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  1. it amazes me that the writer of this site is so lacking humility and has so much arrogance… Why does he alone think he has all of the answers? Why does he stomp over the prayers and answers to prayers, concerning the direction of the church, of billions of Christians spread over a period of over 2000 years. The Church is an evolving body that learns over time. It learns according to the answers to pray. Early Christians didn’t have a Bible, they had access to oral tradition… a few early bishops and priests had copies of some of the books and letters of the NT. The early Church was still finding it’s way, much more so than today. Today we have the answers to billions of prayers by billions of Christians over a period of 2000 or so years. It was only from the time of Martin Luther that Christianity became so Bible based. We owe so much to the early church fathers who we ignore today. We owe so much to the priest and bishops who attended the First Council of Nicaea, if it was not for their prayers and the answers to their prayers, we would not have the core tenants of the Christian faith that we understand so clearly today. So lets drop the arrogance and be humble enough to acknowledge that Billions of Christians and the answers to their prayers over two thousand years have given us the church as we have it today… and it is testament to the will of God that it has lasted and grown so much in that time… Amen

    • The bible was written in in such a way that those who were not elect of God will not come to truth and go back to the grave. Those who were elect of God will come to truth (Christ). The big question is why are you listening to what the church says the bible says and not what the bible says the bible says? Have you ever noticed everyone says they are a christian and yet everyone has a different doctrine. If they all have the same plans (bible) why is everyone house so different? Get out of the church and get into the Bible alone!

  2. i thought i was going crazy. I have searching out God to the best of my very small very human ability.I have been reaching out to him quietly looking for his voice that continually calls even at the lowest of my lows and shamefully my lows have been low….i feel that because i was attached to him that my trials were of that for one that knew the truth and refused it…angry inside at him at me at the church at the people. Because i looked in church for fulfillment and left empty and more corrupt at times then when i went it. Im not to say that i didn’t encounter amazing Christians who changed my life even at a young age i saw the machine…how could something so raw and beyond our understanding could be subjected to rituals and a surface request to someone who died for us possibly be enough. Fake is what i thought.
    being young i didn’t look for an alternative i chalked it up to the same bs the school and my parents were trying to make me swallow.
    Fast forward my own personal beautiful hell on earth… Me getting as far away from my spirit as possible and My Lord repeatedly striking me down and then saying.. are you ready yet cause your coming with me. And for 28 years i have been suffering my own small apocalypse. By the grace of Christ i wont have to do it a second time.
    My decision that i loved God and if God said i had to go to church on sunday then let his will be done.
    I knew that my God who was perfect would not want me to go anywhere blinded without consulting him. And i searched i went to one and i was completely turned off my 3 year old wouldn’t even come in to the service. I left politely but abruptly after feeling frightened and like i had witnessed a ceremony that i had read in the Bible Jesus frequently criticizing.
    When i tell my Christian friends they say well my church wasnt like that…my church was different and sadly my guilt rushes through my body because i don’t believe them….even though i know that they are telling me their truth….
    Thing is i don’t care about the facts and technicalities because my salvation comes from His words and sometimes i dont always understand it…..but i tell him that…When i read his words i see a significant personality who means what he says dont build idols dont carve images of anything Holy and alk into a church that has my savior still hung from a cross that he conquered long before this building was built Im offended. My Lord is the living Lord.
    Or did i read the bible wrong??
    Not one church i have found can possibly portray the Truth then words and the practices of my Lord…because it can only be done at home…with love or through love…not human rituals….
    He said let that go….he said give to ceasers what is his and to me what is mine…
    I haven’t been back to church and when i asked myself why…i answered because i’m not ready im not strong enough to avoid the corruption yet..The feeling of wanting to belong to a group of people is there to be important in a community of Christians but i usually just upset them and bring doubt to their hearts with questions…or i hold back and feel resentment and frustration and sometimes fear. I am a sinner. I am not perfect. I am equal with the lowest of the low. My comfort zone is with the slaves
    Im very confused on what my role as an active Christian should be.
    But God is leading me…
    I see how the Satan worshipers worship and how atheists worship themselves and how the man mohammed leads people to do strange violent things to prove worth
    God asks very little of us but our leaders have perverted it so badly that its hard to tell when we are doing right and when we are doing wrong.
    I dont have any answers but i dont hardly break an egg without consulting him….
    Maybe someday thru the guidance and example of The Lord Jesus Christ we will be able to understand the true meaning of salvation

    • Ann, Your testimony is very similar to mine! I don’t go to ‘church’ anymore. The Lord showed me what was wrong with organised religion and He called me and my wife out of there. We resisted for years as it is a human trait to want to belong somewhere but eventually we just had to obey Him. There are many well meaning people in organised religion but there are also many servants of Satan who are purposely leading others away from Jesus. I want to encourage you Ann. Your story tells me that you are a chosen one of God and as such this world has nothing to offer us! Our future is in the ‘celestials’ with Jesus. He is coming for His people soon. And there are not many of us. The vast throngs of church going people will not be taken to meet the Lord in the clouds and be with Him forever. And I don’t understand why I have been chosen although I am so thankful. It is by God’s grace, that is all I can say. We don’t have to do anything! Jesus has done it all, by His death on the cross. I just try and live one day at a time, being thankful that the Lord cares and provides for me and that my future is with Him. That doesn’t mean that my life on this earth is without problems, far from it. It seems to be part of the deal that we suffer while on this earth! Whether that be by isolation from people or ill health (as in my case) just carry on praising Him and look to the sky for His coming. We will be changed in an instant and be given a new body just like Jesus’ resurrected body. And He will wipe every tear from our eyes and there will be no more sorrow or pain! That is such a blessed promise Ann! Our time here is just temporary and so we can endure the loneliness and the pain by focusing on Jesus and the wonderful things He has in store for those who love Him. love in Jesus, Tony

      • See a similar thread many coming out of church not finding where to fit in or belong. Also happened to me and my husband over 2 years ago searching and trying different churches with no matches and feeling very discouraged. Then it hit me where Jesus says “come out from among them and be seperate…2cor6 we are the church the temple of the living God . Most of what is in the “church” today is the wheat and tares, the sheep and goats it is a mixture oh the remnant is there but they are mostly miserable and hungry for more but all they get is programs and activities . Where is The Lord God of Elijia?

      • Hi Sylvia K, Yes I am still here, waiting on the Lord and for His glorious return. Am just living one day at a time, praising Jesus and being thankful. The world continues to spiral downwards and it can surely only be a matter of time before our Father in the heavenly realm acts. Me and my wife have no ‘Christian’ friends, in fact we have no friends at all apart from each other but we do have the best friend of all, the Lord Jesus Christ, who is, after all, the friend of sinners! I am only going to write on my blog if I feel the Lord prompting me to do so. He doesn’t need my help and if He wants to use me I am here and available! In the meantime, my advice is to stick close to Jesus and look heavenwards for His return for His people, and I don’t mean the ‘church’ as most people call it. I mean His ‘called out ones’, those He called out before the disruption of the world. I don’t believe there are that many and I cannot understand why He has chosen me, but I am so thankful that He has. It isn’t deserved by me, it is a gift, unmerited but very welcome.

    • Are you still there? Or on this web site? It was over 2 years ago you wrote your feelings. Much of what I feel today you seem to understand. Where are you now?

  3. I appreciate your offer of a peaceful dialog and tea my friend, however Jesus met me and saved me before I even knew of His existence or before I had even had a chance to read the Holy Bible, back some 68 years ago when I was 7 years old. So I don’t really need any man to teach me about Him as He does a lot better at answering my questions than mere men do. Thank You Lord Jesus!

    And thank you for your reply my friend, it assures me that people do read these things once in a while. God bless you in every “Good” thing you endeavor..

    • That may be true but if you can put a date on your salvation there is a chance it was by your faith you were saved and not the Lords faith. The fact is that salvation for everyone who was saved was already done before the foundation of the world. We can do nothing to get saved,

  4. HI
    I am one Rajkumar Doss from Bangalore, India ,was greatly encouraged reading the content on your site.
    Rajkumar Doss

  5. If people believe in Jesus, they follow Jesus, not any religious institutes.

    What amazes me is how the Catholics can have such a beautiful Book of Holy knowledge and not either read it, or outright ignore certain verses that say Catholicism is a false religion teaching false doctrine. I won’t even get into Mormonism, they are like catholics, they call themselves catholics and mormons call themselves mormons.

    Quod Erat Demonstrandum; About Mary being a perpetual virgin; The Bible say’s Joseph and Mary did have conjugal marriage. Matthew 1:25 “And (Joseph) knew her not till she had brought forth her firstborn Son: and he called his name Jesus.”

    2. ABOUT TITHING: The bible doesn’t say 10% or any other amount, only the individual religious institutes do, and that’s man’s doctrine not Jesus‘. Matthew 6: 1-6 ¶ Take heed that ye do not your “alms” before men, to be seen of them: otherwise ye have no reward of your Father which is in heaven. Therefore when thou doest thine alms, do not sound a trumpet before thee, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, that they may have glory of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward. But when thou doest alms, let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth: That thine alms may be in SECRET: and thy Father which seeth in SECRET “Himself” shall reward thee openly.

    About PRAYING : ¶ And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are: for they love to pray standing in the “synagogues” and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward. But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in SECRET; and thy Father which seeth in SECRET shall reward thee openly. But when ye pray, use not vain repetitions, as the heathen do: for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking. Be not ye therefore like unto them: for your Father knoweth what things ye have need of, before ye ask Him.

    3. Matthew 23:9 “And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven.”

    3. Matthew 23:15 “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You travel over land and sea to win a single convert, and when he becomes one, you make him twice as much a son of hell as you are.”

    Religion is just a game of Satan’s.

    Mormons have blood on their hands with their own 9/11 event occurring in Utah’s Mountain Meadows on 9/11 1857. A wagon train of people headed to California got them all flustered because the good old Mormons thought they were there to persecute them… yeah going to war… with their whole families with them!!!… what a bunch of losers. They mercilessly murdered those poor men, women and their children, then tried to blame it on some drunk Paiutes that happened to be near by, by stealing their Indian artifacts and bows, arrows and knives etc, scattering them around like they were there and did the massacre.

    Then good old Brigham Young denies knowing anything about it. Yeah, right… how is it so many people who strive to be the top dog, never knows a thing that goes on in his own institution he say’s he leads? Hmmmmmm?

    Religion is Satan’s game… Pleased to meet you, can you guess my name, or is it the nature of my game that’s confusing you?

    Religion has nothing to do with our precious Lord and God, Jesus the Christ!

    And if you need something like physical comfort, all a “True” believer has to do is follow Gods Word;
    John 14:13-16 And whatsoever ye shall ask in My name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If ye shall ask any thing in My name, I will do it. And I will pray the Father, and He shall give you another Comforter, that He may abide with you for ever;

    Just remember my loving friend, sometimes the “Brightest Light” will shine forth from the darkest of places. In other Words, God sometimes waits until something not so good happens to us before He tends to us. Like you said; “It’s His Will being done here on Earth, not mans!” Amen to that too!

    God bless you in everything “Good” you endeavor my friend.

      Politics and religion are related, politics takes the bread from the workers, the other attempts to frighten you or otherwise intimidate the rest from you, whilst selling you a god of a lesser light..

      Pleased to meet you, can you guess my name? Or is it the nature of my game, that’s confusing you?

      God and His Son have nothing whatsoever to do with either one. The only resemblance between God and His Son, Jesus the Christ, and religion is God, produced His Bible inculcating the knowledge of the English language as He promised to do in Zephaniah 3:9, which was to give us a pure language to praise His name in, (Jesus). He gave us the KJV Bible, because it is from a Perfect God, given to us His people, in a more perfect way. And because all other bibles and religions spun off of Gods KJV Bible, that’s why people have been fooled into believing in institutions and the opinion that God is uncaring or unhearing subsequently developed among the seeking masses, but that’s not the case at all, He Loves you all very much and will respond in kind to those who patiently wait on Him.

      The KJV (formally known as the Tyndale Bible or the Great Bible.) is the Alpha Bet, Dictionary and Lexicography of the English language, that pure language God gave all English speaking people in keeping His prophesy to Zephaniah, way before He became our Lord Jesus the Christ. God then made the English speaking people powerful and had them dominate the globe so it would facilitate the “Spreading of the Word”; “English” so the name of the Lord would be known world wide. Now we have an anomaly where the wealthy and powerful are in control because God placed them there, but they are so arrogant and haughty that they think they were responsible for their positions and stations in life. And again, this is not the case, and since they think they are little gods, it’s one second from the time of this worldly lifes season, for them to find out the difficult way that they err in their collective thinking. So God doesn’t lie, He kept His Promise, and keeps His Promises. We just have to learn to be patient. “One Nation under God Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all!” Psalm 91, is for His elites Comfort.

    • How I wish I could sit down with you over tea and calmly and systematically explain to you Catholicism. You should- and want to- listen to those within this great faith, which was created by Jesus, shed light on those things you do not know. The Catholic faith is rich in its many ways of uniting a soul to God. Isn’t that what religion should be, before you espouse the beliefs of a religion you really do not know…take the time to get someone from that religion to explain it to you and to others. You only hurt your own arguments by not getting real evidence and allowing those who love their Christ given religion to speak. I want to speak on behalf of my religion,which transformed my life and filled the void in my soul. Allow it to speak for itself, please.

      • I sincerely appreciate your offer of a peaceful tea and dialog my friend, however Jesus met me and saved me before I even knew of His existence or before I had even had a chance to read the Holy Bible, back some 68 years ago when I was 7 years old. So I don’t really need any man to teach me about Him as He does a lot better at answering my questions than mere men do. Thank You Lord Jesus!

        And thank you for your reply my friend, it assures me that people do read these things once in a while. God bless you in every “Good” thing you endeavor…

        PS I didn’t know where to reply to this so I posted my reply twice to make sure you knew I wasn’t just ignoring your post my dear friend in Jesus.

  6. Typed in the question…”Lord, what do you want me to do?” and this site came up. You would think at 69 (accepted Christ in 1972), I would know the answer to the question. I went back to school a few years later (B.A. in Christian School/Church Admin) and then went on the seminary for an M.Div.. It was difficult for the family, but we had some wonderful experiences. Wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. Worked for a Christian radio station and during the 1st summer, worked full-time for the Billy Graham organization putting on a crusade. But now…without a church I’m wandering in the wilderness. I know God has not deserted us and has a plan. I’m experiencing a great deal of back pain and have an injured ankle and am physically limited because of it all. Have been receiving treatment for the back, but am not back (no pun intended) yet. My wife wants to move back to her hometown in central Ohio and I’m certainly willing. However, physically I’m not able to do what I used to do. If the Lord wants us there, He will provide a way. Not my will, but Thy will be done.

  7. Hello my friend, thank you for the food, and here is my humble offering to you as well.

    “The gift of mental power comes from God, Divine Being, and if we concentrate our minds on that Truth, we become in tune with this Great Power. My Mother had taught me to seek all Truth in the Bible.” (Nikola Tesla)

    John 8:12 Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the Light of the world: he that followeth Me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the Light of life.

    Luke 1:80 To give light to them that sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the way of peace.


    Thank You Lord Jesus!

  8. Ok, this might not be the right place to ask this question but I hope you can give me some guidance. I am a Born Again believer in Jesus Christ and commit my life to Him everyday. I try to live in line with His word and follow His leading. I truly love Jesus. I am 23 and have been walking with Jesus for less than a year.

    I have been applying for jobs and I pray over every cv I send out. Tomorrow I am being offered a job as a merchandise planner in retail. I have been praying a lot on whether or not to take it and I can’t seem to hear God’s voice. I dress modestly, but I am afraid to take this job. Is it not to vain to be working in such a worldly surrounding? I thought I might be used there and as a job it is the perfect mix between creativity and figures ( I studied finance). I just do not want to do the wrong thing. I really hope you guys can help me with some guidance.

    Thank you so much. Have a blessed day.
    South Africa

  9. i am pastor G.Yesuratnam from Orissa, India
    my church members are disturbed me all most 99% people are leaved me and also now i am suffering with four lakes rupees lone so i have no peace
    kindly pray for me.

    • Pastor G Yesuratnam,

      Look up dear brother, the Lord is with you, even if all others leave you. Hard times and dark days in this life are coming upon us all! There is no safety outside of Jesus Christ, our hope and our Redeemer. I will keep you in my prayers.

      Kathy (America)

    • Hello,

      Your message resonated with me because the church my wife and I were attending had a pastor who drove much of the congregation away. His messages were boring and not very understandable. High on theory but low on practicality. Wouldn’t you know it that the church drove him out and quickly called a new pastor who is doing the very same thing. You would think they would have learned something.

      I don’t want to imply that that is what is going on in your situation, but
      sometimes it’s necessary to stand in front of a mirror and face the truth.

      I too have been a pastor and understand the struggles.

  10. I am having trouble with the fact that i would like to be married in Gods eyes, and I am on disability. The problem is that if I get married, I will not only lose my money, I will also lose my medical insurance, as I have a number of chronic health problems. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


  11. I was just cruising the internet and came across your teaching entitled ok Lord, what do you want me to do now and your words really sank in. I’m in a wonderful seaon right now about learning to be in love with the Lord right where I’m at. I’ve really narrowed down the idea of ministry to being able to see whom is right in front of me. It’s not easy, especially being in the heart of large scale thinking America where smaller is almost looked down upon. Fortunately HE truely is in control and brought me out of the same type of mindset you mentioned. I wouldn’t say I was judgemental, but I did get to a point where I was more concerned about other’s relationship than that of my own. I was in that state and didn’t even realize it. I was so engulfed where I actually started to be irritated by by own family and friends in the church. It was extremely sad. I remember even thinking that I hadn’t heard the Lord in over a year. And that was the beginning of the Lord changing my attitude from a place where I had to prove my love to him to a place of knowing He loves me and needs me to stop worrying about what my call is and to start seeing where He has me instead. A truely wonderful teaching and also a wonderful page I intend on following.
    Jared Robb
    CA, USA

  12. Hi Tony,
    I pray you and yours are well. I love your blog and I think it offers some fellowship and ministers to me when I am alone. I would like to share a site that was put together by the body of believers that I was delivered into years ago. We meet in houses and have for many years. The man who planted this church in the late 60s or early 70s name was Doug Carty he has written many books none of which were sold “Freely ye have received, freely give.” He has given his life to the lord and the lord has provided after 38 churches planted and numerous books this 85 year old man will serve the lord on this earth till his last breath. Doug is unable to walk so he does not come to teach in my town any more. I have gotten up early and driven the 3 hours just to worship with him and the brethren in High point. He has grown older and physically week but his love of the lord is stronger than ever. I would like to share some of the teachings that I have been blessed with. I pray they will also be a blessing to everyone.

    your brother in Christ,


    PS: I love the eagle Christian teachings (series of 4) and the eagle Christian teaching most

    • Thank you Peter, i will definitely have a good look! Love in Jesus Tony

  13. I love to read the insites and the teachings from like minded beleivers. It so strengthens my walk.

  14. I agree. And it is an encouragement to meet others who have seen the same thing, because one doesn’t feel quite so alone. We know hardly anyone where we live, in our metropolis, who has seen it, and sometimes we wonder if we’re quite right in the head, especially when other Christians whom we love, say that we’re too radical. We usually keep quiet about it so as not to cause offence. It’s a blessing to find someone who’s open. Blogging helps.

    Thses are some studies I did:

    Bless you!

  15. Tony, I have to say, that while I concur with your opinion about the RC church’s traditional feasts (imposed on everyone a few hundred years after the early church’s roots were forgotten – what a tragedy) – we have to leave it to the individual to receive his or her own revelation from God about such things, don’t you think? We don’t all see things the same way, and perhaps what Paul says in Philippians 3:15-16 might be helpful.

    I think Jacque from Phoenix Arizona is writing in the right spirit here.
    Bless you both,

    • Hi Frances. Yes,I totally agree that each person has to have the revelation of the Holy Spirit to show the truth. I guess we have all been deceived – that’s why Jesus gave us so many warnings.I was brought up in a R.C. home,was baptised as a child in a R.C. church,attended R.C. school untilI was 15yrs old etc. I then was able to decide not to be ‘religious’ and just carried on living my own ‘selfish’ life. At the age of 39yrs, the Lord suddenly revealed himself to me, and I turned to Him completely, as Lord of my life- and I really mean that. However, as a ‘baby’ Christian, I was led into ‘organised religion’ and I loved it for a season. But, as i sought to live more closely to Jesus, He showed me the truth. There is a great deception in the ‘church’ and I had to forget what I was being told and study the scriptures for myself – just like the Bereans who were commended by Paul (Acts 17:11). Over the years the Holy Spirit has shown more and more to me so that what I know and understand now, is different from what I initially thought I knew. The Lord is calling His ‘chosen ones’ out of those deceived ‘denominations and I feel that we who have been told more by the Lord should pass this information on to others. It is then up to them if they reject it, or they seek the Lord so that they can come to a full understanding. Love in Jesus. Tony

  16. I am looking for a place to do gods work missanary work what ever but i need to get away from the people and surroundings i have been in for years god has been calling for a long time i was asked to walk away from every thing and follow god and said i could not i made 10,000 a mo and had a home sted that meant the world to me and i replyed i cant just leave everything and was told i would lose every bit of it anyway and so it proved true this story is way deeper then prob any you have every heard i have been visited bye some type of holy spirit and have had many devine experencies that most people would never beleave im tiered of running from god and dont know ware he wants me to go im ready today to leave with the cloths on my back and follow god to ware ever needed if you know of some place please tell me the worst thing and the greatest things ever said to me were in the same sentance “carl you have the greatest passion for christ of any man i know ” im sure you can see how that would be the most painfull and the greatest both im very sincere please help (attn gods calling)

    • Dear Beloved in Christ,

      I believe that the HOLY Spirit has revealed all these to you but on the hand I would suggest not sell your property yet. The same Holy Spirit is a gentle men but also wise enough to tell you the way ahead. Yes, Jesus called us to fulfill the ‘Great Commission’ (Missionary work). Namibia will welcome you with open arms as well as the rest of Africa. Come and let’s revealed ‘True Church’ to the world and exposed the religion. I am eager to work with you at any time. Pray over this, ok.

      Pastor Bernardus Araeb

  17. Its a great thing to come to know you and to read of the issues you have been releasing,they are nothing else but to total truth.
    they are liberating and transformationa
    its the time the church sought after truth beacuse there is much lies in the church
    am stanley kamau from kenya
    welcome to kenya for truth mission

  18. Hello, its funny but I typed in the question { Lord, what do I do now?} not expecting anything to come up. At this time I have been put in a situation of divorce because my husband does not want to work on us or our family. Another has swayed his heart and I feel utterly at a loss. We started moving away from eachother the past 2 yrs as I sought God more, he headed the other direction. I pray he come face to face with God at the end of himself for his own sake and if that can at least come out of these 8 yrs I would shout for joy because he would be like the prodigal son returning home! God is helping me to love him through this and has shown me that He is with me but when I see my kids hurt the pain is so deep and I lose sight of him being God’s child and only see the hurt he is causing. Any suggestions on bible verses to help the kids and I get through this? I am starting divorce proceedings because he wants to be let go,he says he loves me but is messed up in the head and just doesnt want marriage anymore.

    • Dear Suzanne,

      My heart goes out to you. Only the Lord can know your pain as you do. But know that I am praying for you and your family, as I do the ironing here this Sunday morning.
      Bible verses alone won’t help you though. You need to remember that the Almighty God lives inside you and He has promised you to never leave you or forsake you. Hebrews 13:5 (I guess I am going to give you a few Bible verses after all!)
      It’s when things get really desperate that we cleave to God like we’ll never let go, and then He comes through in wisdom, grace and strength, and an unfathomable peace in trials which the mind cannot comprehend.
      James 1:2-6 says that trials produce endurance, and endurance, once it has its way, produces maturity and completeness in Christ. This is, after all, the reason you are still on this planet – so that Jesus may have all of you, perfect and complete in Him. Your journey, rocky and painful though it is, will never be as hard as His was. Through His bloody sacrifice, He has released all the strength and blessings of Heaven to you, His trusting child. Keep your eyes on Him, who endured the Cross for your sake and He will produce wonders in your life, and that of your children. Don’t allow the enemy to tempt you to self-pity – see this trial as a chance to go deeper into Jesus and you will see the enemy squashed under your feet on a daily basis, even while everything around you seems to be hard.
      I can only say this because I’ve gone through it and know that He is utterly faithful.

      May Father encourage you and hold you close in His loving arms,

  19. Sorry Tony for writing so much on your website… I didn’t realize my post to “John” was so long until I posted it.

    • Kathy, no problem! I really enjoyed reading it! Love in Jesus, Tony

  20. Sorry – I put the wrong link to my blog – the past FW ends up with a completely different Bible website – which may be ok – I don’t know. I put a www. address instead of my http one – apologies.

  21. Blessings from Germany! Have been reading Neil Cole’s books, ‘Organic Church’ and ‘Church 3.0’ – which are giving us a focus at last on HOW to make disciples within the simple church context and with scriptural principles. Biblical – and providing a simple discipline, which any follower of Jesus can put into practice.

    The Lord has pruned our group here – three have left, but He is focusing us on Himself, and showing us what He wants to change in our lives. Small is good, many smalls are better.
    Lord, give us grace to obey You in the every day nitty-gritty.

  22. I love the Lord so much. I really have been blessed by finding your site. Where I am live there aren’t many groups of believers that put aside the world and look to the Word for the way they worship. I would like to talk/email back and forth. I have some teachings would be awesome for your site. I would like to share them with you. I have poetry, prayer/psalm that I am tole it illicts praise. You are welcome to any of it. Freely ye have received, freely give. They have blessed my life for a long time. We have an awesome God!


  23. I really enjoyed your message on your home page. it really cleared some things up for me.
    Thank you and God bless you.

    Gary Meggs

  24. My name is vera. I like your 9 points. Recently I came across Paul Washer. He is US believer. Google his name. I think you would like what he teaches. Maybe you already know him. Also John Piper.I hope you will like them.

  25. My Name is Elasah Joy Smith. My family and I live in Cottage Grove Oregon. I am so greatful for God. He is mighty and He is doing mighty things. I am geatly encouraged to see God at work around the world speaking truth and people living for the Lord.

  26. I believe you have made a mistake with Santa Clause. It was the Protestant country Holland that after the reformation used Sinterklaas (a Dutch variant of the name Saint Nicholas). Dutch colonists took this tradition with them to New Amsterdam (now New York City) in the American colonies in the 17th century. Sinterklaas was adopted by the country’s English-speaking majority under the name Santa Claus. Let’s remember English-speaking majority, we really mean Scottish and English who made the Santa Clause we know today. Also you seem to forget that at Christ time 95% of the world was Pagan and that there were temples. In fact the Christian were on the run and could not build temples. Similar to UK’s recent history when the Irish were unable to practice their Catholic faith. You really should read the Church Fathers before you pollute the TRUTH with half baked facts.

    • Read the ‘Church Fathers’ you say! I don’t think so! I am not a follower of man made religions! I follow Jesus Christ, my lord and Saviour. I write about Christmas and Santa Claus to show ‘Christians’ that it is all pagan and we are not to follow the way of the pagans! I am not really interested in the recent tradition you quote. it is enough to know that Christmas, Santa Claus etc is of Satan.

    • Dear John,

      I’d like to point out that you are splitting hairs and instigating dissension within the body of Christ via your demeaning post to Tony. Jesus called it “straining at a knat and swallowing a camel.” Even IF Tony was not entirely correct (which we have no way of knowing for sure as traditions in history often get confused), you still should be paying attention to the gist of what he wrote, not picking things apart. If some of his facts are incorrect, then out of brotherly love in Christ you could have corrected him. Having said that, however, his theology regarding the wrongness of Christians celebrating pagan holidays, is right on.

      Here are some “facts” John, that haven’t been half-baked in anyone’s oven. Many of our supposed “Christian” holidays are anything but “holi” (Holy) days, at least not holy to our God. By deliberate design, most all of them are pagan in origin. For example Easter has nothing what-so-ever to do with the resurrection of Christ! Yet Christian churches celebrate “Easter Sunday” as the celebration of his resurrection. The dates set for Easter Sunday do not even correspond with the resurrection, they correspond with Spring Equinox or the pagan fertility rites of Spring (depending on who is celebrating it). If the Christian church wishes to celebrate Christ’s resurrection, they should at least set the date for the Sunday immediately following Passover, as Christ died and arose from the grave during Passover week.

      Easter is a pagan holiday in celebration of the fertility goddess, Ishtar, Astarte, Ashtoreth, and other variations depending on which language or culture you are referring to. Easter did not originate with the Saxon Eastre or Eostre, as it was only a pagan minority of Saxons anyway who honored her, just as Wiccans today honor Ishtar (as Isis) during the Spring Equinox or Rites of Spring. Most of us are not Wiccans. Anyone who claims the Saxons (as a whole) knowingly worshipped her, are shooting in the dark without solid historical data. There is, however, abundant historical evidence to the opposite.

      Ishtar, et. al, is a goddess who originated in ancient Babylon, and Christians are forbidden by God to have anything to do with this goddess or any pagan gods or goddesses. Furthermore, the “Mary” of Catholicism, who is esteemed as “being without sin” and actually prayed to in Catholicism, is actually nothing less than a Christianized name for this same ancient goddess, Isis, who was first known as Semiramus, before becoming the goddess. Constatine “Christianized” the pagan gods and goddesses of Rome by giving them Christian names.

      This same “Mary” who was never the Biblical Mary (mother of Jesus), was also known as the Black Madonna, of whom “Madonna” the popular American singer, took her title. Madonna (who is Jewish, not Catholic), is a known Kabbalist, high priestess of Wiccan and Satanism, and, knows full well that the Black Madonna was Ishtar (Isis), et. al. of ancient Babylon. All these gods and goddesses came from ancient Babylon. In Hinduism the Black Madonna became known as the goddess Kali… And so it was with the gods and goddesses of Egypt, Rome, Greece, etc… All their religions began in ancient Babylon from the union of Nimrod and Semiramus, and Semiramus, by the way, was known as the “The Queen of Heaven!” Hmmm, where have we heard that title before?

      If you don’t believe what I’ve written here, John, or what Tony has written in his posts, then I advise you to do your own research. Dig deep and go way back to the ancient mystery religions of Babylon, which have been revived today. You will be shocked at what you learn.

      As for 95% of the world being “pagan” at the time of Christ. You cannot possibly substaniate such a claim. No one can. There are no substantiating documents or proof of a worldwide, synchronized, census ever being recorded, not even under Alexander… All were estimates at best. In Christ,


      • Here I have to say you are a bit off the mark if not misled, the verse is speaking of making an idol. Jer 10:3 “and a craftsman shapes it with his chisel”.& 10:5 “Like a scarecrow….their idols cannot speak, they must be carried because they cannot walk.”
        Go back to Is 40:19 “as for an idol, a craftsman casts it and a goldsmith overlays it with gold and fashions silver chains for it” & Is 41:7 “the craftsman encourages the goldsmith….he nails down the idol so it will not topple”
        I dont believe this has anything to do with the christmas tree, so I see no need to further research this heading, for the scripture (which is the base of your argument) is out of context so why should I think the rest is valid.
        You have my email if you wish to contact me but I doubt you will post this & I shall leave this site & pray for those who might be misled by it. This just sounds like an excuse to not celebrate the birth of Christ though I will say the death & resurrection of Christ are the good news.But without the virgin birth the validity of Christ is in question.
        BTW I am not a pastor or even college educated, just a servant of the risen Lord.

        By: keith on August 31, 2011
        at 3:14 am

        Leave a Reply
        Enter your comment here…Easter sunday moves based on the timing of passover, the equinox is a fixed date, if Easter was inline with the Equinox

      • Wow! This site blows me away with the obvious research and knowledge . Kathy are you thus saying that When we are celebrating Easter which I know it to be Jesus death on the cross and his reserection from the dead that this too along with Christmas the Conception of our Lord Jesus to the virgin Mary is Pagen and we are deceived into actually worshiping Satan?

        I am new in Christ and am learning so very much and I am hungry for the truth. My first feeling when I read the Christmas Story regarding Satan Clause was near the same as John’s.. We tend to want to defend ourselves and our Holy traditions and beliefs because we know in our hearts we believe in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior and believe that he died for our sin debt.
        That is what the celebration is about.
        These pagen Gods are clearly not what I worship or believe in nor do my fellow brothers and sisters in christ.
        Last Easter we actually acknowleged it within our church as Happy Reserrection Sunday.
        Have you ever celebrated your birthday on the weekend before or a day or two later? IEaser is on Sunday for a reason.
        I hope your birthday is not on Holloween or something yikes. Get my meaning? Some years its a week early. Does that make it a celebration for Satan?
        You know its these kinds of differences that we bump into as Christians and they divide us and then the slander begins.. We need to unite together and not tell fellow christians they are worshiping Satan if they get a christmas tree. some churches don’t allow music instruments I am told. Are we all gong to hell if we have a musical instrument and play it at church? I wonder if they have a similar researched historyon musical pagan worship they may go with? What does God say?

        Hi Pot meet Kettle!
        Let the bible prove the bible. I am aware of stories of ball worship and know it is wrong to worship or pray or give any validity to
        these idols and pagon gods I am not even fully knowlegable onl.
        So if someone is rich are they Satan worshipers and going to hell?
        Could it be possible to be abundantly blessed and be an enormous blessing to others. I would love to be a phalanthropist. how about you? I know, spell check would be very helpful here.

        We all are sinners and fall short of the glory of God. Big churches, little churches, home churches.
        What about Grace and Mercy. I was having a hard time with it but the log and spec going on here has helped me to see. In love explain your biblical knowledge and you have done your job. If they listen and repent, AMEN. If they don’t it will be their choice.
        The church has been in trouble with this before. I mean to say with best intentions making man made rules to help the congregation to celebrate biblical events and to show reverence and respect for God Taking scripture and adding a little helpful twist and it became more important than the actual word of God. Not to mention coruption within. Sin begets Sin…It has happened before christ BC, During and Now today. This sounds a bit familiar to me.
        Encourage and lift each other up.
        Be peacemakers.
        Quick response on an earlierr SLAM for TV evangelism.
        I have experienced a lot of good biblical teachings on TBN .and the church channel. Old reruns of Billy Grahm and many others.
        Not saying there are not a few out there that are not of pure heart but there are a lot more of them that are gifted teachers of the Word of God and we should not Slander and put them all in one big pile and burn them up in the name of truth. I think that has actually been done before. Most of us have remote controls for our T.V.?? We can be specific to new believers as let them know of a false doctrine you had experienced with a certain preacher of the word and give biblical reference to the truth. to not confuse and actually do more harm than good by telling them false lumped together slanders on all the Christian networks. Right idea but wrong way of doing it.
        We can agree to disagree and all go to heaven.
        We all have our ideas and thoughts on how certain things should be approached. What does God Say about that?
        We Being born again are new in christ and are saved by the grace and mercy of God our Father through believing in Jesus Christ his son. . We all tend to try to make it harder than that. but John 3″16 is pretty clear.
        But, But But, what about Faith without Deeds (works) Deeds (works) without Faith.? ACCORDING TO WHAT WE ARE CALLED TO DO.? In Gods timing….We may want to check our list with God and see if he needs our help in getting others to do it the way YOU or I think it should be. I think he has it under control. “WE” need to be mindfull of that FACT. TRUTH.
        We are told to be very careful not to add to or omit anything from Gods word to others.
        Isn’t that what this whole site touts? I would agree that it would be good to share biblical truths without adding or taking away what is written. Opinions are our own understandings or interpretations of the word of God and should never be confused or professed as Gods Word. Scripture to back up scripture is an awesome indicater of truth. Opinions are just that and it gets people and churches in trouble when it does not line up with Gods Word.
        I have NEVER experienced Satan being worshiped at ANY Christmas or EASTER celebration at any church I have ever attended nor have I ever known anyone else whom had that experience, nor have I heard about such a thing . Only Angels and shepards and wise men and of course Baby Jesus..Christ crucified buried in a tomb raised from the dead and alive. Just like it reads in the Bible.
        Perhaps you could share your personal experience of that tragic horendous evil being performed before your own eyes? Is this story of such a thing in the bible ? Old testament, New?
        Is this whats now happening at churches around the world .
        Sorry this went a little long.

        Tried to keep it light and and with Humor. I do not wish to offend but would like to challenge or encourage this doctrine be explained with biblical Truth. Gods Word.. Word for Word from the Holy Bible.
        Please if you would. Sounds like you have done a lot of research and seem well versed with scripture..
        How does the bible put these together?

      • Hey Jacque, When the lord first started showing me the ‘deceptions in the church’ I felt absolutely sick to my stomach and couldn’t believe it! However, we are called to check the Scriptures to check if what we are hearing is true (see Acts 17:11) so that is what i did. I asked the Lord to take the scales from my eyes so i could see the truth. I studied the Bible (KJV only!!) and checked all this ‘stuff’ out for myself. I am going to keep this reply shortish. All I want to say is that I have been where you are now. I have been heavily involved in denominational churches BUT the Lord has called me out of them! There are many people in these churches who are simply deceived – just as Jesus repeatedly told us would happen! There are others in positions of leadership in these churches who have infiltrated the church with false teachings to steer poeple away from Jesus, our Lord and Saviour. And they do secretly worship Lucifer or Satan. To give one example. Many churches have early morning sunrise services on Easter Sunday. The congregation face the rising sun and praise ‘Jesus’. It all seems fine but they are unwittingly paying homage to Satan in doing this – and the false teachers (ferocious wolves) are laughing at them behind their backs. Check out Ezekiel chaper 8 and you will see that sun worship was around then, even in the house of the Lord, and it is still around now!

        I truly believe we are in the end times! The apostasy prophesied by Paul, ie the ‘falling away’ has already happened and the stage is truly set for the antichrist to enter the scene. Thye Lord is calling His people out of these apostasised churches. i don’t know whether your church is one of them but there are not many who have not gone down the path of false gospels and false teachings. You need to research these things yourself and ask the Holy Spirit to show you the truth – He will!! There are articles and links on this blog that will help you! I would also recommend you read ‘The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow’ by Contance Cumbey. You can click on this link to see it online or you can buy a copy at Amazon. This book was written about 30 years ago by a christian lady (you can also watch her on video at You tube etc) and it shows that the ‘New Age Movement’ and all tha goes with it, HAVE deliberately infiltrated the church and have been working hard to set the stage for their ‘New Age Messiah’. Tthe good news is that this will only happen when our God allows it. Hallelujah! And then we will be taken to be with Jesus! Isn’t that something to look forward to? Do not be swayed in your opinions by humans – trust in Jesus and the truth will set you free! Love in Jesus. Tony

      • Keith,
        I am not sure what translation you study this is out of my NKJV

        Thus says the LORD:
        “ Do not learn the way of the Gentiles;
        Do not be dismayed at the signs of heaven,
        For the Gentiles are dismayed at them.
        3 For the customs of the peoples are futile;
        For one cuts a tree from the forest,
        The work of the hands of the workman, with the ax.
        4 They decorate it with silver and gold;
        They fasten it with nails and hammers
        So that it will not topple.
        5 They are upright, like a palm tree,
        And they cannot speak;

        I believe that short of the veil being lifted and God given revelation we remain ignorant to the teachings of the bible. Short of regeneration and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit We are blind to the ways of the world because we are part of it. Jesus outlined the way He and the father are to be worshiped. There is nothing Jesus taught about celebrating His birth. I have not found anything that says we should use any inanimate objects to worship. God did design places for His people to meet with Him alter, tabernacle, ark…… but when Jesus came all changed. We do not have to go to these places. God dwells with in His born again children, we are living tabernacles our lives should reflect the image of Jesus. He desires a willing vessel to live His life through. It is not me but He who dwells within me. < I said that wrong) We do need corporate worship and fellowship but most importantly we need for the world to see Jesus.

        Your brother in Christ,


        Tony, May I share a poem?…or 3

  27. Thrilled to have stumbled over this and to find another like-minded one. We came out of the Church System 5 years ago and have been meeting for some months around the Lord in our homes, as He shepherds and leads us. In Germany. :)) Lovely to read the comment from Lynn with the saints in Ulveston! Met them a year ago.
    You have several blogs on your blogroll I really enjoy too. I have close (unsaved) family in the Borders, and it’s good to know that Father is doing in Scotland what He is everywhere else. The Bride is hearing the Spirit call, “Come out and be separate.”
    Bless you!!!

    • Dearest in Christ our Lord be bless. Yes, It’s obvious that God (Yahweh) is busy establishing His Unblemished ‘Church’ as we approached the end of Stan and his evil world. Today’s Churches are very much legalistic and has hold on to pagan ideologies, rather than preaching the sound doctrine of the ministry of Jesus Christ for New Testament Christians (Which is ‘LOVE”). I thank God for people such as Tony, Brent and all viewers of these ‘Divine Website’. I wish many Africans should get to know about these because many had been mislead and are dying spiritually without knowing it. Any comments/reply to me are welcome. please write to email; (Pastor Bernardus Ben Araeb – Namibia).

      • Dear Lord we are Your church
        The bride prepared for You
        Nothings borrowed
        Nothings blue
        Nothings old
        all is new
        Clothed in linen
        Pure and white
        Pleasing fragrance
        Beautiful sight
        The bride prepared
        For the Lord’s delight
        She longs to be taken home

  28. Hi my name is lynn I live in Ulverston Cumbria.
    Was born in Liverpool.
    David Antrobus will be speaking at the lighthouse cafe in Ulverston on the 29th August 2009.
    Many of in Ulverston came out of the Church Systems in 1992 And we remain so to this day. I would love to have a chat with you both some time.
    Much Love in Christ Jesus

  29. My decendants were Scotish, they travelled from Scotland to New Foundland then after 3 years to New Zealand in 1866. Thats where we have been ever since 7 generations. I look at your photos (We have been living on a lifestyle block in Keri Keri with ducks and peacocks and all the animals along with lakes and rivers so your family is ‘familliar’. But I look at the photos of the heather and the land and I wonder…. who would I be if we had not been ‘sent’ and now looking back across the internet to you, to a homeland I do not know. Is this what it is like for us surjourning as Aliens in a strange land. You get used to it so that you think it is your homeland but when you see just a glimps … you feel like you remember something even though you have never been there. Heaven is my homeland and I suppose all believers feel that from time to time, the haunting of that paradise up ahead.

  30. hey
    that pic of lily is so cute!!!! she has grown a lot now and is on real food now,she loves carrot!!! she had 3 needles 2day,she cried a bit but wont have any til she is one now!! I havent got any credit so havent txt,im just so busy with the baby,by the time i put her to bed i just have my tea and then im knackered!!! hope all is well n u and pat and the animals are ok
    love ya lots
    vicki n lily x x

  31. Hi Marianne, thank you for reading and commenting on my blog, you have been an encouragement to us. Our circumstances seem very similar and we know that numbers don’t count. My prayer is that the Lord will continue to bless you ans use you for His purposes! Love in Jesus, Tony

  32. We are in a small country town in NSW Australia. 6 months ago we had to leave our Baptist church as they are going down the slippery path. We thought it would be a wrench but it was anything but. There are only 4 of us and a 9 year old child but we are so blessed and growing in the Lord. We love meeting in each other’s homes and are happy to be used by the Lord in any way He sees fit.

    • Hello I am Kurt and I would like to corrospond with you or your group
      Please email. Me so I can talk futher with you about God and Jesus Christ. Thanks My email is

    • Hi there, beloved in Christ,

      I for one has recently ordained as minister and operate under the license of ICCM but doesn’t associate with any church at the moment and would, therefore love to know more of you.I’m so much impressed by the Bible Teachings of Pastor Meyer and wont mind to operate under any like-minded ministry in the world. The current set-up of ‘Today’s churches’ are so much frustrating and full of falsehood. I believe this is the moment for us to raise to the occasion to become the ‘Sound Church’ of God.

      • Pastor,
        By reading most of the post on this blog……. there is a common thread of God revealing himself to people and them moving away from the false Christianity the world has to offer. Their eyes are open. Most come by typing into a search engine asking God what He wants from them. God reveals Himself to those who truly seek Him as many if not most here have. I personally see a million dollar ministry and I run the other direction. People who seek or go to God for what they can get go for the wrong reason. We were created to worship praise fellowship and rest in the adoration of our awesome God

        in Christ


      • Greetings to all in Christ our Savior!

        It is wonderful that so many are moving away from apostate organized religion in order to seek and follow our Lord Jesus, as did the early church after His resurrection and accension… It is also a blessing (perhaps in disguise) that we come to this site from all over the world for the purpose of fellowship and exhortation in the Name of our Lord Jesus alone.

        If we were able to come together and organize a “church” within a building… In time it would surely become a business of men rather than the temple of the true followers of Christ; built by the power and unity of the Holy Spirit without the sound of a saw and hammer.

        God bless you Tony and Pat for setting up and maintaining this website… You are both precious!

        “Glory to God in the highest…Peace on earth, goodwill toward men!”

        In His service,

        Oregon, USA

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