I felt looked over, judged. I was turning around, but God wanted me there, for me to learn. As I was going out of the church, God told me “If they aren’t examples of my love, YOU be an example”. That stopped me in my tracks, and God continued … “If they’re not on fire for Me … YOU be on fire for Me and propagate the fire”. Well I met about 7 other people who I lived with because it so happened that they all were looking for a place to live, so we got together. We took time to pray in the morning, we spoke about the Word till the weee hours of night. It was a great time. I got married had children since, but at that church, there was sandpaper scraping on my spiritual beeing. I was learning to listen, pray, serve, obey authority. I was broken to pieces and God took the powder of my ashes and made a new vase. Now that time has passed and God brought me to another church, closer to where I live, and blessed that all that hard work paid off. Credibility, God gave me a name before him and still building me up. God is good, even when we’re living a Job (book of) moment.

      A brother in Christ
      A servant of God
      JCCaptn (JC is my captain)

  345. ive been sitting here for some time trying to figure out how to get myself on the right path concerning what it is that i need to be doing for God. Like you i decided randomly to type in the same question to search. i was immediately led here, and it was exactly what i was needing to here. thank you.

  346. Thank you. Pertinent post for me at this time. I think God is really working through this post both from my experiences, and from reading through the comments above. May He continue to bless you.

  347. Thank you for this website…at the time of my just wanting to give up…God led me this page…I do feel better now….thank you